Chapter 2 Let her marry

  She didn’t plan to dodge. Theenduring slap maybe seen as paying the debt of gratitude for Baiqiang Qin’s rearing.

  ‘You wicked girl!!’

  Baiqiang Qinwas furious, with hischest movingup and down. He was even reluctant tocast a glance ather. Anyway, she is about tobe married, and this thorn in his sidewould be removed.

  ‘Come on. My dear, no need tohit her. Sangyu was so naughty since she was very young. She is not scared of taking a beaten. It is not worth your anger.’

  Miao Du touched Baiqiang Qin’s chest pretentiouslywhile casting a glanceat Sangyu Qin.

  ForMiao Du, this girlleft by her husband’s ex-wife is like a thorn in her heart which can neitherbe pulled up nor swallowed. Now the hell will get out of QinFamily.

  Sangyu Qin didn’t utter a single word. In QinFamily, she is just like a little rabbit anyone can bully. But little did they know that even the rabbit will bite when it’s furious.

  She already made a plan when she teaseda pimp.

  Best chance wasthat she can run away. Otherwise,she will revenge QinFamily at the night of her marriage. If Liangcheng Lu, brutal and ruthless as he is, knows that his wife is not a virgin, he may destroy QinFamily.

  That’s even better. It will spare her the troubleof doing it herself.

  Thinking of this, Sangyu Qin felt that the pain on her face is not that seriousanymore.

  ‘You bastard! How stubborn you are! How many troubles you’ve brought to our family! Your reputationis so deplorable!You are a slut! You are a bitch! These are by no means rumours! You surely have no ambitions at all! What a good daughter Baiqiang Qin has!!’

  Sangyu Qin didn’t make any sound.Baiqiang Qin felt more furiousand continued to criticize her.

  Nevertheless, Sangyu Qin seemed as ifwearing a bulletproof vest and keeping all his words off.

  Miao Du hid the glimmer of happiness in her eyes. She knew that the more Sangyu Qin refused to fight back, the more these charges going to cometrue.

  She placesall her hate to her husband’s ex-wife onthis little bastard.

  ‘Sangyu, do not forget that your mother ran away with another man, which almost destroyedQinFamily. Do not walk on the same path like your mother.’

  Miao Du added oil to the fire at a proper time. Baiqiang Qin, furious as he was, started toshake with anger. Not a single man can tolerate something like this. Shit!

  ‘I will teach you how to behave tonight! Drag her away! Placeher in confinement! Do not send any food before her wedding!’

  He yelled, and then the bodyguard came forward and dragged Sangyu Qin away.

  Locking her up is such a childish move. However, it's still few days before the wedding. Even a strong man cannot survive after not eating anything many days, let alone a girl like her.

  There's a sarcastic look on Sangyu Qin's face. Her lips were still bleeding because of her father's slapping.Thus, she, like a blooming poppy, was displayingkind ofdazzling beauty.

  'Dad, I cannot suffer hunger. If you starve me to death, who's gonna marry herself for your youngest daughter? '

  Her voice sounds quiet and hoarse.

  Miao Du, standingnext to Baiqiang Qin, calmed down instantly. It took her so long to think of this so-benefiting solution. Though she knows that this little bastard wouldn't die so easily, but she has to admit that she cannot ignore her threat. If something really happens to her, she will have to marry her own daughter to Liangcheng Lu.

  Anybody knows that all the women married to Liangcheng Lu would die onthe next day.

  She, clenchingher teeth, persuaded:

  'My dear, she is right. Our alliance with LuFamily will go to wastewithout Sangyu! Do you forget that? '

  Just three days. She cannot live any longer than that. A demon like Liangcheng Lu will not allowanybody to walk into his room.

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