Chapter 69 I cannot sleep soundly

  ‘Do you think you can get away with this by saying you didn’t mean to?’

  Liangcheng Lu’s voice was gloomy and cold. If he didn’t show up in time, the concentrated sulfuric acid would be splashed to Sangyu Qin’s back, even her face. This kind of pain was intolerable even to him, much less a girl like Sangyu Qin. Even thinking about it made him scared.

  ‘Yu Mo, take her to the police station. Tell them to take care of her.’

  With coldness on his face, he uttered the words ‘take care’with emphasis on purpose.

  The people around him felt their scalp numb. Mr. Lu had given orders to ‘take care’of this person, and nobody knew what would happen to her at last. The better result was begging to die, and the worse was living in hell forever without liberation.

  Yu Mo called the police. Police could be called out when malicious wounding happened. Thus, Momo Qin was taken away soon.

  Momo Qin kept screaming and begging. However, nobody on the spot put a word for her. Even Sangyu Qin’s face was covered with indifference.

  Only until Momo Qin’s figure completely disappeared did the spot was immersed into total quietness. Under the strong aura given out by Liangcheng Lu, nobody dared to open their mouths first or leave. They could do nothing but wait for Liangcheng Lu’s order helplessly.

  ‘Honey, let’s go home...’

  Liangcheng Lu leaned half of his body on Sangyu Qin. Though he still felt painful on his back, he felt sweet instantly when he saw her red eye sockets. With the corner of his mouth hanged up, he got on the car with her support.

  ‘Don’t move.’

  Sangyu Qin held him cautiously. Since she didn’t dare to let him lean on the back of the seat, she served as his back cushion.

  Liangcheng Lu enjoyed her cautious attitude. Seeing her get relaxed a bit, he fizzed slightly. Then, when he saw her being just like a cat which was trodden on the tail and exploding all over her body as expected, a trace of indulgence flashed in his eyes.

  Yu Mo who sat in front was speechless. His boss had experienced all kinds of wound. How couldn’t he put up with this?! Yu Mo knew it from the first sight that his boss just pretended deliberately to make Miss Qin feel worried. And Miss Qin ate that up. Every time his boss groaned, Miss Qin’s face would crumple into a steam bun.

  ‘Why don’t you take some painkiller?’

  On these words, Sangyu Qin started to search some painkiller in the medicine cabinet. But she found the doctor hadn’t prepared any painkiller. So, she could do nothing but hold Liangcheng Lu’s hand tighter.

  Liangcheng Lu felt at ease to accept her care. Only until the car had stopped in front of the villa did he stand up slowly.

  ‘Be careful.’

  Sangyu Qin turned her back and held him, with her eyes staring at the ground fixedly.

  Liangcheng Lu felt funny about that. He’s injured on the back, not the feet. She was being too careful.

  However, he, without stopping her, just let her support him.

  Sangyu Qin helped him sit down in the room and then turned back immediately to prepare the fruits in the kitchen.

  Liangcheng Lu saw the view of her back, with his eyes blinking. He even had a feeling of being protected now.

  ‘I want to take a shower.’

  He said plainly. Sangyu Qin paused a bit and popped her head out from the kitchen right away.

  ‘But the doctor told you to keep your wound away from water.’

  ‘I want to take a shower.’

  Liangcheng Lu emphasized that. Then, he stood up straightly by himself and walked upstairs.

  Sangyu Qin followed him at once, so as to prevent him from going to the bathroom alone.

  ‘Just put up with it for a while. You can bathe yourself after the wound scarsover.’

  However, Liangcheng Lu ignored her words and opened his arms directly.

  With awkward looks on her face, Sangyu Qin started to take off his clothes for him. When she saw Liangcheng Lu’s muscular body, her face flushed immediately.

  ‘Just sit here. I’ll sprinkle some water on you. The wound should be kept away from water.’

  Liangcheng Lu was waiting for her to say that. Then, he hanged up the corner of his mouth and sat down obediently beside her.


  Sangyu Qin held the shower-nozzle cautiously and sprinkled the water on his body, while avoiding his wound.

  Thinking that a person like Liangcheng Lu had got injured because of her, she felt so guilty. A person like him should be high above where no one could hurt him. But a negligible person like Momo Qin injured him so badly.


  She, having seen the bloodstains outside the bandage, couldn’t help saying that, with her eye sockets turning red. The motions on her hands became gentler.

  ‘Isn’t it normal for me to protect you?’

  Liangcheng Lu narrowed his eyes and said raucously. He felt her small hands kneading his skin again and again. Then, the place where she had touched was burning immediately.

  ‘Next time...’

  Speaking of this, Sangyu Qin paused a bit slowly. Although she knew a person like Liangcheng Lu didn’t need her protection, she wanted to protect him very much. She’s willing to do it, even if it’s beyond her capacity.

  ‘I’ll protect you next time.’

  Liangcheng Lu was in a daze for a moment. Then, a bit of fondness flased in his eyes, and his heart softened.

  No one ever said that to him. He’s the superior Mr. Lu, and no one dared to say something like that to him.

  However, the small woman in front of him said that. It might sound a bit funny. But at this moment, he felt that the wound on his back was worthy.

  ‘Then you have to be strong quickly.’

  ‘I will!’

  Sangyu Qin answered decisively. She stared at his back, with her fixed eyes, as if she wanted to carve this figure into her bones and blood.

  ‘Remember what you have said today, Sangyu Qin. No matter what will happen in the future, we can face it together. You will protect me and I’ll protect you. I can be your tower of strength and your support. And I’ll undertake the burden for us until you become strong.’

  With her hands which were holding the shower nozzle pausing a bit, Sangyu Qin spitted a ‘hum’softly. She knew she’s not strong enough and didn’t possess powerful resources like those delicate ladies from prestigious families. However, she’s more fortunate than them, because she got Liangcheng Lu’s adoration.

  She lowered her head and cleaned Liangcheng Lu’s body carefully. He broke out in a cold sweat, because of the bandaging just now.

  When her fingers touched Liangcheng Lu’s belt, she paused shortly. Though they had already made love more than once, she was not used to taking off a man’s belt on her own.

  Liangcheng Lu, without urging her, waited there quietly.

  After a good while, Sangyu Qin clenched her teeth and made up her mind to unsnap his belt. With her eyes half squinted, she began to clean his body.

  Liangcheng Lu chuckled. Sangyu Qin’s face flushed even more, when she heard that. At last, her whole neck was full of redness.

  When she finished showering him, she took the tower next to her to wrap his body. Since he couldn’t get dressed due to the wound on his back, she could only use the tower to wrap him up.

  Soon, they both went to the bedside. Sangyu Qin, having recognized that there’s nothing left for her to do, planned to leave, when Liangcheng Lu’s voice came through.

  ‘Where are you going?’

  ‘To my own room.’

  She turned back and blurted out. Seeing the displeased looks on Liangcheng Lu’s face, she thought she had done something wrong. Then, her hands which were holding the door handle paused instantly.

  ‘I cannot sleep soundly. What if I break the bandage?’

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