Chapter 7 I'm here to take my fiancee.

  Momo Qin's heart beat so fast, as if it would jump out from her chest. She would be only too glad tomarry someone like Liangcheng Lu...

  Thinking of this, she lowered her head. She hid the ray of lights in her eyes and pretended to be agentle lady of QinFamily.

  Liangcheng Ludidn’t utter a single word. His eyes, with something uncertain, lighted upon Sangyu Qin.

  Sangyu Qin was in a daze. So this is Liangcheng Lu, her fiance, the man she would be married with the day after tomorrow. She lowered her head at oncewith a well-behaved posture, in order to keep low-keyin front of him.

  Since the light was vague that night, she didn't see clearly the man’s facein the hotel. However, her face was seen clearly by Liangcheng Lu. So no matter how much she pretended, she already displayed her true nature in front of him.

  Baiqiang Qin, standingaside, sweated out of anxiety. He had no idea why this “demon” came here. So he had no choice butsmile stiffly; he planned to say something while Liangcheng Lu opened his mouth first.

  'I came here to take my fiancee.'

  Liangcheng Luwas clam and plainthrough to the end. It seemed as ifnothing couldtouch his heart. He, just like a superior king, desirednothing.

  But who would know that this “king” was teasedby ashameless woman and regarded as a pimp. Also, he was knocked out by that womanwith herhigh heels.

  Not understandingwhat Liangcheng Lu was meaning,Baiqiang Qin daredto say nothing. Neither did he have the guts to guess. He was nervous, with his limp hands and feet.

  Othersthere didn't have the courage to stand up. They have all heard of Liangcheng Lu's name. How they wished to shrink into themselves and rolled out at this moment.

  'Let's go.'

  Liangcheng Lu, having comingup with thousands of meansto torture her to death,glanced at Sangyu Qin. However, when he saw her eyes shininglike stars, he stunned and hid the appreciation in his eyes.

  Sangyu Qin was controlled by two men and forced to follow after him. Due to the height difference, her feet couldn't touch the ground and the marten coat fell down from her body. Her bear pajamas appeared. Other bodyguards could not help laughing.

  'Hey, Mr. Bodyguard. Let go of me. Let go of me. My marten coat just fell down.'

  However, the two bodyguardswith theirtightenedfaces, turned a deaf ear to Sangyu Qin. They continued holding her under their arms and moving forward.

  Sangyu Qin started to struggle and attempted to pick up the marten coat on the floor. The two bodyguards didn't dare to push her so hard and were almost being scratched on the face by her fingernails.

  Liangcheng Lu heard the noise and turned himself slowly. He walked step by step towards Sangyu Qin.

  Afierce smell surrounded her instantly. Sangyu Qin's blood froze. It's the first time she ever felt how scary this man couldbe.

  Liangcheng Luis so fierce. The gossip is exact to a large degree.

  Maybe she would never return back if she left now...

  Thinking about this sorrowfully, she felt lonely and unwilling to leave. Her eyes was brimming over withtears immediately. All her life she has lived miserably and couldn't even displayher nature to her heart’s content. She lived cautiously as if walkingon the thin ice everyday.

  She got a glimpse of Liangcheng Lu, who was raising his hand, and thought this man would slap her like Baiqiang Qin. She closed her eyes reflexively.

  She always closed her eyes when being slapped on the face, as if this could relieve the pain.

  However, she, waiting for a while, did not feel any sign of pain at all. Instead, her hand was held by someone.

  She looked up and found that Liangcheng Lu was observing her fingernails closely. It's almost like a master making fun of his cat's claws. She, ashamed as she was, attempted to withdraw her hand.

  Liangcheng Lu's eyes were full of ice and his face was clogged with coldness. It was this hand that imprintedthe deep fingernail-prints on his back.

  Her fingernails are too long. They have to be trimmed.

  That's what he was thinking.

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