Chapter 68 She just wanted to live

  However, the expected pain didn’t come. She heard a stuffy hum and was held up by the waist.

  Sangyu Qin’s brain went black. She felted a smell of the burned flesh coming to her nose. With her heart shaking, she shouted tremblingly.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu?’

  Liangcheng Lu’s back was badly mutilated, and his forehead was covered with sweats. He didn’t loosen his hands which were holding Sangyu Qin up. After he had heard her voice, he tried hard to utter two words.

  ‘Be good.’

  Sangyu Qin, with her eye sockets turning red immediately, turned her back right away to support him. She didn’t dare to move a bit.

  ‘Does it hurt?’

  She asked in a quivering voice, with her hands which were holding Liangcheng Lu and her whole body shaking.

  Liangcheng Lu curled the corner of his mouth. Even he felt aching, let alone Sangyu Qin who had such delicate skin. He felt lucky that he could be there ahead of time. Or else, the one who’s tallow-faced would be Sangyu Qin.

  Yu Mo rushed out from the crowd. The doctor of Su Family was called right away. And Momo Qin - the one who had done this was controlled by the bodyguards. She, with her pale face, looked at all of this. She didn’t even know when Mr. Lu had rushed over. It’s already too late for her to hold it back.

  ‘I...I didn’t mean to...’

  However, nobody put a word for her. After all, Liangcheng Lu’s back was covered with blood. In City G, no one would ever dare to hurt Liangcheng Lu so badly.

  Momo Qin deserved to die!


  The cloth on Liangcheng Lu’s back was torn apart by the doctor. The cloth and his flesh were mixed together, so the cloth which was ripped off was still covered with bloody fresh. Sangyu Qin watched this and felt her heart tightened.

  ‘Mr. Lu, please bear it.’

  The doctor said and tore off another piece of the cloth. Liangcheng Lu trembled all over his body and made a muggy hum.

  The doctor’s hands were shivering. After he saw the skin which was corroded by the concentrated acid, he started to clean the wound right away, with his face turning pale.

  Sangyu Qin, at a loss, could do nothing but hold Liangcheng Lu’s hands tightly and let half of his body lean on her.

  ‘Take her away! You know for yourself how to deal with her.’

  Yu Mo who was standing beside said to the bodyguards. Seeing the wound on his boss’s back, he wished to tear apart Momo Qin’s face. However, with so many people being here, he couldn’t beat a woman. So, he had to hold his grudge and asked the bodyguards to take her away.

  Momo Qin, paralyzed as she was, didn’t even have the guts to beg for her. After all, she had seen the injury on Liangcheng Lu’s back. If he decided to punish her on his own, she might not be able to walk out of Su’s house.

  Jiaoyang Su who was in the crowd compressed her lips. She had invited Momo Qin deliberately. Or, Momo Qin could never attend this party due to her notoriousreputation.

  Jiaoyang Su knew Momo Qin and Sangyu Qin had a deadly feud with each other. So, she invited Momo Qin on purpose, in order to upset Sangyu Qin.

  Little did she know Momo Qin would hurt Liangcheng Lu. Damn it!

  Jiaoyang Su clenched her fists slowly and cast an even more inimical glance at Sangyu Qin. Plainly, Liangcheng Lu could even die for Sangyu Qin.

  The doctor was still binding Liangcheng Lu’s would up. He didn’t dare to be careless, because the wound was too scary.

  With his forehead covered with sweats, Liangcheng Lu saw Sangyu Qin’s face crumpling. He felt that a bit funny. However, the moment he laughed, he fizzed out of pain instantly.

  ‘Don’t say anything.’

  Sangyu Qin patted his head right away. Although the scene was harmonious, Jiaoyang Su felt it excessively dazzling.

  Finally, the doctor finished bandaging the wound and got relieved.

  ‘Mr. Lu, keep the wound away from water. And every three hours, change the bandage.’

  As saying this, he took out the medicine that was prepared by him and then put it in Sangyu Qin’s arms.

  Sangyu Qin, who intended to continue supporting Liangcheng Lu, was pushed away slightly by him. Liangcheng Lu looked at the spot, with darkness in his eyes.

  ‘Where is Momo Qin?’

  He asked, which indicated that he would deal with Momo Qin. All the people feared for Momo Qin’s safety. She couldn’t avoid her death, since she had badly hurt Mr. Lu.

  ‘Boss, I’ve let someone escort her.’

  Yu Mo answered carefully. Knowing that Boss Liangcheng Lu was not in a good mood right now, he could only try to keep a low profile.

  ‘Escort her? So what, do you plan to give Momo Qin to the people of Su Family? Since Momo Qin showed up at Miss Su’s party, they must be in a good relationship. If Miss Su shows mercy to her, I’ll suffer for nothing tonight.’

  Those words made Jiaoyang Su’s face turn green and purple. She knew Liangcheng Lu was warning her not to play these little tricks next time.

  Other people might not be able to understand the complication in this. Liangcheng Lu who had seen so many people and experienced so many things could detect Jiaoyang Su’s little tricks with a short guess.

  Jiaoyang Su took a deep breath and calmed her breath.

  ‘Liangcheng, I just came back and didn’t know what had happened between Momo Qin and Sangyu Qin. I thought Momo Qin’s Sangyu Qin’s sister and they should get along well with each other. So, I invited Momo Qin here. I don’t know her very well and I’m sorry for what just happened.’

  Her explanationwas perfect. After all, everybody knew Jiaoyang Su just came back to City G. It’s normal for her to be not familiar with the rumors in City G.

  Liangcheng Lu looked at her with his faint eyesight and didn’t utter a single word. However, the cold air given out by him made all the people around take a step back. They couldn’t help rubbing their arms, feeling cold.

  Jiaoyang Su’s face turned even paler. Last time at Su’s house, Liangcheng Lu put up with her once. Now, he tolerated her again at this party. Their friendship since childhood was almost used up by her. Right now, to Liangcheng Lu, she’s not different from a stranger.

  Jiaoyang Su, with her eye sockets becoming red immediately, didn’t say a word anymore. What she had just said could fool others, expect Liangcheng Lu.

  After that, the bodyguards took Momo Qin to them. Momo Qin, with her hair disheveledduring the pushing and shoving, looked very confounded.

  With her limp legs and feet, she almost knelt onto the ground. What’s more, when she caught sight of Liangcheng Lu, she felt her heart even colder.

  ‘Mr. Lu...I...I didn’t mean to...’

  She said in a trembling voice, as if her chest was blocked by a huge stone. She felt so tight in her chest, which was so terrible.

  ‘Didn’t mean to?’

  Liangcheng Lu chuckled. And all the people felt more pressure lingering above their head . The strong aura given out him was so terrified, and in particular the spooky feeling coming from him was extremely creepy. It’s just like millions of tentacles touching their back, which made every hair all over stand up.

  ‘I really didn’t mean to...’

  Momo Qin was still arguing for herself, with her eye sockets becoming red. She kept kowtowing.

  She didn’t want any dignities now. She just wanted to live. Only by being alive could she take a revenge on Sangyu Qin!

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