Chapter 18 I will never let her off.

  On these words, the smile on Momo Qin’s face became frigid. Mr. Lu bought a gift for this woman? Is that even possible?

  She remembered that Sangyu Qin told her that she would get the marriage certificate with Mr. Lu, but she waited the whole morning outside hopelessly without seeing him. She suddenly burst into laughter.

  ‘Sister, did you lose your mind? When did Mr. Lu buy a gift for you? I could feel that your hypochondriac is increasingly severe.’

  Sangyu Qin sneered.

  ‘It’s true that my husband didn’t buy me a gift, but...’

  Speaking of this, she looked up at Momo Qin and smiled slowly.

  ‘He gave me the last name of Lu and got the marriage certificate with me early in the morning. Momo Qin, isn’t that so much better than those vulgar gifts?’

  Saying this, she pulled out two red-colored certificates and showed off in front of Momo Qin. Then, as expected, she saw the jealousy on Momo Qin’s face.

  Jealousy had driven Momo Qin mad. Why did Mr. Lu take a fany to Sangyu Qin?! How could they get married so quickly?

  She clenched her teeth and grabbed the marriage certificate. Then, she planned to tear them apart.

  Sangyu Qin didn’t stop her. Instead, she opened her mouth slightly.

  ‘My husband told me that he would like to see the marriage certificate. If it was torn apart, what would you like me to tell him...’

  Sangyu Qin’s tone was full of threat. The calmness on her face made Momo Qin shake with anger. She wished to jump on her and scratch her face into pieces.

  ‘Sangyu Qin! Don’t be so proud! Let’s see if you can still be alive until tomorrow!’

  Sangyu Qin grabbed the marriage certificate from her hand and only left her the back of her head.

  ‘You don’t need to worry about if I’ll live to tomorrow. I’ll be Liangcheng Lu’s wife afterward. My husband told me to move all my stuffs there. I am too busy to quarrel with you.’

  With the marriage certificate in her hand, Sangyu Qin became tough at once. She even stood up straight when entering Qin’s house.

  Baiqiang Qin, in the hall, heard the dispute and knew that this daughter was already accepted by Lu Family. He changed his attitude immediately.

  ‘Sangyu, since you already married in Lu Family, you should introduce your sister to the boys of other powerful families. Qin Family depends on you from now on.’

  Sangyu Qin raised her eyebrows. She had to admit that the identity of Liangcheng Lu’s wife is truly useful. She picked her ears.

  ‘Dad, I didn’t remember you saying like this a few days before. Or, is it just because you are becoming forgetful due to your aging?’

  What Sangyu Qin said made Baiqiang Qin so mad. His eyes were brimming over with malevolence. If Mr’s Lu’s assistant didn’t stand aside, he would like to give this disobedient daughter a slap on her face.

  Sangyu Qin was happy to see their faces. Then she walked upstairs to pack up her luggage.

  After living in Qin Family for so many years, she just realized that she had nothing to pack up. She had only a few clothes and hardly any jewelry. Actually she had nothing with her except the credit card that belonged to her.

  ‘Let’s go.’

  She lifted two suitcases downstairs and said to Yu Mo who stood by her.

  They walked outside in tandem. The indifferent attitude with which Sangyu Qin treated Qin Family made those three people angry to death.

  ‘This little bitch used to be so obsequious. Now she has Lu Family on her back and is full-fledged. Baiqiang, plainly, she look down on you.’

  ‘That’s right, dad. If she stands firmly in Lu Family, we will never live at ease.’

  Momo Qin also exaggerated by his side.

  Baiqiang Qin, with his twisted face, trembled, because of Sangyu Qin. What’s more, hearing of what those two said, he snorted at once.

  ‘Even if Liangcheng Lu doesn’t kill her, I wouldn’t let her off either!’

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