Chapter 17 Let you go in two years.

  Liangcheng Lu’s face was even sourer than that of Sangyu Qin. He had never been cursed like that since he was born.

  His body gave out spells of cold air. Yet he frowned when he saw Sangyu Qin who’s in a mess. She’s so ugly.

  Sangyu Qin saw the dislike in his eyes and curled her lips. Then she lay on the couch randomly, with a lazy expression.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, we just hate each other. Why do you even bother to marry me? The money I owned to you means nothing to you. Why not let me go and we could all live at ease!’

  Liangcheng Lu’s forehead was already fertilized. He didn’t say a single word. He raised his wrist and saw the double row of tooth print on it. Then his eyes darkened with cloud.

  ‘We will marry tomorrow!’

  After saying those four words, he stood up and looked at Sangyu Qin deeply. He smiled coldly, just like a hissing viper.

  Sangyu Qin felt that all her fine hairs stood up. She got goose bumps all over her arms, and then she patted herself. What’s the meaning of this inexplicable smile?

  ‘I’ll let you go in two years. Sangyu Qin, you’d better behave yourself after we married.’

  Liangcheng Lu said the following sentence then. There’s something uncertain in his eyes.

  Sangyu Qin relieved a little bit. It’s just two years.

  She’s just twenty years old. She would only be twenty-two in two years. When she saved enough money, she would travel around the world surely and get far away from this bastard!!


  This deal was set to stone.

  The second day, Liangcheng Lu went to his company early in the morning. He asked Sangyu Qin to take his identity documents to get the marriage certificate in Civil Affairs Bureau.

  Sangyu Qin curled her lips and thought that this guy really didn’t take this seriously. He didn’t even show up when getting the marriage certificate. She sighed. She never thought that her first marriage would be this rash.

  Only when she arrived at Civil Affairs Bureau did she realize how unimaginable Liangcheng Lu can be. Though he didn’t came, the staffs still gave her a pretty photo. They were surely good at Photoshops.

  She got two red-colored marriage certificates. She took a short look at them and threw them into her purse.

  It’s just a marriage without any love in it. Neither of them cared about it.

  Liangcheng Lu just needed a wife, while she needed the title of Mrs. Lu to survive two more years.

  ‘Miss Qin, I will follow you to Qin’s house. From now on, you will be live in Boss’s villa.’

  Yu Mo said to the rear-view mirror. He knew that Sangyu Qin was not happy and he didn’t know what else to say. He felt that Boss took a strange attitude toward this woman. At least, Boss had never got any marriage certificate with the women before her.


  Sangyu Qin, depressed as she was, answered. She looked up to the views outside the window. City G is large, but she could do nothing about being controlled by Qin Family. Instead, she merely lingered out a feeble existence in a small area.

  She got out of the car first when arriving at Qin’s house. The door, which remained closed yesterday, now opened entirely. Momo Qin wore a graceful dress and stood by the door.

  ‘Sister, where did you go last night? Daddy was furious because you didn’t come home.’

  Momo Qin’s tone was full of gloat. When she saw the man behind Sangyu Qin, there’s a light flashing in her eyes. That’s Liangcheng Lu’s assistant.

  Sangyu Qin looked down and cleared herself up, with a gleam of expectation on her face.

  A grim laugh appeared on Sangyu Qin’s face. Did this person really not know why didn’t she come back last night? She almost dried in the sun outside yesterday.

  When thinking of the marriage certificate in her purse, she showed a flash of excitement in her eyes. Today she would let Momo Qin envy her to death.

  ‘I have to blame my husband, Liangcheng. He gave me a surprise yesterday and brought a gift for me from abroad. Today, he rushed me to get the marriage certificate early in the morning.’

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