Chapter 10 She cannot cry.

  Sangyu Qin, narrowingher pupils, neithermovedor ran. She would be dead in this space no matter where she ran. Also she could see that this is a male lion with the height of nearly 180cm. The brown hair on its body is very long.

  Male lions like to teasetheir preys. They usually ambush and prey on them. Running away right now equalsbringing about her own destruction.

  The lion locked its eyes down on Sangyu Qin. It reached out its claws, stretched itself with its butt raised and lay back lazily. Its tail swung on the floor.

  Sangyu Qin still kept quiet and unmoved. She caught that the lion had been staringat her. She curled her lips and threw the lion a kiss. Then, she saw the dislikeness in the lion's eyes.

  The lion turned its head and continued to sleep. It hadno interest in Sangyu Qin. What's more important is that it smelled its master’s scent on Sangyu Qin.

  The scent, slight as it was, showed that this woman belongsto its master. If it hurt her, the master would kick its ass.

  Thinking of this, the lion lost the interest of dealing with Sangyu Qin. It turned its body, with itsbutt against her.

  Sangyu Qin relieved. It seemed like thelion was disgusted by her. It's better than letting it eat her.

  She placedher head against the wall and began to rest for a while. She didn't know if it's her delusion. She felt even cooler in this space duringher sleep. Her body trembled. Then she opened her eyes and saw a python, 4 meters long, stayinga few inches away from her. It hissed with its head raised.

  A python...

  Sangyu Qin's face turned white at once. Only until then did she know that the bug is not the lion but this python...

  What a psychopath Liangcheng Lu is!!!

  Her eyes lighted uponthe lion. It waslicking its claws elegantly. She closed her eyes and nearly rolled herself to the lion's arms.

  She'd rather dieunder the lion's claws than being swallowed by the python.

  'Clever girl.'

  Liangcheng Lu said in the room. He snorted and turned the computer off, with kind ofunexplainable anger.

  'Lock her upfor one more hour.'

  Yu Mo understood what he said. If Sangyu Qin still remains that calm in an hour, he will take her out.

  Sangyu Qin was frightened. Probably eachgirl isafraid of python. Python swallowsa person entirely and not even chewshim. And the person would be suffocated by the acid in its stomach.

  She held down tight to the lion's leg and cared nothing else. No matter how the lion roared, she just wouldn't let it go.

  Lions, as a kind offelid, loveto betouched.

  Thinking of this, she began to touch the lion's neck with great care. Seeing the lion’s expression of enjoyment, she took a relief. She pushed herself closer to the lion, in order to prevent the python findinga chance to swallow her.

  The male lion enjoyed her touching and didn't mind her hiding behind it.

  Sangyu Qin stayed there gingerly for an hour. Then she heard that the door opened. She, touched as she was, almost criedout. That bastard Liangcheng Luwasnot atrociousafter all.

  'Miss Qin, please come out.'

  Yu Mo stood outside, with no expression on his face.

  Only until then did Sangyu Qin feel that she was paralyzed. She, layingon the lion’sback, forced back her tears which resulted from panic.

  She cannot cry!

  No cry would help!

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