Chapter 15 You crazy woman.

  It turned out that this villain Liangcheng Lu actually stood her up...

  Sangyu Qin’s eyes were watered a little bit. She rarely cried because her mother told her that crying wouldn’t solve any problem but merely let others think that she’s weak. So all these years, she never cried no matter how much she had suffered in Qin Family.

  However, it’s just a few days she knew Liangcheng Lu, during which she cried a few times. That villain is indeed her bane!!

  Sangyu Qin held her identity documents. She didn’t have any money. Nor did she bring her phone. She didn’t believe that Momo Qin would be so nice to bring the phone to her.

  So she took off her high heels and held them in her hands. Then she walked to Liangcheng Lu’s villa step by step.

  Qin’s house’s not close to Liangcheng Lu’s villa. It’s already noon. The sole of her feet, burning as it was, had some blisters. She hated Liangcheng Lu so much right now in her heart.

  However, Liangcheng Lu knew nothing about this. Yesterday late at night, he and Yu Mo flied to Europe to deal with something urgent. He forgot about the whole thing about getting the marriage certificate.

  When he remembered that, he bought the ticket in a hurry and came back. It’s already 7 o’clock at night.

  ‘Boss, do we still go to Qin’s house?’

  Yu Mo asked when driving the car.

  Liangcheng Lu who sat on the back seat curved his lips. That woman wasn’t supposed to wait for him. She, so strong-willed and straight forward, probably had buried his default in her mind.


  On this word, he closed his eyes.

  The car stopped in front of the villa. The heavy iron gate opened slowly.

  As soon as he got out of the car, he saw a beggar sitting on his stairs. He frowned.

  ‘Yu Mo.’

  Yu Mo was frightened too. How did this beggar come in? The iron door was extremely high and the entrance of the villa was carefully guarded.

  ‘Bodyguard, kick this beggar out!’

  However, as soon as he stopped, he saw the beggar jump up from the ground and began to swear.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, you scumbag! If you really hate to see me, you can simply tell me! What’s lying gonna help that! You son of a bitch! I wore those fucking high heels and my favorite dress, in order to take the wedding picture! You, fucking bastard, stood me up!! I will kill you today!!’

  Sangyu Qin, while saying to him, lifted her high heels and came up. Then she threw her shoes onto Liangcheng Lu’s handsome face.

  These series of curses made everyone, including Liangcheng Lu, stunned. When he came to himself, he felt a sharp pain on his forehead.

  Sangyu Qin, furious as she was, lost all her mind. She seized Liangcheng Lu’s collar and continued to curse.

  ‘You are a beggar!! All your families are beggars!!’

  Only until then did Yu Mo who stood aside come back to earth. When he saw Sangyu Qin’s ferocious face, he completely freaked out. He split both of them promptly.

  After being hit, Liangcheng Lu came back to earth too. As he was planning to get mad, Sangyu Qin’s spits and curses were threw to his face.

  ‘Let go of me!’

  He suppressed his anger. Just now he felt a little bit sorry because it was him who failed to keep the appointment after all. However, now seeing this crazy woman, he felt so lucky that he didn’t get the marriage certificate with her.

  Sangyu Qin was already controlled by the bodyguards. Her face was all dark, with a pair of bright eyes to be seen. Her hair was in a mess. The dress on her was tore into pieces.

  Being like this, she’s exactly like a beggar.

  Liangcheng Lu, curving his lip hardly, almost laughed out of anger by the person in front of him. If it were not for his last remaining sense, he might just strangle this woman to death.

  There was strange silence on the scene...

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