Chapter 50 Divorce Tang Yao

  "Dad, you are old. You just keep worrying when you do anything.IfTang Yao doesn’t divorce my brother, then the company would be the Tang’s."

  Gu Shaoyun was also angry, so she didn’t show her respect to her father at all.

  Gu Shaofeng gave her a slap. The sound of slap was so loud in the empty hall.

  Mrs. GuwasstartledandpulledGu Shaoyun behind her back, then came forward, calmlypatted Gushaofeng's chest.

  "Don't be angry, things have happened. Nowwhatwe have to do is to shut Tang Yao’s mouth. Fortunately,she still has a bunch of miserablefamily.As long as we made good use of them,there won’t be any problems." Mrs. Gu said.

  The moodof Gu Shaofeng then got better.

  "In the afternoon, go to the police station with me and bail Shaoze out. What he did this time was really too impulsive. How could he ever want tokidnap his wife?"

  "He is quite mature in daily life, but when it comes to Tang Yao, it's easyfor himto get out of control. Otherwise, it was impossiblefor himto leave all the famous families aside but marrieda woman who hadnothing, and made a scene like this."

  Mrs. Guwas full of anger when speaking of Gu Shaoze’s innocence.

  Gu Shaofengwas sullenand he said nothing.

  In the afternoon, Gu Shaofeng and his wife went to the police station togetherto bail Gu Shaoze out. Held in detention for a whole day,Gu Shaoze’sbeard hadgrown out. He got the obvious black eyes and two ulcers on his lips.

  Mrs. Gulovinglylooked at Gu Shaoze. Itwas onlyafter a day thather son wasin such a mess. He must have suffered a lot in the police station.

  "It's because of Tang Yao. Thatjinx!Or you wouldn't be like this."

  "Mom, be quiet."Gu Shaoze said, his voice extremelyhoarse.

  Mrs. Guopened her mouth, butfinally shutup obediently.

  They went back home silently.The servant took out the brazier that Mrs. Gu had told her to prepare earlier. They asked Gu Shaoze to cross over it to get rid of the bad luck.

  Gu Shaoze impatiently walked cross it,then wentinto the hall.Gu Shaofeng held his hands behind hisback, tellingGu Shaoze to go with him to the study.

  "Shaofeng, Shaozehas just come back. Why don't we have dinner first?"

  Mrs.Gu said with a little worry.

  Gu Shaofeng just silentlywalkedupstairs,so Gu Shaoze also had to follow up.

  In the study, Gu Shaofeng stood by the window with his hands behind his back.

  "Shaoze, you are so awesome,aren’t you?Now you even learn tokidnap your wife. Impressive!"

  "Dad, I'm not wrong. I just want to take Yao Yao to France. It's a beautiful place to live."

  Gu Shaofeng turned around, walked to the desk, picked up the tea cup on the table, and directly threwit towardsGu Shaoze.Gu Shaoze agilelydodged, but the tea splashed on his trouser.

  "Do you thinkeveryone is a fool?Settle down? If you did want tosettle downabroad, you would make herjump into the seaandtaken home by Su Lengmo? And youwere taken away by the police for a day. I think you arejust pampered, and youdon’teven understand the common sense of crime."

  Gu Shaoze frowned, showinga little obstinacyand unwillingness.

  "Divorce Tang Yao. Don’t argue with her and give her what she wants. Don't be impulsive like before."

  "Dad, I'm not divorcing Yao Yao."

  Gu Shaofeng was so angry that he clutched his chest. He pointed at Gu shaoze,"You have to even if you don’t want to.Tang Yao nowhad an ambiguous relationship with Su Lengmo.If you hold onto it, what you will encounter is not just a divorce, but prison. When Su Lengmo deals with this, you will be screwed up."

  Gu Shaoze pressedhis lips,lookingsullen.

  "I'll have a lawyer draw up the divorce papers for you, and then you can talk to Tang Yao. Remember, don't irritate her. She knowsa lot of company secrets now. If she really wants to bring us down, it won't be that hard."

  Gu Shaoze was silent for a moment, and finally nodded his head.

  Gu Shaofeng let him go downstairsto eat.The next day, he needed tomeet Tang Yao, and then beat about the bush to tell herthatshe couldn’t take away the contacts, resourcesand secrets of the company, or Gufamilyreally got nothing left.

  Gu Shaoze ate in silence, thenreturned to hisroom.

  The next day,he was all dressed up to go to Su’s house.

  He was dressed in white, his hair down at random. He lookedfive years younger, like a college student at first glance.

  In the Su’s house, Tang Yao was pulled by Sun Meng to condemn Gu Shaoze, but she became dazed when she saw him get off the car, dressing in all while.

  Walking back light, Gu Shaoze was like the boy that she met ten years ago, looking like a juvenile.

  Sun Mengsaw Tang Yao staring at one direction, so she turned aroundto seewhat was happening. Then she saw that wasGu Shaoze. She squinted, walking towards him with her high heels. When getting closer to Gu Shaoze, she took off her heels and hit him with it.

  "You bastard. I'll beat the shit out of you."

  At first, Gu shaoze wanted to remind Tang Yao of the good memories with him of those yearsby dressing like this. But hedidn'texpectthatSun Mengruined his plan.

  "Sun Meng, stop. Otherwise,don't blame me for being rude to you."

  Gu Shaoze was dodging her. But when he felt the pain, he angrily grabbed Sun Meng's hands,ferociouslystaring at her.

  Sun Mengsneered, and shook off Gu Shaoze's hand. "Just show me. Tang Yao was soft-hearted, butI'm not. Who the hell are you!"

  After saying that, she heldhigh-heeled shoe to hit him.Gu Shaoze dodged, held the hand of Sun Meng, then raised his hands wanting to beat her,but was caught in the half way. Turning around, he saw a pair of black eyeswith no emotion.

  "Mr. Gu, it's notwhata gentleman will do to beat a woman."

  Sun Yuanqianshook off Gu Shaoze's hand and took Sun Meng's back to Tang Yao.

  Gu Shaoze's face turned dark. He took a deep breath, and forced himself to staycalm.He walked to Tang Yao and said.

  "Yao Yao, come back with me."

  "Gu Shaoze, I have asked my lawyer to draw up the divorce papers.Don’t worry.I won’t take a penny from your family. Just take it as returning the favor of your care to my miserable family."

  Gu Shaoze stared at Tang Yao, seeingher saying thatwithout any hesitation. Knowing that she was determined to divorce him, he sneered.

  "Yao Yao, is Su Lengmoreally that important to you?"

  "What are you talking about, you bastard."

  Sun Mengheld up her high-heeled shoes and said, "scum, you are still accusing Yao Yao of having an affair with another man. I have never seen anyone worsethan you. I mustbe blind to think you were good to Yao Yaoback then."

  After saying that, she still wantedto take her shoesto hit him again, but was held by Sun Yuanqian.

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