Chapter 14 He did not come.

  Momo Qin exploded immediately. Sangyu Qin is so shameless!

  ‘Shut up! You bitch! You shut up! You think Liangcheng Lu would take a fancy to you?! You’re just a tool to give birth! Your mom’s a bitch! So are you! You distress commodity that nobody likes!’

  Sangyu Qin could expect nothing polite from Momo Qin’s mouth especially when she’s irritated. She pointed at Sangyu Qin’s nose and began to curse her. The words become uglier and uglier.

  Sangyu Qin kept calm. She already got used to this kind of abuse. She yielded and looked at her phone. It’s almost 8 o’clock. She stood up and planned to walk out.

  ‘Sangyu Qin!!’

  Momo Qin’s voice was suffused with sharpness. Even just a simply glance from that night, she already put that man in her heart. He became a dream she could never achieve.

  Everyone said that Mr. Lu is a heartless person. But since Sangyu Qin could come back alive, it showed that he’s not that bad. Maybe he’s a gentle man deep in his heart.

  Right now, as long as she could persuade the woman in front of her, she could bring her dream to fruition.

  ‘Let’s make a deal. I tell you a secret and you give me the chance of marrying to Lu’s Family. OK?’

  Sangyu Qin, suddenly stopping her steps forward, turned her head and watched Momo Qin. Maybe she should make a deal with Momo Qin. However, does that secret have anything to do with her? The she smiled.

  ‘I’m not interested in whichever secret you have. Momo Qin, I prefer to see your angry face now.’

  Momo Qin, having been offended by Sangyu Qin’s words, trembled. She laughed grimly.

  ‘You will be regret!’

  Sangyu Qin didn’t utter a single word. She took her identity documents and went downstairs. It’s already 8 o’clock. But there’s no sign of Liangcheng Lu outside the door.

  Miao Du and Momo Qin assumed a gloating look. When they found that Liangcheng Lu didn’t show up, they started to sneer her.

  ‘Who said that she’s gonna get the marriage certificate with Liangcheng Lu? Sangyu Qin, you are being teased, isn’t that right?’

  Momo Qin laughed, and even had to hold Miao Du’s arm to breathe at the end of her laugh.

  Miao Du showed a slight grin in her eyes. She raised her hands quietly, with full of contempt under her eyes.

  ‘You are nothing to Liangcheng Lu. If you think that you will become a princess by marring to Lu Family, you are completely wrong. Sangyu Qin, you are always a cheap person!’

  Sangyu Qin, without any word, watched the directions where Liangcheng Lu would come from. However, the car didn’t show up after an hour.

  Even Momo Qin and Miao Du felt boring after sneering her for too long. They rolled their eyes and left. Then, they closed the door. It seemed like they would like to make Sangyu Qin stay there the whole morning

  Another hour passed...

  Liangcheng Lu’s car still didn’t come. Sangyu Qin watched her identity documents and curled her lips. She sat down on the stairs by her side.

  At noon, the sun was shining directly over her head. It’s so hot. Sangyu Qin, with her mouth parching and her tongue scorching, turned back and tried to get into the house. But no matter how many times she knocked on the door, there’s no respond.

  ‘Momo Qin, open the door!’

  Sangyu Qin knew that they were inside the house. They just wanted to amuse themselves by watching Sangyu Qin making fool of herself. She would lie down and let them sneer her.

  Momo Qin was in the living room indeed. She stopped all the servants who wanted to open the door. There’s a green bean smoothie just brought from the fridge in front of her, which was a striking contrast compared to Sangyu Qin’s thirst.

  ‘Sister, marring to Mr. Lu is a huge event. I wouldn’t let you miss the time of getting your certificate. It’s better that you wait outside the whole day.’

  Sangyu Qin almost fainted by the dizzy sunshine. She even put on a beautiful dress that she begrudged to wear all the time, in order to look beautiful on the marriage certificate.

  Though she didn’t like Liangcheng Lu, marriage is surely a big deal.

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