Chapter 8 Let's make a bet.

  Sangyu Qin knew nothing about what Liangcheng Lu was thinking. Seeing Liangcheng Lu’sindifferentexpression, she thought that her hands would be cut off in a second.

  'Lu…Liangcheng Lu...'

  She, pretendingto say this tremblingly, found that all the bodyguards turned their face white. She frowned.

  Did she say anything wrong?

  It's true that the bodyguards were shocked because of her. No one ever daredto call their boss's name in city G. This woman acted recklessly and blindly.

  Sangyu Qin began to search words in her head. Then she came up with something and had a brilliant idea.

  'Liangcheng Lu...My dear husband?'

  The bodyguards all trembled and thought this is it. This woman is about to say goodbye to this beautiful world. They, who couldn't even bear to see what's about to happen next, closed their eyes slowly.

  Nevertheless, anticipatory scream did not occur. Openingtheir eyes, they sawLiangcheng Lu's back. Plainly, their boss, angry as he was, didn't fly into rage.

  Two bodyguards, escorting Sangyu Qin to the car, thought how inconceivable this could be. Their boss didn't get mad today. If the same thing happened in the past, this woman would be thrown out of city G in a second.

  Sangyu Qin, escorted by them, watched the street view backward. She suddenly felt that her destiny was like the hazy view, which lastedfor just a while and was all adrift.

  When they arrived at the destination, Liangcheng Lu pulled her out of the car, as if he was carrying a chicken.


  She was thrown to the sofa and knocked her chin.

  Ehh, so painful...

  She climbed up from the sofa and looked at Liangcheng Lu cautiously. She found that he didn't say a word from the beginning. She couldn't get a sense of what he intended. So she didn't have the courage to open her mouth immediately.

  Liangcheng Lu took a sip of the coffee on the table. The moment he had heard where this woman was, he rushed to her aggressively immediatelywithout even drinking his coffee.

  He had thought a lot on the way there, such as tearing this woman apart, poking numerous holes on her forehead, bitingher all over her body, and so on.

  However, he changed his mind when seeing the marten among the people.

  'Yu Mo, give her to the bug.'

  Yu Mo is his assistant and right-hand man.

  Yu Mo who stood by the door glanced at Sangyu Qin and signed secretly. The bug will be tortured by this woman's scream.How pathetic it is.

  Sangyu Qin, seeingMo Yu's face, realized that the bug is surely not a creature easy to deal with. Then she faked a smile on her face.

  'My dear, aren't we going to be married soon? That...Who is that bug? Your friend? '

  She triednot to make her voice trembling. Nevertheless, the second she saw Liangcheng Lu's sarcastic smile she knew that there is no escape from fate. She frowned.

  She thought at least she could surviveuntil the night of marriage. Little did she know that he already couldn't wait to kill her. Any affected smile would not help. So she changed herexpressionandwatched him calmly.

  'Liangcheng Lu, you stay in the high position all along. You have noidea of despair and lowlinesssuffered by ordinary people. They bullyme, harm me and hurt me, while they fear you, hidefrom you and respect you. This is the law of the jungle and the survival of the fittest. That’show you live in city G. It's cruel but attractive indeed.”

  She smiled while telling this.

  'If I can survive from your pet, will you let go of me?'

  The bug must be this man's pet, a dreadful pet. However, she still wanted to make this bet. It's her chance to win her freedom.

  People in QinFamily wouldn't dare to touch her if she had engagement with Liangcheng Lu.Then she will be totally free!

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