Chapter 67 Let’s die together

  There’s a long red carpet in front of the door of Su’s house. The reporters showed up, but they were held up outside the fence. Normally, the cars would head inside right away.

  So, it’s easy to avoid the reporters as long as the people didn’t get out of the car or open the window.

  However, it was often the case that one or two persons wanted to be the spotlight. So, the reporters could always dig out something.

  In no time, the car of Sangyu Qin and Liangcheng Lu arrived. The titanium light flashed crazily. Everybody knew it’s Mr. Lu’s car. However, it had never stopped outside. Except for doing the regular interview, Liangcheng Lu almost kept his track from everyone.

  The car headed to the gate directly. Yu Mo got out of the car first and opened the door. Then, Liangcheng Lu held Sangyu Qin’s hand and walked outside.

  Almost all the places where Liangcheng Lu showed up would be the focal spot. All the people looked over by the light of nature. When they saw Sangyu Qin who was standing beside him, their pupils shrank fiercely. Lots of people even didn’t fail to recognize her at that moment.

  After all, their recognition of Sangyu Qin still came from the dinner party of Qin Family, when she was wearing a vulgar marten coat and showed a lot of frumpy gestures.

  However, tonight, Sangyu Qin refreshed the public view toward her. That vulgar woman now stunned all the people there.

  Before she had come, they saw Jiaoyang Su’s red dress and assumed that Jiaoyang Su would be the spotlight of tonight. They were surprised that there would be someone who was able to be comparable to Jiaoyang Su.

  ‘Is that Sangyu Qin? She got totally changed on her face.’

  ‘It doesn’t seem like her. Did Mr. Lu change his lover?’

  Jiaoyang Su also noticed what all the people were talking about and moved her eyesight over there immediately. Then, she caught the sight of Sangyu Qin. With her pupils shrinking hardly, she tightened her fingers which were holding the goblet. Then, a trace of gloom flashed in her eyes.

  The people who always wanted to fawn on Liangcheng Lu walked toward him slowly and said something nice, with their goblets held up.

  Liangcheng Lu, who didn’t say too much, merely hummed once in a while. However, no one dared to say anything.

  Sangyu Qin put on a decent smile on her face all the time, which made others feel comfortable. The people who had complained about her changed their opinions to her at once. When they came to greet Liangcheng Lu, they would mention her.

  Jiaoyang Su watched all of this from not far away, with a bunch of the ladies from the prestigious families surrounding and flattering her. She’s just like the “female version”of Liangcheng Lu.

  ‘Jiaoyang, who’s that woman standing beside Liangcheng Lu? She’s occupying your position. Do you need us to teach her a lesson for you?’

  ‘That’s right. Everyone knows that you and Mr. Lu are born to be together.’

  Jiaoyang Su didn’t say anything, with elusive looks on her face. She hated the little tricks among women. But she had to admit that sometimes merely those little tricks could defeat the enemy. Then, she hanged up the corner of her mouth.

  ‘Thanks for your kindness. However, it will be so bad if Liangcheng Lu finds out that you guys are bullying Sangyu Qin. It’ll get me into trouble and make things awkward for us in the future.’

  What Jiaoyang Su meant was “you guys could do anything to Sangyu Qin, as long as I’m not involved”. She stayed away from the mess.

  A woman who’s so eager to show her loyalty to Jiaoyang Su fell into the trap right away and said immediately.

  ‘Don’t worry. It’s us who cannot put up with Sangyu Qin. It has nothing to do with you.’

  ‘That’s right. She has pushed herself forward too much tonight. We have to fix her.’

  Jiaoyang Su showed a sneer on the corner of her mouth. She thought those women were so silly. Now that Liangcheng Lu adored Sangyu Qin a lot, attacking Sangyu Qin at this moment equaled to looking for death.

  But if those women could bring troubles to Sangyu Qin, it would be a good thing.

  Sangyu Qin knew tonight’s not going to be easy, so she kept alarmed all the time. She didn’t want to be splashed with wine by someone again.

  ‘Are you tired?’

  Liangcheng Lu whispered to her ear. Sangyu Qin blushed instantly. She felt Liangcheng Lu’s lips touching her earlobe, which made her a bit numb.

  ‘Yes, a little.’

  Keeping showing a decent smile almost made her face rigid.

  ‘Find a place to rest. I’ll be right back.’

  Liangcheng Lu, who had planned to rest with her, saw Jue Bai who was holding goblet walk toward him. So, Liangcheng Lu had to let Sangyu Qin leave first.

  Sangyu Qin nodded and went to the garden immediately.

  The garden was quiet. She could only hear the vague sounds of toasting from a short distance.

  Sangyu Qin sat down on the chair and rubbed her stiff legs, thinking that being the ladies of the upper-class circle was not an easy thing.

  ‘Sangyu Qin!’

  The moment she sat down, she heard Momo Qin’s exasperated voice. Then, her face creased by a scowl. The saying - one cannot avoid his enemy was right.

  Momo Qin ground her teeth out of hatred. Lately, she her parents had been looking for Sangyu Qin. However, Sangyu Qin stayed in Mr. Lu’s villa and never came out. She tried so hard to get the information of Sangyu Qin’s coming to the party tonight. And she happened to receive the invitation from Jiaoyang Su. Then, she came here to make troubles to Sangyu Qin.

  Momo Qin and Jiaoyang Su were not acquaintances at all. She didn’t know why Jiaoyang Su had sent her the invitation. Nevertheless, she seized every opportunity to meet Sangyu Qin.

  ‘Do you really want to exterminate everyone in Qin Family?! Sangyu Qin! I’m warning you! Let all the people around Qin’s house disappear! Or, I’ll let you pay the price for that!’

  Sangyu Qin raised her eyebrows. She was by no means scared of the so-called price. Then, she hanged up the corner of her lips.

  ‘I don’t know the people surrounding Qin’s house at all. Isn’t it too unreasonable for you to come to me?’

  Momo Qin’s face flushed. She was nearly driven mad by those people. Then, she clenched her fists.

  ‘Do you think Mr. Lu can protect you forever?’

  There’s a note of threatening in her light voice.

  Sangyu Qin didn’t bother to pay attention to Momo Qin. She lifted her feet to walk to the hall. She’s afraid that Liangcheng Lu would be worried if he couldn’t find her.


  Momo Qin moved right away and grabbed Sangyu Qin’s hair. She, with great strength, almost ripped Sangyu Qin’s scalp off.

  ‘Let go!’

  Sangyu Qin roared the two words and pushed Momo Qin away. She felt a sharp pain from her scalp and knew a few of her hair was torn off.

  ‘If you do not agree, let’s die together!’

  Momo Qin was insane right now. She, in a state of anxietyfor a long time, became extremely sensitive. Now she, having seen Sangyu Qin - the one who’s to be blame for all, wanted to perish together with Sangyu Qin!

  Sangyu Qin kicked away Momo Qin who was pouncing at her. Her heart was shaking, because she had smelt a special odor. It’s just like the concentrated sulfuric acid she used to do experiments at school. If she got splashed by that, her face would be ruined.


  The sulfuric acid was splashed by Momo Qin. Sangyu Qin turned her back reflexively. She wanted to protect her face and let her back ward that thing off.

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