Chapter 11 Miss Qin, please pay for it.

  She lifted her limp feet and walked toward Yu Mo step by step. When Yu Mo shut down the door behind her, she fell straightly onto the ground and, with her pale face, watched the floor.

  Yu Mo neither said anything nor supported her with his hands.

  Sangyu Qin closed her eyes, with sweats pouring down from her face. She felt so fearful for what had just happened. With her neck brimming over with sweat , she felt cold.

  After a while, she stood up and looked at Yu Mo.

  ‘May I leave now?’

  The thing she talked about was leaving Liangcheng Lu’s villa for good.

  ‘It depends on Boss.’

  Yu Mo, without too much talk, showed no mercy to the sweaty beauty in front of him.

  Sangyu Qin curled her lips. She moved her left foot and found that it’s not that limp anymore.

  ‘Take me to him.’

  ‘Boss is taking the afternoon nap. He doesn’t like to be disturbed.’

  Yu Mo answered decisively and brought Sangyu Qin to another room.

  ‘Miss Qin, please have a rest here. Do not touch anything in this room and someone will bring you food.’

  On these words, he turned round and left.

  Sangyu Qin took a look at the room. It kept a low-key and luxurious style. However, there were two bodyguards in front of the door. It seemed like they were here to stop her from running away.

  She shut the door fiercely to let off her rage and sat on the bed angrily.

  There’s only one window in this room, but it was very high from the floor. She would break her legs if she jumped.

  She checked all around and found that there’s no chance to escape. So she kicked the painting on the wall, in order to relieve her anger.

  ‘Damn it! Bastard Liangcheng Lu!’


  Suddenly, a hole appeared a hole on the wall. Then, she and Liangcheng Lu, nakedly as he was, who just got up from bed, looked straightly at each other. One was stunned and the other was indifferent.


  Sangyu Qin put down her leg quietly and scratched her head awkwardly.

  ‘This wall...was so unendurable. I simply touched it...’

  Liangcheng Lu, with his eyes filled with darkness, put on his clothes with hidden anger.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu...Dear husband, I really...’

  Without letting her finish, Liangcheng Lu, lukewarm as he was, opened his mouth.

  ‘I tend to be angry when I wake up, so... you’d better shut your mouth. I will let Yu Mo submit the bill for the wall. You must pay for it.’

  Liangcheng Lu said with a cold voice. The light in his eyes, just like an incisive knife, throwed toward Sangyu Qin.

  Sangyu Qin took a step back. Pay for it?

  She didn’t have a penny. The things belonging to Liangcheng Lu must be expensive. This wall failed to bear even a slight kick - a jerry-built project!

  After a short while, Yu Mo came and saw the ruined wall. He curled his lips.

  Actually this wall was damaged by the bug this morning. However, now there’s a person who could take responsibility for this. Well, call it a scam or whatever. He, with his eyes lighting upon the painting worth of hundreds of millions, took a look at Sangyu Qin sympathetically.

  ‘Miss Qin, look at the painting on the floor. Boss made a successful bid at the auction, and it cost Boss a fortune - one hundred and fifty millions yuan. The painter was dead because of heart attack, which made this painting a unique piece. This wall is worth thirty millions yuan. Now let’s sum it up. You need to pay Boss one hundred and eighty millions yuan. Miss Qin, please pay for it.’

  Miss Qin, please pay for it...

  These words were like bombs exploding by her ears. One hundred and eighty millions. She never saw that much of money all her life.

  ‘No way!!’’

  She almost blurted out these two words, without any deliberate thought. Liangcheng Lu who stayed not far from her curled his lips.

  ‘Yu Mo, break her legs and throw her out.’

  His cold voice came through. Sangyu Qin, with her fine hairs standing up, was extremely furious. She walked toward Liangcheng Lu straightly and trod on the chair beside him.

  ‘I’m telling you this, Liangcheng Lu! You can kill me and cut me into pieces! But I have no money! Only my life!’

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