Chapter 66 Fight Jiaoyang Su

  Lu Family had gone through a lot until now. If they did not have powerful means, they would have disappeared in City G. Thus, the old couples were very picky about their granddaughter-in-law. They didn’t make it clear that they have to choose Jiaoyang Su as Liangcheng Lu’s wife. However, they did expect those women to fight against each other. And the final winner could be Mrs. Lu.

  Neither of them thought highly of Sangyu Qin. After all, she came from a small family, which landed her horizonand educational qualification in a low position. No matter how hard she tried, she might never even reach the starting point of Jiaoyang Su.

  Sangyu Jin knew the people of Lu Family would not accept her, so she decided to work harder.

  However, after going through two rounds of assassination, she knew how much the old man hated her. The only thing she could do was to try not to show up in front of him.

  The other day when she arrived at the company, she felt that the people nailed their eyes on her. Then, she curled her lips and admitted that she never had a minute to be relaxed. So, she sighed and sat down on the seat.

  After around ten minutes, Jiaoyang Su arrived. She came straightly to Liangcheng Lu’s office, without greeting Sangyu Qin.

  Sangyu Qin squinted her eyes slowly. She knew anyone who wanted to meet Liangcheng Lu had to make an appointment at the reception. The staff at the reception would call Sangyu Qin. Then, she would check Liangcheng Lu’s schedule.

  However, it’s pretty easy for Jiaoyang Su to meet Liangcheng Lu every time, as if she was entering her own garden.

  Sangyu Qin became unhappy immediately. No matter what kind of intension Jiaoyang Su had, being so bold in front of her, the legitimate wife of Liangcheng Lu, was not so appropriate.

  Sangyu Qin stood up and walked toward Liangcheng Lu’s office. With the door left unlocked, she could hear the faint conversation from inside.

  Jiangyang Su did have her own purpose today. It’s going to be her 21-year-old birthday, and she invited Liangcheng Lu to attend the party.

  Liangcheng Lu and Jiaoyang Su had grown up together, and it’s normal for them to attend to each others’birthday party. However, Liangcheng Lu never held any big parties. He merely gathered with a few friends. Only a central figure like Jiaoyang Su would hold some big parties, and she received lots of gifts every year.


  Liangcheng Lu agreed, with his eyes fixed on the paper in front of him, which seemed that Jiaoyang Su - the person in front had no attraction to him.

  Jiaoyang Su clenched her teeth quietly. Thinking of Sangyu Qin, she asked.

  ‘Will Sangyu Qin come with you?’

  Liangcheng Lu nodded. Sangyu Qin would go to wherever he went. It’s clearly an unnecessary question for her to ask.

  ‘You know, I don’t want her to come!’

  Jiaoyang Su suddenly increased her volume. Only until then did Liangcheng Lu raise his head to look at her, with his lips compressed closely.

  ‘She is my wife.’

  With a note of oppression in his voice, he stared at Jiaoyang Su directly. Jiaoyang Su’s eye sockets became red instantly. He made it clear that he would never go to the party without Sangyu Qin.


  Jiaoyang Su nodded reluctantly, with her hands which had dropped by the sides of her body gradually clenched to fists. Then, she pulled out a pair of sunglasses from her purse. Exposing her weakness to others was not her option.

  ‘Then, I’ll welcome both of you.’

  Nobody knew how hard it was for her to utter those words. She felt that her heart, grabbed by a pair of large hands, was suffering a dull pain.

  Why could Sangyu Qin occupy the position of Mrs. Lu?!

  Due to hatred, her eye sockets turned red. However, she knew Liangcheng Lu didn’t like jealous women. So, she had to withhold all the emotions inside of her.

  On these words, she turned her back and left, when she happened to see Sangyu Qin, who was sneaky, at the door. Then, she showed a trace of sneer on the corner of her mouth.

  ‘I never realize Miss Qin liked to do these furtive things. It’s true that you are just a frumpy person.’

  Hearing what Jiaoyang Su had said, Sangyu Qin raised her eyebrows slowly and stood straight.

  ‘I’m not sure if I’m a frumpy person. However, I need to be defensive about Miss Su’s clinging to my husband. Or, who will I be able to cry to, if he’s been reaved. Well, I have to apologize for having a suspicious mind on you. After all, it’s beneath a graceful lady like Miss Su to covet other woman’s husband.’

  Those words of Sangyu Qin had so many meanings. Then, Jiaoyang Su, with her face turning green and pale, snorted.

  ‘Don’t be so complacent. If you cannot be accepted by Liangcheng Lu’s grandpa, you will never be a member of Lu Family.

  After saying that, she looked deeply into Sangyu Qin’s eyes and left.

  The tit-for-tat they had just now lasted a short while. Moreover, since their voices were very low, nobody in the top office knew about it.

  However, it’s big news that Jiaoyang Su came here. After all, Jiaoyang Su was a beauty admitted by everyone. Besides, she grew up with Boss Liangcheng Lu together. So, all the peole there imagined a drama in their brain.

  ‘I think they are going to be married. I’ve always been optimistic about them.’

  ‘Did Miss Su just come here to invite Boss Liangcheng Lu to go home for dinner? That’s so sweet.’

  ‘They are born for each other.’

  The people sighed and said. They assumed that Jiaoyang Su and their boss were a couple.

  Sangyu Qin who was sitting beside curled her lips. The people knew nothing about the things in the upper-class circle. The reporters didn’t dare to disclose the truth. Therefore, the fact that she’s already married with Liangcheng Lu was not made public.

  She racked her brain for an excuse to serve a cup of coffee to Liangcheng Lu. And he told her just in time that they were going to Su’s house for the party.

  The hairs all over her body stood up. Jiaoyang Su was hotly favored in City G. At the birthday party, all the ladies from prestigious families would surely siege Sangyu Qin. If she went there, she would be swallowed by them with no bones left.

  But her refusal would be regarded as “admitting defeat”directly.


  She replied calmly. Then, she made time to apply a facial mask on her face in the restroom. She couldn’t be so careless about her appearance tonight. Since she’s not comparable to Jiaoyang Su in terms of sexiness, she had to put on another style. At least, she couldn’t be defeated by Jiaoyang Su. Or else, other people would think Liangcheng Lu’s blind.

  Liangcheng Lu’s styling designer was always that awesome. This time, she wore a white starlight dress, with the lace top inside and the diamond-embedded gauze outside. Her hair was braided with a hair band which was specially designed by the designer and had flowers intertwined on it. When she put it on her head, she felt herself like a fairy. Also, the expensive starlight dress made her ethereal.

  The styling designer knew how to show Sangyu Qin’s strength. Since he knew she didn’t have the coquettish appearance, he gave her a fairy style. In this way, she would never be faded in front of those delicate girls like Jiaoyang Su. They had two different styles and could both feast people’s eyes.

  ‘Let’s go.’

  Sangyu Qin was ready for the war. Then, she hooked on Liangcheng Lu, with her eyes brimming over with firmness ofwill.

  Liangcheng Lu’s was amazed by her appearance. Then, he held her hand back, with a trace of indulgence flashing in his eyes.


  He was content with the fact that Sangyu Qin had a sense of crisis and worried that he might be stolen by others any time, which meant that she cared about him.

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