Chapter 12 This daughter has her secrets.

  ‘This chair is worth 3 millions yuan.’

  Liangcheng Lu, without responding to what she just said, started to talk, with an indifferent voice.

  Sangyu Qin, with her throat choking, put her leg down from the chair immediately. She rubbed her footprint on it cringingly. Then she squeezed out a fake smile on her face.

  ‘Actually there’s still something we can do about this...You know that I’m badly off. I don’t have that much money to pay you. Mr. Lu, a person like me doesn’t deserve your attention at all. Why don’t you let me go just like a fart...’

  She, with her voice lower and lower, found that Liangcheng Lu’s face clouded over. Then she sighed and stopped her words.

  ‘You, work in this house, to pay for what you did!’

  Liangcheng Lu wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to her words. He turned round and planned to walked out of the room. He, standing at the door, cast a glance at Sangyu Qin.

  ‘Bring your identity documents and register with me tomorrow. I like the woman who’s obedient. As long as you play your role of Mrs. Lu perfectly, you will be well paid.’

  Finishing saying this, he left.

  Sangyu Qin pulled her hair angrily. She was escorted by Yu Mo to Qin’s house.

  ‘Miss Qin, please go back and take your identity documents. Boss said he would pick you up at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.’


  The door was closed coldly.

  Sangyu Qin wanted to spit on his face. How arrogant the people in Lu Family are! She sighed.

  It looked like now there is no need for her to die. However, staying with someone like Liangcheng Lu all day around might cut her normal span of life as well. That cold man would set out the amount of cool air equal to dozens of refrigerators.

  When she came back to Qin’s house, Baiqiang Qin didn’t ask anything. Instead, it’s Miao Du who appeared to be more eager. She pulled Sangyu Qin’s hands and sat down on the couch with her.

  ‘Sangyu, what did Mr. Lu say to you?’

  Sangyu Qin was in a bad mood already. It’s badly enough for her to suffer in Lu’s house. Now she had to deal with her own families. She, exhausted as she was, didn’t bother to answer her even perfunctorily.

  ‘I want to take a rest.’

  Momo Qin who stood aside became angry at once. What a bad attitude she had?!

  ‘Sangyu Qin, do not take yourself too seriously because you married in Lu Family! Liangcheng Lu won’t let you off! All the women married him were dead!! You’d better stop your wishful thinking!’

  Sangyu Qin’s back was stiff. What else could she wish? Maybe that ice-faced Liangcheng Lu would fall in love with her? Is that possible? She curled her lips.

  ‘Dear sister, I saw that you are quite satisfied with Liangcheng Lu. So? You feel regret now? You want to marry him? It’s a shame that he couldn’t care less about you!’

  This was the first time she ever dissed Momo Qin like this. She used to be obsequious. However, today she acted like a “totally-changed”person and Momo Qin couldn’t say a word to curse back.


  Momo Qin stood up and wanted to slap Sangyu Qin’s face. But her wrist was caught by Sangyu Qin. Sangyu Qin, with a vicious expression in her eyes , broke Momo Qin’s wrist in the flesh.

  ‘Ah!! Sangyu Qin!!’

  Momo Qin, with her face deadly pale, covered her hands and watched Sangyu Qin unbelievably. The violent pain made her whole body shake.

  Miao Du who stood aside was freaked out too. She wanted to fight Sangyu Qin back, but was frightened by her eyes. Miao Du opened her mouth, but didn’t dare to say a word.

  Sangyu Qin snorted and walked upstairs.

  Miao Du just stared at Sangyu Qin’s back. When she realized what just happened, she threw the fruit dish straightly onto the ground.

  ‘Baiqiang, this is your daughter! Now she has Lu Family on her back! She takes advantage of Lu Family’s power to bully us! How unscrupulous she is to break Momo’s hands!’

  The doctor came instantly to bind up Momo Qin’s wrist. Baiqiang Qin, with sullen looks, sat on the couch. He looked up to the upstairs.

  How can a girl break others’wrist so easily! This daughter has her secrets...

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