Chapter 73 The ruined date

  Sangyu Qin felt warm on her forehead. Before she could react, Liangcheng Lu had got out of the car.

  She followed him instantly.


  Yu Mo looked at the person who got out of the car surprisingly. He’s embarrassed to remind his boss, so he could only stare at Liangcheng Lu helplessly, with his face flushing.

  ‘What happened?’

  Liangcheng Lu frowned and intended to continue asking. Then, he felt his hand being hold by Sangyu Qin. She took out a napkin and rubbed his lips. There’s a faint redness on the napkin.

  It turned out that he had eaten Sangyu Qin’s lipstick during their kiss just now. Then, he flashed a trace of tenderness in his eyes.

  ‘Let’s go.’

  Sangyu Qin lowered her head. Thinking that Yu Mo must know what they had done on the car, she was out of shyness. And her face blushed.

  However, Liangcheng Lu, totally ignoring this, pulled her into the restaurant.

  The restaurant possessed a luxurious style, with a swiping card machine at the door.

  Sangyu Qin knew ordinary people was not allowed to enter this restaurant. It was designed for the people from upper-class families in City G. So, the price there was extremely high.

  The waiter led them to the private room which was already booked. However, they happened to run into Jiaoyang Su and Jue Bai in the hallway.

  Liangcheng Lu’s face became sullen immediately. Why there had to be someone to ruin their date?!

  Jue Bai flashed a trace of surprise on his face and walked toward them right away. He walked around Sangyu Qin, but kept his eyesight on Liangcheng Lu.

  ‘Perfect, Liangcheng, I was planning to ask you out. You said you had something else to do. It turned out that you have brought your wife here, the moment you get off work. We just caught you on the spot.’

  Liangcheng Lu curled his lips and opened the door of the private room beside him. Then, he gave Sangyu Qin a sign.

  Because of awkwardness, Sangyu Qin didn’t know where to put her hands and feet. After all, Jue Bai’s Liangcheng Lu’s friend. If she didn’t greet him, what would him think of her?

  ‘Sangyu Qin, what a coincidence that we also came here to eat! Why don’t we eat together?’

  Jue Bai knew Liangcheng Lu, heartless as he was, would shut the door even if he had seen them. So, he had to open a breach through Sangyu Qin.

  Sure enough, with her face covered with awkwardness, Sangyu Qin opened the door.


  Since she had said that, Liangcheng Lu didn’t drive them away, though he’s not pleased with that. So, the four of them sat down in the private room.

  The room had a large space, with a delicate round table inside. There were lots of dishes on the table. Sangyu Qin ordered more food, because there were two more persons.

  ‘Let’s eat.’

  Liangcheng Lu put a meat ball into Sangyu Qin’s bowl naturally.

  Sangyu Qin raised her head and smiled at him, with her sharp tiger teeth showed up.

  With his heart softening, Liangcheng hanged up the corner of his mouth sweetly. Then, he lowered his eyes.

  Jue Bai who’s beside them couldn’t lay his eyes on that. Is that Liangcheng Lu he has known? How could Liangcheng Lu turn into a shy boy like that? Love’s surely a magical thing.

  Jiaoyang Su clenched her fists slowly, with her teeth grinded. She always knew Liangcheng’s nice to Sangyu Qin. But she didn’t know his care to Sangyu Qin would reach such a level. He served dishes for Sangyu Qin and his motions seemed pretty spontaneous, which meant that it’s not the first time he had ever done that.

  She had known Liangcheng Lu for so many years, but he had never served dishes for her. Thinking of it, she hanged up an arc on the corner of her mouth rigidly.

  ‘Liangcheng, I’ve known you for so many years. But you have never served dishes for me.’

  She signed with emotion. Anyone who’s a bit sophisticated would serve dishes for Jiaoyang Su, in order to defuse the embarrassment. However, Liangcheng Lu didn’t have such a high EQ. All his cleverness in the affairs of emotion was put on Sangyu Qin entirely.

  ‘You cannot be compared with her.’

  This simple sentence made the atmosphere awkward instantly.

  Jiaoyang Su’s chopsticks paused. Her eye sockets became red, and the fingers which were holding the chopsticks tightened. Even her delicate make-up couldn’t cover her pale face.

  Jue Bai who’s beside Jiaoyang Su put some food into her bowl at once and said something to break the ice.

  ‘Jiaoyang , Liangcheng is spoiling his wife. It’s normal for him to serve dishes for Sangyu Qin. You are his friend and she’s his wife. It’s true that you cannot compare with each other. Hah, what do you want to eat? I’ll fetch it for you.’

  Jue Bai was also surprised by Liangcheng Lu’s ruthless words just now. He sighed and felt hard to smooth things over between them.

  Jiaoyang Su didn’t utter a single word anymore. She felt her dignity being stamped. Why couldn’t Liangcheng Lu be gentle to her? Why did he protect Sangyu Qin that much!


  She put down her chopsticks and bowl. Then, she left, with her purse held in her hands.

  Jue Bai sighed and looked at Liangcheng Lu fiercely. Then, he chased after her immediately.

  Sangyu Qin felt even more awkward. Though she didn’t care about what Jiaoyang Su felt, Jue Bai seemed to be on good terms with Liangcheng Lu. She didn’t know if she had offended him.


  Liangcheng Lu put another piece of dishes in her bowl, He wasn’t affected by what had happened just now. However, storms gathered in his eyes.

  In other people’s eyes, Jiaoyang Su’s tactful and decent. However, she became more and more insatiable in front of him.

  His eyes were full of disdainfulness. Jiaoyang Su’s really not clear about her position by comparing herself to Sangyu Qin. Hum.

  ‘Isn’t that too inappropriate?’

  Sangyu Qin uttered those words after biting her meat balls. She really couldn’t understand why Liangcheng Lu was so calm.

  ‘It’s her own problem. You have nothing to do with this. Just eat and don’t starve yourself.’

  Liangcheng Lu reached his hand to touch her head and said gently. It seemed that the most important thing to him was if Sangyu Qin could be full.

  Seeing Liangcheng Lu, who was so tender, Sangyu Qin couldn’t take her eyes off him. Her face flushed even more. At last, she moved her eyesight hastily, with the tip of her ear turning red silently. Then, she lowered her head to stir the food in her bowl and wished to bury her head into the bowl.

  Liangcheng Lu grinned and ignored her shyness. He kept serving the dishes on the table in her bowl.

  ‘It’s OK. I’m full.’

  Seeing the food which was piled just like a mountain, Sangyu Qin rubbed her bulging belly. Then, she found Liangcheng Lu kept serving dishes for her and didn’t eat anything in his own bowl.

  ‘Why don’t you eat?’

  She flashed a trace of worries in her eyes, thinking that maybe the scars last time made him upset, which was the reason why he didn’t have a good appetite.

  ‘I’m full. Let’s go.’

  As saying this, he intended to stand up and left, but his wrist was grabbed by Sangyu Qin.

  ‘Sit down, I’ll feed you.’

  Liangcheng Lu, seeing the firmness ofwillin her eyes, felt that ridiculous suddenly. Then, he turned back tamely and opened his mouth.

  Sangyu Qin was in a daze for a moment. It didn’t occur to her that he would be that obedient. Then, she used her chopsticks to serve dishes immediately and picked Liangcheng Lu’s favorite food. She fed him one mouthful after another.

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