Chapter 70 Man dies for money, and bird dies for food

  Liangcheng Lu said calmly. Though he didn’t point out clearly that he wanted Sangyu Qin to stay in the room, he was meant for it.

  Sangyu Qin swallowed her saliva and returned to the bedside tamely at once.

  ‘Then, I’ll stay here.’

  Liangcheng Lu snorted and sat on the bed unhappily. Then, he took the book beside him and began to read.

  Sangyu Qin didn’t know where to put her hands and feet. She had no idea of what Liangcheng Lu had meant. So, she could only guess it carefully.

  She’s a little bit tired tonight, and it’s time to go to sleep now. However, Liangcheng Lu was still in the mood of reading.

  Her head, gradually falling down, was almost on the pillow right away.

  Liangcheng Lu used his finger to poke her head slightly, and Sangyu Qin’s head rested on the pillow instantly. Then, she fell into sleep right away.

  With a trace of smile flashing in his eyes, Liangcheng Lu used his finger to poke her mouth. Her lips were pink and shiny, just like the jelly.

  ‘Sangyu Qin?’

  He called and found her already asleep. Then, his heart softened a bit and rested beside her at once.

  He could only lie on his stomach and slept constrainedly, because of the wound on his back.

  Next day in the morning, he felt a surge of coolness coming from his back. He hummed comfortably. Then, he turned his head and saw Sangyu Qin changing fresh dressing for hiswound.

  ‘You have recovered quickly. The wound is not as scary as before.’

  Sangyu Qin said seriously, with the motions on her hands much more tender. Since she knew Liangcheng Lu’s not going to work today, she took a day off too. The money she had owned Liangcheng Lu was countless anyhow, so she didn’t care about the little salary.

  Liangcheng Lu, watching her in silence, found her looking over him. Then, he moved away his eyesight and uttered the word ‘hum’calmly.

  Sangyu Qin turned back to take the suit pants for him. However, when she opened the closet, that necklace drew her attention.

  That’s her necklace. She remembered clearly that she had given this necklace to the pimp the night when she teased him.

  She took out the necklace questioningly and examined it in her hands cautiously for a while. She’s pretty sure that’s her necklace. But how could it show up in Liangcheng Lu’s closet?

  Suddenly, a bold idea flashed in her brain, and she was just like being hit by a lightning. Is Liangcheng Lu the guy of that night?.

  Thinking of this, she turned back and took a look at Liangcheng Lu. She took out the necklace and put it in front of Liangcheng Lu.

  ‘Are you the man of that night?’

  Liangcheng Lu twitched the corner of his mouth. “The necklace should be hidden well.”He thought.


  He said lightly and kept calm.

  But Sangyu Qin was not calm at all. She had been regretting that her first time having sex was with a pimp. So, even if she had a little special feeling for Liangcheng Lu, she didn’t dare to show it up.

  ‘Why don’t you tell me?!

  Her voice became louder suddenly. After that, she saw Liangcheng Lu looking over here.

  ‘Tell you what? That I was raped by a thirsty woman after getting drunk? Sangyu Qin? Don’t I have any dignity?’

  Finishing his last sentence, he raised his voice suddenly, which showed a little bit tension.

  Sangyu Qin suddenly remembered the guy had drunk the alcohol indeed that night. She thought it’s the some kind of taste in that ‘industry’. It never occurred to her that Liangcheng Lu had really been drunk and tried to push her away. She always thought he’s just being naughty, so...

  Thinking of this, she became uncomfortable immediately. She thought she only forced Liangcheng Lu to have sex with her once. Now, she knew it was twice. Last night, he even got hurt because of her. Then, she felt upset deep in of her heart.

  ‘It was an accident...’

  Liangcheng Lu snorted and didn’t utter a single word anymore. Sangyu Qin felt herself just like a beast even more. Then, she bent down immediately to put on the pants for Boss Liangcheng Lu. She lowered down her gesture and wished to bury herself under the ground.

  Liangcheng Lu hanged up the corner of his mouth and took the necklace over. Though it’s just an accident, it’s an undeniable beautiful destiny. He even began to believe in destiny now.

  They went downstairs. Sangyu Qin was just like a attendant to him. She followed him around and served him the drink, wishing that she could wipe out the guilty in her heart.

  Liangcheng Lu was happy about it.

  ‘The people of Qin Family had disappeared?’

  Sangyu Qin, having heard the news provided by Yu Mo, got shocked for a minute. “Did Liangcheng Lu go into action?”She thought.

  ‘And Momo Qin? Is she still in the police station?’

  Yu Mo knitted his eyebrows. He had instructed the policemen to ‘take care’of Momo Qin. However, words coming from the police station said Momo Qin had committedsuicide. Her body was already transferred to the crematory and then cremated.

  Sangyu Qin’s eyesight became meaningful. She didn’t think a person like Momo Qin would commitsuicide. Then, she curled the corner of her mouth.

  ‘Let’s forget about her. Sooner or later, she’s gonna show herself.’

  Since she could defeat Momo Qin once, she could defeat her twice. A dim light flashed in her eyes. She didn’t believe that Momo Qin could make any waves!

  Meanwhile, the cell where Momo Qin stayed remained quiet. She was curling up now. These days she had been ‘taken care’of by the jailers and had wounds all over her body. Those bastards also raped her. The more she was treated like this, the more she didn’t want to die. She wanted to live and let that bitch Sangyu Qin pay the price!

  ‘Miss Su, over here.’

  Words came from outside. Momo Qin raised her head and watched the gate of the cell. Then, she saw Jiaoyang Su, who was graceful. Jiaoyang Su’s the privilegedgirl indeed. Even a place like the cell was not able to ruin any of her elegance.

  ‘What are you doing here?’

  Momo Qin didn’t want to see anyone right now. She hated Sangyu Qin for sure, and she also hated the superior lady like Jiaoyang Su.

  How could everyone live a happy life while she was cast to a place where she couldn’t see any sunshine and put up with the torture everyday?!

  Jiaoyang Su raised her eyebrows and walked slowly toward Momo Qin. Her high heels made the ‘Dah-dah-dah’sound.

  ‘Do you know your families left City G after you have provoked Mr. Lu?’

  Momo Qin’s hands paused a bit. It’s true that Baiqiang Qin’s capable of doing something like that. After all, everyone knew there’s nothing the person who provoked Mr. Lu can do except die.


  She said slightly, with sadness filling in her heart. Family affections were truly nothing. Man dies for money, and bird dies for food. Everyone was selfish.

  ‘What’s your purpose of coming here?’

  Momo Qin asked and raised her head to look at Jiaoyang Su. Momo Qin knew Jiaoyang Su didn’t like Sangyu Qin either. So, Jiaoyang Su might come here to seek for cooperation.

  Jiaoyang Su hanged up the corner of her mouth and leaned forward her body a bit, which showed an arrogant attitude.

  ‘I can let you out. Now, everyone thought you had committedsuicide. Do you need my help?’

  Jiaoyang Su’s words were full of temptation. Momo Qin was just like a drowning person who managed to grab the last straw.

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