Chapter 75 Being set up

  The next day, Sangyu Qin got up early and found Liangcheng Lu’s not there. Then, she washed herself in a hurry and went downstairs. But she didn’t see anyone downstairs either.

  ‘Where is he?’

  She looked at Yu Mo who’s next to her, with her eyebrows knitted. Then, she sat down slowly and began to have breakfast.

  ‘There’s something wrong in the company’s contract. Boss goes to the meeting.’

  Sangyu Qin ate the meal with worries. She’s abstracted all along the path. When she got to the top office, she felt everyone’s eyesight fixed on her.

  She frowned even more hardly. Qian Yun happened to walk over at this moment, with anxiety on her face.

  ‘Qin, it’s said the contract was handed to Boss after your examination. Now, something goes wrong in the contract and this project has cost our company tens of millions yuan. You are responsible for all of this. Boss is holding the temporary meeting now.’

  Sangyu Qin’s heart trembled fiercely. She sat down on her seat, with gloomy looks on her face. Then, she looked over at the meeting room.

  Through the translucent glass, she could see lots of executives and managers inside. The loss of tens of millions yuan was not a minor matter.

  Though that amount of money was nothing to Liangcheng Lu, he needed to explain to the staffs who had been working hard for so long. Anyway, no one could bear to watch their effort being destroyed for nothing.

  The more Sangyu Qin thought of this, the more anxious she felt. The contract examined by her shouldn’t be defective. She checked the contract carefully before she handed it to Liangcheng Lu. She frowned slightly and looked at someone who’s not far away from her.

  That woman called Hua Mo. She was the person who disdained Sangyu Qin most in the top office. Sometimes, Hua Mo and Sangyu Qin got into verbal arguments, and Hua Mo didn’t cover her disgust to Sangyu Qin.

  Hua Mo, having felt Sangyu Qin’s looking over, raised her eyebrows. It’s true that she’s the one who had done that. She added a zero to the capital number on purpose, which made the original project fund go ten times up. Even if the contract was corrected, this project would cost the company tens of millions yuan at least. She didn’t believe a poor woman like Sangyu Qin would be able to afford that.

  Sangyu Qin came back to earth suddenly. Yesterday when Hua Mo handed her the documents, Sangyu Qin asked her deliberately if the capital’s worth a billion yuan, because the ink mark of the last zero was different from the others. However, Hua Mo told her it’s a billion for sure.

  So, the capital of the contract changed from one hundred million yuan to a billion. Qian Yun told her it would cost tens of millions yuan, which meant that Liangcheng Lu had made some remedies.

  Sangyu Qin’s eyesight toward Hua Mo became unfriendly right away. She hated to bring those fights into office affairs.

  ‘What can you do?’

  Hua Mo opened her mouth and said slowly. Though she didn’t make a sound, Sangyu Qin got what she meant according to the lip language.

  Sangyu Qin felt angry in her heart immediately. She thought those people just hated to see her, but never did she know Hua Mo would tamper the contract!

  Liangcheng Lu happened to walk out of the office at this moment, with a bunch of executives and managers following him.

  The executives and managers cast a wired glance at Sangyu Qin. They all knew Sangyu Qin’s the one who had examined the contract. Now, she’s responsible for the problematic contract.

  However, since Boss Liangcheng Lu hadn’t opened his mouth yet, they were not willing to say anything.

  ‘What are you planning to do?’

  Liangcheng Lu finally said something and stared at Sangyu Qin, with his eyes filled with coldness. The inaccessible aura was given out from his body. That arrogant posture made Sangyu Qin feel aching in her heart. Then, she gradually compressed her lips.

  She wanted to say Hua Mo had done something on the contract. But her conversation with Hua Mo was private during the lunch time, and no one saw them. If she said that, everyone would think she wronged Hua Mo.

  Seeing Liangcheng Lu’s attitude toward Sangyu Qin, Hua Mo flashed a trace of excitement in her eyes. She, fed up with Sangyu Qin’s feigned posture, wanted to seize this opportunity to drive her out of Tiancheng Corporation completely.

  Seeing Sangyu Qin being speechless, Liangcheng Lu frowned and turned back to his office.

  ‘Follow me.’

  The two simple words made everyone’s heart tremble. Sangyu Qin felt so aggrieved. She bit the bullet and entered Liangcheng Lu’s office

  ‘I didn’t do this...’

  She lowered her head and said without confidence. After all, no one would believe her without any evidence.

  However, she heard Liangcheng Lu’s voice clearly.

  ‘Then who is it?’

  Sangyu Qin raised her head to look at him, with a trace of pleasant surprise on her face.

  ‘Do you believe me?!’

  Liangcheng Lu leaned his back and opened his mouth spontaneously.

  ‘Didn’t you said you didn’t do this?’

  It seemed that believing Sangyu Qin was so normal for him.

  The eye sockets of Sangyu Qin became red immediately. How could he believe her just because she had said she didn’t do it. “How silly he is!”She thought.

  Seeing Sangyu Qin’s red eyes, Liangcheng Lu became anxious at once. He thought she was angry about his attitude toward her just now. Then, he explained right away.

  ‘All the executives and managers have been working over time for this project for a half month. I thought it was because of your negligence, so I couldn’t help you so frankly. I cannot let those executives and managers who have stayed in the company for so many years feel disappointed. So, my attitude toward you cannot be like before. As for the money we have lost, I’ll use the money in my personal account to fill it in. Understand?’

  Hearing his warm words, Sangyu Qin got touched deeply. She, without caring about her image, hanged herself on Liangcheng Lu’s neck directly.

  ‘Honey, you are so good to me. I really thought you are going to ignore me forever. I felt so upset.’

  Liangcheng Lu caught her reflexively. The chair was solidly built, or else they would fall onto the ground due to her attack.

  ‘You said you are not responsible for this, then who is?’

  Liangcheng Lu was still thinking about this problem. Though he’s satisfied with her throwing herself to him, he cannot let her be wronged.

  ‘It’s Hua Mo. Yesterday when she handed me the contract, I saw that the last zero on the number of the capital was different. So, I confirmed with her and asked if the capital was worth one billion. She said yes and then I handed in the contract.’

  Sangyu Qin curled her lips and said. If he didn’t believe her, she might have to take the blame this time.

  ‘So what’s your plan?’

  Liangcheng Lu pinched her face and said naturally.

  They didn’t know when they had got along with each other just like the normal couples.

  With a trace of anger flashing on Sangyu Qin’s face, Sangyu Qin stood up from Liangcheng Lu’s arms and said, with her clenched teeth.

  ‘She will be so happy, if I am punished by you. People tend to get dizzy with success, when they are happy. I’ll wait until she gives herself away. You need to be mean to me during this period. Let’s put on a show for her.’

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