Chapter 72 The boss had an affair with her

  A trace of gloom flashed on Qian Yun’s face. She hated the feeling of being controlled.

  She turned her head and glanced at Sangyu Qin who’s not far away from her. She found Sangyu Qin was also looking at her. Then, she grinned with delight and kept lowering her head to stare at the computer screen.

  Sangyu Qin returned a smile back. She was planning to buy something to eat at lunch time, but was stuck with Qian Yun.

  ‘Miss Qin, I heard that the lunch meals of the places around the company are great. Why don’t you take me to have a taste? I’m new, and don’t know much about here.’

  Qian Yun pulled Sangyu Qin’s arm as saying this slowly, as if she’s a friend of Sangyu Qin for many years.

  Sangyu Qin’s not willing to refuse her. What’s more, among all the colleagues, Qian Yun was the sole one who would like to talk to her. At least, she wouldn’t be so lonely afterwards.

  ‘Let’s go.’

  Sangyu Qin stood up and walked in front. She failed to see the cold light flashing in Qian Yun’s eyes. Her obedience and innocence were disguised.

  They arrived at a Chinese restaurant in no time. Sangyu Qin ordered several dishes. Seeing Qin Yun gobble the food, Sangyu Qin found that funny.

  ‘Qin, I feel that all the staffs in Tiancheng Corporation are made by machines. They never get tired, especially our boss. He never comes out, since he had entered his office. No wonder he could make lots of money.’

  Qian Yun sighed. After taking a sip of her soup, she looked at Sangyu Qin, with her chin resting on her hands.

  ‘Qin, I think you are pretty. You must be the campus belle at school. Why don’t they dislike you? I’ve heard a few people speaking ill of you.’

  Sangyu Qin curled the corner of her lips. It seemed that she was isolated without any reason. And she didn’t even know why.

  Sangyu Qin realized that Qian Yun’s a chatterbox during the lunch. Qin Yun had been talking endlessly all the time. And she didn’t feel awkward about Sangyu Qin’s plain responds.

  Sangyu Qin kind of liked Qian Yun, who was live and cheerful, just like a cute sparrow.

  They came back to the company. The moment they sat down, Liangcheng Lu came out of the office and walked toward Qian Yun. Then, she explained the project of which she took charge to him lively.

  Sangyu Qin, from not far away, saw the blue veins in the frontal angle of Liangcheng Lu jumping. Then, she hanged up the corner of her mouth. She thought Liangcheng Lu would not like a noisy person.

  ‘Boss, this is my plan.’

  Qian Yun, with her eyes lighted on Liangcheng Lu sparklingly, uttered these words at last, looking forward for his respond.

  ‘Give it to Sangyu Qin. She will hand it in to me.’

  Liangcheng Lu said lightly and left. Then, he turned back and entered the office again.

  The smile on Qian Yun’s face went rigid. She curled the corner of her mouth lightly and relied excitedly.


  After a while, she came to Sangyu Qin’s side and put those piles of documents on the desk.

  ‘Qin, I feel that the boss doesn’t like me. Please explain this project to him. I’ve written the details on the documents.’

  Sangyu Qin nodded. Without thinking too much, she took the files and went to Liangcheng Lu’s office.

  Qian Yun watched the view of her back, with her fists clenched. Her heart was brimming over with mixed feelings.

  She had been working in Tiancheng Corporation for two years and used to do the inessential work all the time. She always felt that all her ambitions could not put to good use, so she’s always aggrieved. She had done a good job in the finished project lately, so her supervisor recommended her to fill in this position. Nobody knew how happy she was.

  She’s not satisfied of watching Boss Liangcheng Lu on and off duty everyday. All the people in City G knew how charming Liangcheng Lu was. She could be in a daze for a long time, every time she saw his back.

  However, her mom was kidnapped suddenly. The one who had kidnapped her mom ordered her to approach Sangyu Qin and make an assassination when Sangyu Qin’s not noticing.

  She felt guilty at first. But seeing Boss Liangcheng Lu trusted Sangyu Qin so much, she felt jealous in her heart. They were all the staffs of Tiancheng Corporation. Why did Liangcheng Lu prefer Sangyu Qin?

  Now, she really doubted that Sangyu Qin’s having an affair with Boss Liangcheng Lu.

  At the time when she getting off work, she hid in the corner of the parking lot deliberately. It’s perfect spot where the camera could not film her, while she was able to see clearly of Boss Liangcheng Lu.

  Soon, she saw Sangyu Qin, with a smile, get on the car of Boss Liangcheng Lu. They seemed to be really familiar with each other. Liangcheng Lu even touched Sangyu Qin’s head gently.

  Qian Yun, with redness in her eyes, stared at the scene, and used her fingernails to grind the wall, which made a sharp sound.

  Sangyu Qin!

  Driven by hatred, she felt numb in her heart. That feeling of envy was just like a sharp knife stabbing into her heart.

  However, Sangyu Qin didn’t know all of this was seen by Qian Yun. When Sangyu Qin got on the car, Liangcheng Lu touched her head, just like touching a pet.

  The way they treated each other changed at once after the concentrated sulfuric acid event.

  ‘Let’s eat outside tonight.’

  With his eyes brimming with adoration, Liangcheng Lu said, while pinching her earlobe.

  The tip of Sangyu Qin’s ear was red due to his motions. Her face also blushed. Liangcheng Lu who was talking raucously was so charming. Her heart beat heavily, as if it was about to bump out of her chest.

  ‘Where are we going to eat?’

  ‘A new restaurant opened at the Time Square. I heard that it’s good.’

  Sangyu Qin nodded and leaned his head on Liangcheng Lu’s shoulder carefully. She found he’s not pushing her away. Then, she hanged up the corner of her mouth, with sweetness filling in her heart.

  The car was full of sweetness. They looked at each other, and erotic feelings filled in their eyes.

  Liangcheng Lu watched her silently and reached his hand to touch her hair. Then, he said in a hoarse voice.

  ‘Let’s kiss.’

  As saying this, he closed his eyes, with his long lashes covering his eyes.

  Sangyu Qin stopped breathing for a second. Liangcheng Lu was just like a prince who’s waiting to be kiss awake. Her heart shook fiercely. With her heart feeling sour and sweet, she approached him slowly and applied her lips on his. When she was planning to withdraw herself, she felt the warmness on her waist and totally fell into his arms.

  The kiss lasted a long time. Sangyu Qin felt the arms which were on her waist tightening more and more, when their breath intertwined.

  Suddenly, Liangcheng Lu hid himself into her neck to calm his breath. He knew if things continued like this, they would have no time for dinner.

  Sangyu Qin’s heart beat fiercely. Every cell all over her body softened. She wished to turn into a puddle of water and melt herself into Liangcheng Lu’s arms.

  The car stopped slowly at this moment. Yu Mo who sat in the front didn’t say anything. He got out of the car quietly and waited outside in silence.

  He knew his boss needed to calm down right now. Though the clapboard of the car wasn’t open, he heard his boss’s voice vaguely.

  ‘Let’s go.’

  Liangcheng Lu kissed on Sangyu Qin’s forehead and leaned to open the car door.

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