Chapter 74 Am I even more ordinary than Sangyu Qin

  It’s lucky that this “version”of Liangcheng Lu was not seen by others. Or, he would definitely be laughed at.

  They went out of the restaurant after having dinner unhurriedly.

  Meanwhile, Jiaoyang Su who had disappeared from the restaurant was crying on her steering wheel now, which made her exquisite make-up massed up.

  Jue Bai who’s beside her was helpless. He comforted her, while turning his head to look at the doorway of the restaurant. He happened to see Liangcheng Lu and Sangyu Qin holding each others’hands to go out.

  Now, Jue Bai’s quite sure that his friend fell in love with Sangyu Qin.

  ‘Jiaoyang, just give up. Although Sangyu Qin didn’t born in a prestigious family, Liangcheng likes her very much. We, as his friends, should wish them happy, right?’

  ‘Give up?!’

  Jiaoyang Su’s voice became sharp instantly. She watched Jue Bai, with her eye sockets turning bloody red. The huge unwilling feelings kept bumping her heart.

  How could she be willing to give up! She had loved Liangcheng Lu for so many years and never got his admiration. However, Sangyu Qin was adornedby Liangcheng Lu a lot during such a short acquaintance with him. Why the hell should she give up!!

  ‘Jue Bai, do you know when have I started to love Liangcheng Lu? How can I be willing to give up! The woman Liangcheng Lu falls in love with must not be Sangyu Qin!’

  She screamed hardly. Thanks to the effect of soundproofing of the car, Liangcheng Lu and Sangyu Qin who’s not far away from her didn’t hear her voice.

  Jue Bai looked at Jiaoyang Su quietly and felt that she had changed into a completely different person in such a short period. Jiaoyang Su was a privileged person and would never envy anyone before. She’s confident, just like a peony in the world.

  However, ever since Sangyu Qin had showed up, Jiaoyang Su’s temper got changed entirely. Those feelings of jealousy and envy which all the normal persons had could be found on her right now.

  ‘Jiaoyang , you become ordinary.’

  With his eyes becoming dark, Jue Bai said plainly. He, having seen Liangcheng Lu’s car head away, opened the car door to get out.

  However, Jiaoyang Su, surprised by his words just now, became still. She had become ordinary? Was she not appealing as before?

  ‘Jue Bai...’

  With her eyes full of tears, she raised her head to look at him. Every wet lash of her was clear.

  ‘What do you mean by this? Am I even more ordinary than Sangyu Qin?’

  She wanted to compare with Sangyu Qin in every way. She wanted to tread Sangyu Qin under her feet and let everyone admit that she’s better than Sangyu Qin.

  A trace of disappointment flashed in Jue Bai’s eyes. He felt this woman more ordinary as she asked that. Now, she had those tricks, where were employed by ordinary girls. How could the lady of Su Family do something so vulgar?!

  He felt strange when he got a call from Jiaoyang Su today. He’s surprised that she asked him for dinner. Only until they had run into Liangcheng Lu and Sangyu Qin did he understand Jiaoyang Su’s purpose. He found himself in the grip of disappointment he could not understand.

  ‘Jiaoyang, you should calm down during this period. If things continue like this, you cannot even be a friend of Liangcheng. What you have done before had exhausted the friendship between you two.’

  With her face turning pale, Jiaoyang Su clenched her fists. She knew she’s abnormal lately. However, she couldn’t resist the crazy jealousy and unwillingness in her heart, when she was facing Sangyu Qin.

  ‘I know.’

  She said lightly and closed the car door. Then, she asked the driver to drive and left slowly.

  Seeing the car head away, Jue Bai sighed. Jiaoyang and Liangcheng were both his friends. He was caught in between, just like the filling in the sandwich biscuits, which was so uncomfortable.

  However, he’s really happy for Liangcheng that he could fall in love with someone. He had always thought Liangcheng Lu would die alone.

  Meanwhile, Liangcheng Lu and Sangyu Qin who had left the restaurant arrived home. Sangyu Qin pulled him to the restroom and started to peel off his clothes.

  ‘So eager?’

  Liangcheng Lu raised his eyebrows and said, with his arms opening naturally.

  Sangyu Qin curled the corner of her mouth. She just wanted to apply medicine on him - the medicine to remove scars. The doctor said he should apply it every day.

  Though it cannot remove the scars completely, it could make them fade away.

  Liangcheng Lu knew her intention. However, he thought it’s not a big deal for him to let the scars stay on his back. After all, men got wounded all the time. However, since he didn’t want Sangyu Qin to worry about this every now and then, he gave her his back obediently.

  With a glimmer of smile flashing in her eyes, Sangyu Qin’used her fingers to soak in the green unguent and applied it on the back of Liangcheng Lu.

  Liangcheng Lu felt the coolness in no time, and his wrinkled eyebrows were released.

  After applying the medicine, Sangyu Qin put the lid on it and moved a book over here.

  ‘I know you cannot idle down. You can go to sleep after the medicine gets dry. Why don’t you read the book first?’

  Liangcheng Lu watched her quietly. Though he felt cold on her back, his heart became warm miraculously. It’s so warm, and no one had ever given him a feeling like that.

  ‘You can read for me.’

  Sangyu Qin paused a bit and felt a little shy. She took the book over after a short blushing moment. Then, she began to read the book with clear articulation and tried to relive the scene displayed in the book.

  ‘Not bad.’

  Liangcheng Lu hanged up the corner of his mouth slightly. He was longing for more after hearing one passage. Then, he stared at her, with his gleaming eyes.

  There’s nothing Sangyu Qin could do but read another passage for him.

  Liangcheng Lu was sleepy. He hadn’t had a sound sleep these days due to the wound on his back. He struggled to light up to take Sangyu Qin to dinner tonight. Now hearing her sweet and soft voice, he couldn’t help lying on the desk and falling asleep.

  Only until Sangyu Qin raised her head did she find Liangcheng Lu’s asleep. Then, she closed the book and pushed him.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, go to the bed to sleep.’

  However, it seemed that Liangcheng Lu didn’t hear her at all. He breathed steadily.

  Sangyu Qin had no ideas now. She bent down and put his arm on her neck. Then, she moved him to the bed with difficulty. When she tried to get up, she was tripped by his feet. As a result, they both fell into the large bed.


  She felt pain on her chin which was bumped against his strong chest. His arms blocked her chest straightly. She couldn’t even get up. After she had given up struggling, she could only sigh and close her eyes. It didn’t take too long for her to fell asleep.

  Meanwhile, hearing the even breathing next to him, Liangcheng Lu opened his eyes slowly and held her tighter. Then, he totally fell asleep.

  It had just been a short period that he got used to sleeping beside her. The sweet scent given out by her was the most efficient sleeping pills for him.

  Maybe God thought he’s too lonely and sent him Sangyu Qin. The accident happened that night and the glimpse from that party made them entangle with each other forever.

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