Chapter 19 Stupid like a pig.

  Momo Qin and Miao Du looked at each other and saw the smile in each other’s eyes. With all these years’instigating, Baiqiang Qin wished to get rid of Sangyu Qin. There’s something interesting to see after.

  Sangyu Qin didn’t feel delightful after leaving Qin’s house. It’s a wolf den for her indeed. But isn’t Lu’s house another fiery pit? He got hold of Lu Family as a bastard, which means he’s not an easy person.

  When she opened the door of the hallway, she saw Liangcheng Lu sitting on the couch. He saw the small suitcases beside her feet and raised his eyebrows. That’s probably the simplest luggage he had ever seen.

  The private doctor just came to inject the rest vaccine for him. Sangyu Qin stunned for a moment after hearing this person would be given an injection of rabies vaccine. She didn’t know which dog had the guts to bite Liangcheng Lu. Maybe it’s already stewed.

  ‘Where do I sleep?’

  She murmured the four words and saw Liangcheng Lu buckling the button at his wrist elegantly. She curled her lips. Rich men do have those lots of issues to care about.

  ‘Guest room.’

  Liangcheng Lu answered slightly. Then he gave a sign to Mo Yu to lead her upstairs.

  Sangyu Qin was truly irritated by Liangcheng Lu’s attitude. He acted like a wooden man without any emotion. They just got the marriage certificate anyhow. but he didn’t even bother to ask.

  After entering the guest room, she put her luggage aside, while Yu Mo put lots of papers on the drawer.

  ‘Miss Qin, Boss asked you to resigned your job tomorrow. The ladies in Lu Familydon’t need to show themselves in public.’

  Sangyu Qin was irritated by the phrase ‘show themselves in public’. It’s true that being with Liangcheng Lu would cut short her span of life.

  ‘What’s wrong with my job? I feed myself with it. It’s completely open and aboveboard.’

  When she’d like to say something more, Yu Mo used the following sentences to shut her mouth.

  ‘Boss said if you don’t resign, you will never step outside this villa.’

  Sangyu Qin burst with rage immediately and kicked her suitcase. She rushed to Liangcheng Lu’s room immediately. Shewas planning to argue this out with him when she saw a male lion in front of his door. It’s the same lion in the basement.

  She stopped suddenly, with her heart lifted to her throat. That bastard Liangcheng Lu must be deliberate!

  She didn’t have the guts to move forward. She turned round immediately and dared not to utter a word. Then she came back to her room reluctantly.

  Now she, suffused with anger, couldn’t let it out. She couldn’t feel more aggrieved.

  Sangyu Qin was still thinking of this when she was taking showers. She’s so angry that she tossed the tower severely. However the floor was so slippery that she fell onto the bathtub entirely. She screamed out and was unconscious immediately.

  Hearing the sharp cry, Liangcheng Lu frowned and put down the newspapers in his hands. He went to Sangyu Qin’s room.

  ‘What are you doing?’

  He knocked on the door and found that there’s no sound inside at all. He asked Yu Mo to take the keys immediately and opened the door slowly. Sangyu Qin, naked as she was, broke into his eyes.


  Yu Mo heard his boss’s yelling the moment he tried to step in.

  ‘Turn your back!’

  Yu Mo, completely stunned, had to do as he was bidden.

  Liangcheng Lu flew into rage. This woman is stupid like a pig. Hum.

  He pulled the quilt on the bed and wrapped her. He threw her straightly on the bed, and then bade the doctor to have a check. His face darkened with anger.

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