Chapter 13 Run away.

  Sangyu Qin, after going upstairs, lay on her bed frustratedly and looked at her hand. She felt that there’s something she missed. How could she break Momo Qin’s wrist so easily...

  She thought of it over and over again, but still couldn’t get a hit. Then she sighed severely. Maybe she was enraged by Liangcheng Lu, so the power in her body was motivated. Man’s body is so magic!

  She was sleeping. Suddenly, she jumped out of her bed. Why did she have to do what Liangcheng Lu told her to do and bring her identity documents? Qin Family had no time to spare for her anyway. She could just run away!

  Thinking of this, Sangyu Qin started to feel excited. She took some clothes and slipped into Miao Du’s room where she stole some of Miao Du’s jewelries. Then she sneaked out from Qin’s house in the dusk of the evening.

  Luckily, she could afford an air ticket. She, just 20 years old, didn’t want to bury her youth to a demon like Liangcheng Lu.

  After arriving at the airport, she carried her backpack breathlessly. There’s a flash of light in her eyes when she saw the large words there. When she was planning to walked across the security check, a gun reached against her waist.

  ‘Miss Qin, Boss said he prefers to a clever and obedient woman. If you go back now, I can keep this a secret for the moment.’

  Yu Mo’s cold voice came through.

  Sangyu Qin chilled instantly. So she was being followed the moment she got out...

  ‘Go back.’

  Yu Mo’s voice was even cooler. Sangyu Qin, tame as she was, turned round at once. She didn’t dare to run away or move. She believed that Yu Mo would show no mercy to her. This man’s just like Liangcheng Lu. They’re both psychopaths.

  After getting on the taxi again, she tore the ticket into pieces and lay on the back of the chair disappointingly. She, with her red eye socket, burst into tears finally.

  After crying for a while, she rubbed her eyes hardly. Mrs. Lu! What’s there to be afraid of? Liangcheng Lu would kill her or what? Nonsense!

  She came back to Qin’s house after all the drama. She couldn’t avoid being sneered. However, she’s immune to this. So she found her identity documents and waited for Liangcheng Lu quietly.

  The next day early in the morning, Momo Qin knocked on Sangyu Qin’s door. It seemed like Momo Qin didn’t learn too much from last night.

  ‘Sister, if you do not want to marry Liangcheng Lu, I can let mom find a way to send you away.’

  Momo Qin’s face seemed delicate and touching. Her hands were tied up by the bandage. The dress on her made her more elegant.

  This girl truly wanted to marry Liangcheng Lu...

  Sangyu Qin, having seen Momo Qin through, suddenly found that marrying to Liangcheng Lu is not that bad. At least, the people in Qin Family wouldn’t dare to bully her and she could make Momo Qin disappointed. So why not?

  ‘Momo Qin, have you seen the identity documents in my hands? Liangcheng Lu will pick me up in a while. We will go to Civil Affairs Bureau to get the marriage certificate. So, you’d better give up your idea.’

  Hearing this, Momo Qin, with her eyes with a flash of bloody red, clenched her teeth.

  ‘There is no good end for anyone who married Liangcheng Lu! Aren’t you afraid of that?’

  Sangyu Qin raised her eyebrows. She had nothing to be afraid of anyway. She had nothing to lose. It’s Momo Qin that confused her. Liangcheng Lu is notorious for his ruthlessness. What does she want from him?

  ‘He’s extremely handsome to exceed all the popular young boys. He’s also perfect in bed. You probably don’t know what I did last night?’

  Sangyu Qin pulled her collar down while saying to Sangyu Qin. All the cyanotic marks appeared. Sangyu Qin showed a trace of shyness on her face.

  ‘He had a such strong sexual desire. He wanted me the whole night, oh...’

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