Chapter 51 Beat Gu Shaoze

  "That’s okay, leave it to Yao Yao."

  Tang Yao smiled to Sun Yuanqian,"Brother Sun, pleasetake Meng Meng into the room, I will go talk to him."

  After Sun Yuanqian made sure that Tang Yao would be all right on her own, he took Sun Meng inside, not wanting to embarrass Tang Yao.

  "Shaoze, let’s get divorced, or I will sue you for kidnapping me. Mr. Su has helped me find the video of you kidnapping me."

  When they were gone, Tang Yao looked at Gu Shaoze, andsaid that in an exhausted tone.

  Gu Shaoze’s eyes turned red, ferociously looking at Tang Yao.

  "Yao Yao, I don't believe you mean it. I know you're just angry."

  He waved his hand, trying to calm himself. "I admit that I was a little aggressive before. I’m sorry. We can start over. I promise, we'll be all right and we can go back to the old days."

  Tang Yao shook her head. How could they go back to the past when things turned out this way?

  "Shaoze, there is no going back. You may not know how frightened I was on the boat, and how helpless I was when I jumped into the sea. I knew we were so over when you tried to take me back regardless of my life.”

  She swallowed, only feeling her throat burning,"Get divorced, save some dignity for both of us."

  Gu shaoze staredat Tang Yao. The next second, he felt drained of energy,"Yao Yao, I want to make it up for you, can you just give a chance?"

  "It's useless."

  “ ……”

  Gu Shaoze fell into a long silence.

  The lawyer Su Lengmo found for Tang Yao arrivedintime. There were three of them who all wore professional suits and looked capable and experienced.

  "Ms. Tang."

  "Nice to meet you."

  Tang Yao pointedto Gu Shaoze, "this is my husband, you can show him the divorce agreement that you drew up."

  "Mr. Gu, right? This is the divorce agreement that the three of usworked out together. Because Ms. Tangis willing to give up the property that she should get from your familyafter divorce, all the properties listed above were earned by Ms. Tangover the years. But since most of them has been used as daily expenses, she doesn't have much private property."

  A lawyer standing in the middle handed Gu Shaoze the divorce agreement that they had prepared.

  Gu Shaoze took it and had a look.After he finished reading, he had to admitted that the terms of the contract were not fair at all, which meant Tang Yao would leave the family with nothing taken away.

  "Yao Yao, you are willing to give up all the property of Gu family for Su Lengmo, aren’t you?"

  He gnashed his teeth and asked her with hands trembling when he was holding the paper.

  Tang Yao didn’t even bother to explain to Gu that the relationship between Su Lengmo and her was nothing like what he thought. But she couldn’t wake up a manpretending to sleep, so she didn’t want to waste her time.

  "If Mr. Gu doesn't have any doubts, please sign the agreement, or we will go through legal procedures to settle the marriage between Ms. Tangand you."

  Another woman handed a pen to Gu Shaoze with seeming thoughtfulness, but actually wanted him to sign it.

  Gu Shaoze wantedto tear up the divorce agreement, but the lawyers seemed indifferent.

  "Mr. Gu, we've brought you several copies. You canjusttear them upif you want, but I suggest you sign them as soon as possible. If we go to the court, everyone will know that you're a monster who abuseshis wife. How comethe eldest son of Gu family with that charming appearance kidnappedhis own wife?If this piece of newscomes out, not only will your reputation be damaged, I'm afraid it willalso affect the Gu group’sstock as well."

  The female lawyer said.

  Gu Shaoze’s handsome facebecamea little distorted.

  "Are you threatening me?"

  "No, we just want to achieve a win-win situationas soon as possible, depending on whether Mr. Gu is willing to cooperate."

  Gu Shaoze tightly clutchedthe divorce agreement in hand,and almost crumpled it into a ball.

  "Mr. Gu, we forgot to tell you that Ms. Chen is now pregnant with your child. My client, Ms. Tang, can actually sue you for bigamy. At that time, the division of property will surely be in her favor. You caneither sign it or wait for her to file a lawsuit against you. Thenshewon'tleave the house so kindly."

  Gu Shaoze looked down on the floor, his face falling because of anger.

  Tang Yao looked at Gu Shaoze, knowingthat he was aman sensitive about his reputation, so he absolutely didn'twant to spread the news that he had kidnapped his wife. The publicwouldbelievethatthe thing that he got Chen Yuan pregnant was just the affair of a rich man's son.But kidnapping wasa whole different matter. Seriously, it was a crime. If she really sued him, he would definitely go to prison.

  Because Tang Yao knew him pretty well, she told the lawyers tostart the case with the matter of kidnapping.

  "Yao Yao, let’s go back home. Divorce is not just between us. We have to let our families know."

  After staying silent for a long time, Gu Shaoze said in a lowvoice.

  Tang Yao’s eyelidsdrooped,thinking about something,thenshe nodded.

  As Gu said, she had to let her family know about the divorce.

  "I need to go in andtell themabout it."

  After saying that, Tang Yao went straight into the villa.

  Hearing that Tang Yao was about to go back to Gu’s home, Su Lengmo, Sun Meng and Sun Yuanqian had different reactions.

  "Yao Yao, you're crazy." That's what Sun Meng said.

  "Yao Yao, don't gothere." That's what Sun said.

  "I’llgo with you." Su Lengmo said.

  Tang Yao wasabout to refuse, but Su Lengmodirectly pickedup his suit, which seemed that he wouldn’t take “no”for answer.

  "Then I'll go with you, Yao Yao. You'll never leave us."

  Tang Yao had no choice but to agree.

  Gu Shaoze looked at Su Lengmonext toTang Yao, feeling that the punch he had givento him still hurt.

  "Su Lengmo." Gu said when Su Lengmo walkedpast him.

  Su Lengmostopped, coldly lookingat Gu Shaoze with his dark eyes.

  "Don't gloat, Yao Yao is destined to be mine," Gu Shaozegritted his teeth.

  Su Lengmo curved his lips, showinga smile of sarcasm.

  "I'll wait and see, but I'm sure she'll choose me in the end, because I'm not stupid to kidnap her or even force her to throw her life into the sea."

  Gu Shaoze was so angry that his face fell dramatically.

  Sun Yuanqian let Sun Meng get inthe car with Tang Yao first, and then he turned back, standing in front of Gu Shaoze.

  "Mr. Gu," he said.

  Gu Shaoze looked at him contemptuously.

  Sun Yuanqianunexpectedly raised hisfist, and punched towardsGu Shaoze's stomach.

  "This is for breaking your promise. You promised to keep Yao Yao out of trouble, but apparently you didn't."

  Then, Sun Yuanqian held Gu Shaoze and punchedhim again, which madeGu Shaoze's body bend for a while. Then Gu stand up,swinginghis fist towardsSun Yuanyuan.

  Even though Gu Yuanqian looked gentle, but he got quick reaction, so he dodged away quickly.

  "Suit yourselves. I'm leaving."

  Su Lengmo coldly said to themthen left.

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