Chapter 6 So he is my fiance.

  Hearing this, Miao Dumanifesteda twistedexpression. It's not just about the price. Suchmarten coat was really hard to get.Even lots of moneywouldn’t help much. In city G, nocounterpart could be found. And she was hoping to use this marten coat to show off in front of those noblewomen.

  Thus, hearing Sangyu Qin’s words, she cursed by instinct. But her daughter pinched her hand. Then she came back to sense and answered with clenched teeth.

  'It's belongs to you inthe first place. Why do you even bother to ask?'

  Sangyu Qin, with a flash of excitement on her face, felt that it was nothing serious to make a fool of herself before others tonight.

  The thing she put on herselfis money! A huge sum ofmoney!

  Momo Qin, watchingSangyu Qin's expression, smiled secretly. It's better that Sangyu Qin always humiliate herself like this, otherwise she would never let her live at ease.

  The people around despisedSangyu Qin even more. Anyone in the upper class would regard3 million as beneath theirnotice. The daughterof the ex-wife, petty as she is, has seen little of the world.

  However, no matter what others thought of her, Sangyu Qin was delightful deep inside. She knew that Miao Du just brought her here to be Momo Qin's foil.

  Nevertheless, she didn't care about that at all. If she had any chance, she would go somewhere far away from city G and never come back!

  The party continued. Momo Qin made a hit and played the piano on the stage. She playeda difficult masterpiece in order to show off. Her fingers fliedup and down, winningwarmapplause.

  At that time, the door of the hall opened. Several rows of men in black suits walked in a majestic manner. Someone not knowingthe truth may even consider itas robbery.



  All the people in the hall were toffs and missys. They, pampered and boiled, had never seen suchoccasion. They all squattedon the floor and shaken, with their hands laced behind their heads.

  Liangcheng Lu in ablack suit walked inside, withhis eyes filled with cold ice. He did not see the tallow-faced Momo Qin on the stage. Instead, a marten coat among the peopledrew his attention.

  Sangyu Qin's wasparalyzed. Anyhow, QinFamily is a notable family in the upper class. Who had the guts to break in so boldly like this? These guyswere surely not afraid of death.

  'Tie up that marten.'

  Liangcheng Luappearedcalm. He squinted and saw Sangyu Qin's face clearly through the marten coat.

  That's right. That's the women atthat night.

  Then, thebodyguards came forward instantly. They hold Sangyu Qin's arms from each side.

  Sangyu Qin feltshocked. What the hell! A marten?! She is a human, OK?!

  'Hey,hey,hey, take it easy, don’t ruin my marten coat. It’s expensive - a marten coat of great worth!'

  When the bodyguard torea pugil of the marten coat’s fur, a glimpse of distort showed on Sangyu Qin’s face.

  Liangcheng Lu smiled slightly when seeing her behavior. She, just like a rabbit, was doing her utmost toprotect her carrot. Socute!

  'Mr. Lu. What...What are you doing here?'

  Baiqiang Qin saw clearly the person until then. He used his sleeves to rub his forehead, which was brimming overwith sweats. , he, with such cringing gesture, was so different from what he used to be like.

  Mr. Lu?

  The two words were like a bomb explodingby the ears of everyone.

  Most people there haven't seen Liangcheng Lu before. Gossip had it that Liangcheng Lu wasa bloodthirsty psychopath.

  By contrast, just now they sawanextremely-handsomegentleman. He, with his sword-shapedeyebrows and sharpeyes, was so heart-shaking.

  Momo Qinon the stage came back to earth and flushed instantly.

  Liangcheng Lu. That's Liangcheng Lu...

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