Chapter 9 Horrible suffering.

  Liangcheng Lu had to admit that Sangyu Qin wassoattractive at this moment. Nevertheless, it didn't matter at all. She's just a woman.

  He smiled and stirred up his eyes. He, not responding toSangyu's bet straightly, glanced at Yu Mo.

  Yu Mo understood tacitly and triedto pull Sangyu Qin, but in vain. Sangyu Qingave him ahit.

  'I know how to walk myself!'

  Yu Mo raised his eyebrows and didn't utter a single word. He led their way to the shady basement.

  The air seemed cooler here. Sangyu Qin embraced herself and shivered.

  'Get in.'

  Yu Mo opened the door with no expression on his face.

  No wonder why he will be the assistant of that kind of boss!

  Sangyu Qin held her head high and walked in. It's a spacious place. If it's not for the sleeping lion next to her, she would like to lie down and take a nice snap here.

  Yu Mo closed the door with no mercy. The sleeping lionmoved hisears. It didn't open its eyes. Its claws overlapped together with its head rested on.

  Sangyu Qinsquatted in the corner quietly.She did not yell either. She's completely sober now as if she was hurrying off to a death.

  So what Liangcheng Lu called the bugis a lion. This psychopath raised a lion in his villa.

  Sangyu Qin couldn't stop her face from turning white. Plainly,this lion is raised well, with itsshinyfur. And the place where itlivescan matcha 5 star hotel. Liangcheng Lu must love the pet so much.

  What Sangyu Qin didn't know is that all the things happened here was filmed by the hidden camera.

  Liangcheng Lu felt surprised ather calmness. He, with his back on the leather chair,enjoyed this moment quietly.

  He never had any thought of his marriage. The first woman sent to him was pretty and pure. Perhaps, she hadhearda lot about himbefore, so she kept a distance from him. However, after having seen what he looked like, she chose to exertknock-out drops on him.

  So he threw her to the bug without any hesitation. The same thing happened to the next three women that came to him. The bug hated dramatic women, so it tortured them by all means. Those women run away from Lu's house and never came back.

  What he needed is anobedient woman. It's a shame that all those women are so shallow and cowardly. They wanted to become Mrs Lu, but could only use a cheap shot. They even came up with dirty tricks like drugging him.

  Thinking of this, Liangcheng Lu looked at Sangyu Qin who sat in the corner.A male lion tends to get annoyed when it's disturbed in itsdream. It will show its teeth to frighten others. The four women shouted when they were sent to the room. It's would be a surprise if the lion let them go.

  His bug is just like other male lions who love to teasetheir preys. And his bug is more wicked...

  Sangyu Qin was much wiserthan the other women. She's making a huge bet and takingher own life as a stake.

  'Boss, if she can handle the bug, will you let her go?'

  Yu Mo spoke out of turn. Through thegossipwasnonsense, but it's true that his boss had frightened all those women away.

  Sangyu Qinwas unique. He could feel that even in a short periodof interaction.

  Liangcheng Lu didn't say a word. His long tapering fingers knocked on the black marble table. He narrowed his eyes. The air was clogged with deathly stillness.

  Yu Mo, having known he had a big mouth,shut his mouth immediatelyand directedhis sighttothe video.

  The lionwasstill sleeping, with its ears movingup and down. It knew that there is another creature breaking into his territory. Nonetheless, it didn't want to bother to open its eyes. It must be anoisy woman of its master.

  Just asSangyu Qin felt relieved that she could live a little bit longer,she saw a pair of brown eyes in front of her.

  The lion waked up...

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