Chapter 16 Have you finished

  ‘Miss...Miss Qin, what happened to you?’

  Yu Mo tried to ask. If he didn’t know her voice, he really thought that this person is a beggar.

  Hearing him asking like this, Sangyu Qin suddenly felt aggrieved.

  She stood outside Qin’s house helplessly for that long. Also, she almost caught a sunstroke because Momo Qin locked her outside the door. Then she planned to find Liangcheng Lu to account for what he did, but was stopped by the bodyguards outside the gate.

  She, so single-minded as she was, squatted outside the gate the whole afternoon without seeing Liangcheng Lu’s car. At last, she could not do nothing but hide under the car of the cook who was out to buy dishes. Her dress was torn into pieces because of his emergency brakes. She fell entirely onto the ground and was force to suck the tail gas until she almost fainted.

  All of this was owing to this damned man in front of her. Now she just wanted to slaughter him!

  ‘Purr....Liangcheng Lu, you are a jerk with no credibility! You bastard! You insect! Asshole!’

  At the end of her cursing, she sat on the ground and began to cry. She, with her face washed by tears, suddenly became a “cat”with pitch-black colors.

  Liangcheng Lu twitched his eyebrows hardly. He felt that the woman in front of him looked really ugly now. He glanced at Yu Mo. Then he passed by Sangyu Qin and walked straight forward like that.

  ‘Miss Qin, please come in.’

  Hardly had Yu Mo’s voice faded away, he saw Sangyu Qin scratching and scrambling then climbing to his boss’s back.

  Liangcheng Lu used his wrist to hold her off. Then felt a sharp pain. Perfect! That’s the second time he was bitten by her.

  As Sangyu Qin continued biting him, she felt the air more and more silent. She, scared as she was, released her mouth. She looked up and saw Liangcheng Lu’s hell-like eyesight.

  ‘Have you finished?’

  Cold voice. Red eyes. He was no difference from the king of hell.

  Sangyu Qin stepped a foot back and didn’t dare to say anything, with her head lowering down. She just felt so aggrieved. Why could everyone bully her? Everyone could stand high above her, while she had to stay in the low status…

  This world is just so unfair!

  She felt a little bit sour on her nose. She stood outside Qin’s house and cried again, just like an abandoned homeless dog, because of this bastard Liangcheng Lu.


  She asked with her hoarse voice, as if it’s from her deep soul.

  ‘Why do I have to be afraid of you, when you are the one who really did wrong?...Why...’

  Liangcheng Lu’s eyes blanked. He, without a word, frowned. Then he walked in the hall without blaming her crazy words.

  Sangyu Qin glanced at the opened door and knew that it was left for her.

  She lowered her head and watched the shabby status of herself. She was planning to leave when she heard Yu Mo’s voice.

  ‘Miss Qin, since something urgent happened last night, Boss and I went abroad. He didn’t forget the promise. The event was really an emergency. It was only until he dealt with all the matters did he remembered his appointment with you. He booked the flight just at that moment. We just returned to city G.’

  Hearing this, Sangyu Qin stopped her steps. Will LiangchengLu return in advance because of her?

  She took a look at the person who sat on the couch doubtfully. The doctor beside him was handling the wound on his forehead. He, with a sombercountenance, seemed in a really bad mood.

  This man is not that bad indeed...

  Maybe all those rumors are mistakes.

  Thinking of this, she took back her legs that already stepped outside and turned herself to Liangcheng Lu. Then she sat down with her sour face.

  ‘Mr. Lu. Your forehead just recovered, now again...’

  The doctor said this when sneaking a look at Sangyu Qin. It’s such a miracle that this girl could be alive.

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