Chapter 71 The new colleague

  ‘On what condition?’

  Jiaoyang Su would not help Momo Qin for free. She’s a clever woman who never did things without any benefit for herself.

  ‘The condition...’

  With a glimmer flashing in her eyes, Jiaoyang Su curled up her red lips and lighted her eyes on her red fingernails.

  ‘You have to accept everything I’ve prepared for you - do the plastic surgery and change your name. Then, you’ll come back to City G to fight against Sangyu Qin.’

  Jiaoyang Su was being pretty clear - she almost planned all the paths for Momo Qin.

  Momo Qin clenched her teeth. She had to admit that this was a chance for her. If she didn’t agree, she would have to endure the sufferings here all the time. This’s the chance for her to fight for live.

  ‘I agree.’

  With a trace of firmness ofwillflashing on her face, Momo Qin clenched her fists. Her fingernails were inserted in her flesh deeply, which made her palms badly mutilated.


  Jiaoyang Su stood up calmly and winked at the person next to her. Then, someone came up right away and opened the cell.

  Momo Qin saw this and held the wall slowly to get up. Her body’s in a mess, and her neck was covered with bite mark which spread to the place even deeper than her chest. Anyone who’s not blind would know what had happened to her.

  Jiaoyang Su raised her eyebrows. Momo Qin’s hatred was what she needed. A man with extreme hatred would playallhiscards. At that time, Momo Qin would have nothing to lose, and Sangyu Qin’s not capable of fight the new Momo Qin.

  ‘You can go out now and everything’s already settled. This is the air ticket to abroad, and you can find someone’s contact information in the mobile phone. Report everything to that person. I also arranged a plastic surgeon for you. Momo Qin, it’ll depend on your own abilities, if you can be reborn.’

  Jiaoyang Su kept a light voice. She never dared to deny the power of a nobody, and she was also good at tapping the potential of persons like that.

  So, most of the time, her enemy would be dead before she got into action.

  Momo Qin reached her hands with difficulty to took over the mobile phone and the air ticket. Then, she followed the bodyguards beside her.

  Jiaoyang Su raised an arc on the corner of her mouth. “Sangyu Qin, the show just began, and we’ll see who’s gonna win at last.”She thought.

  Sangyu Qin knew nothing about what had happened here. However, she anticipated that Momo Qin would never commit suicide. There must be some stories hidden in it. Nevertheless, she didn’t want to care about it anymore. Right now, she craved to become stronger fast.

  ‘So we’ll leave it at that? Miss Qin.’

  Yu Mo who was standing beside her asked. His boss had told him that he could tell Miss Qin straightly everything involved with Qin Family without reporting to his boss.

  So, after he had heard Momo Qin’s suicide, he came to Sangyu Qin the first time.

  ‘Forget about it. Since someone had arranged everything, we would not be able to trace anything. Why bother?’

  On these words, Sangyu Qin started to think about the path on which she’s going to walk.

  She needed to learn how to use a gun. She should let Liangcheng Lu teach her when he was free. However, Liangcheng Lu’s had not recovered from his injuries, so she could only take good care of him first.

  Liangcheng Lu didn’t come to the company these days. He enjoyed Sangyu Qin’s care at home. Sometimes when she’s relaxed, he would pretend to groan a bit to make her feel guilty.

  Sangyu Qin did feel sorry for him, so she almost slept in the same bed with Liangcheng Lu for all these days. She claimed that she needed to keep a close eye on his wounds. But actually, nobody knew about their very thoughts.

  After a half month, the wound on Liangcheng Lu’s back finally scarredover. That part of his skin still looked scary and would not be as smooth as before. The doctor said those scars could not be eliminated completely. The prints were unavoidable.

  ‘Luckily, those scars are not on you. Or, you won’t be able to wear the halter dress.’

  Liangcheng Lu said plainly. He, having seen the doctor remove all the bandages, got relieved.

  However, his words made Sangyu Qin redden her eye sockets. This was the first time she had a feeling of being protected.

  The scars in front of her were so unpleasant, which were criss-crossed as well as full of bumps and hollows. She actually wished that whose scars could be on her body.

  ‘What are you thinking about?’

  Liangcheng Lu asked. When she planned to turn back, he felt there’s a feather brushing his back gently. That feather had a slight heat, which made his heart itch.

  He knew it’s the kiss from Sangyu Qin. She kissed his scars lightly, which had a bit of saintly feeling.

  ‘I’ll pay you back.’

  Sangyu Qin said seriously, as if she was making a big promise.

  Liangcheng Lu was in a trance for a moment. Then, he hanged up an arc on the corner of his mouth. Thinking that Sangyu Qin had said she could be his servant forever, he flashed a tender smile in his eyes.

  ‘Again, you are going to be my servant next life?’


  Sangyu Qin raised her voice suddenly. She’s a little bit angry about his mistrust. Of course, she would pay her debt to him, all of her debt.

  Only did she know afterwards that the things she owned Liangcheng Lu cannot be paid off even in a several life times.

  Liangcheng Lu chuckled. He never needed her to pay him back at all.

  They stopped talking. Sangyu Qin took out the suit from the closet and helped him put it on.

  After the breakfast, they went to the company quickly. The boy who had the written the love letter was fired and a new employee filled in his position. It’s a well-behaved girl.

  Sangyu Qin felt that the new employee had an innocent face. No wonder why lots of the male staffs wanted to make a move on the new girl.

  However, they were hold up by the rules set up by Liangcheng Lu. So, no one dared to have an relationship with their co-workers.

  ‘Miss Qin, I am new here, and today is my first day. I will appreciate your guidance.’

  That woman came straightly to Sangyu Qin’s seat and put a bottle of yogurt on the desk, with a brilliant smile on her face.

  Sangyu Qin looked around and found lots of people beginning to whisper as expected.

  ‘If you want to survive in the office, you should keep a distance from me.’

  With her face covered with an intelligent smile, that woman approached to Sangyu Qin’s ear secretly.

  ‘I don’t think so. Though all those people dislike you, you manage to make things proceed perfectly and stay in the place which is nearest to the boss. In my opinion, you are better than anyone else here.’

  Sangyu Qin was startled by this woman’s peculiar idea. However, when she thought it over, she realized that might be true. Then, she couldn’t help but feel ridiculous about it.

  ‘My name is Qian Yun. Please kindly give me your advice.’

  Qian Yun reached her hand in front of Sangyu Qin, with a glimmer of light in her eyes.

  Sangyu Qin reached her hands too and held Qian Yun’s hand, with the corner of her mouth hanged up.

  ‘I will appreciate your comments.’Sangyu Qin said.

  The whispers became louder around them. Since this new staff Qian Yun had approached Sangyu Qin, the way people looked at her also changed.

  ‘I have succeeded in getting into the top office of Tiancheng Corporation successfully. What’s next?’

  Qian Yun returned to her seat. She stared at the computer screen and sent a message, which seemed that she was working hard. But actually, she was doing her own thing.

  ‘Continue to get along well with Sangyu Qin. Or, your mom will be dead.’

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