Chapter 49 Forgive Shaoze this time

  Early on the next morning, Gu Shaofeng went to Su’s villa. Tang Yao, who had just finished breakfast,was surprised to hear thatfrom the housekeeper, but still toldthe housekeeper to invite him in. After all, that manwas her father-in-law.

  It was just weird to think that her father-in-law would visit her in another man's house.

  Gu Shaofeng came in.He firstly took a look at Su Lengmo,then looked atTang Yao.

  "Dad,"Tang said politely.

  After being forced to jump into the sea by Gu Shaoze,eventhough Tang Yao respected Gu Shaofeng, she couldno longer be close to him like before.

  Gu Shaofeng came over and lovingly looked at Tang Yao's injured hand.

  "Yao Yao, I went to see Shaozelast night. He told me everything. I'm sorry for what hedid toyou. Itwasme who didn’t teach him well, so he would do something so irrational.”

  Gu Shaofeng didn'tbehave like an elderat all, and apologizedto Tang as soon as he saw her.

  Tang Yao forced a smile, "Dad, this whole thing hadnothing to do with you. Ididn’t friendly negotiate with Shaoze and finally made him so aggressive.”

  Gu Shaofeng took a look at Su Lengmo and was about to say something, butSu Lengmopointed to the sofaon the opposite site,"Mr. Gu, please sit sown."

  Gu Shaofeng had to sit down. With Su Lengmo there, he was a little nervous.Last night he couldn't even bail Gu Shaozeout, because the police said it was an order from Su Lengmo.The Su family wasthe king of Jin City. All the people need to show respect to Su Lengmo, so Gu Shaoze wouldhave to stay at the police stationfor a while.

  "Yao Yao, the reason why I came here today was to visit you and plead with you."

  Gu Shaofeng frowned a little, and showed his embarrassmentat the right moment,"I know my request may seem a little harsh to you, but I have only one son. If he does go to prison, ourfamily may bein a mess, so please forgive him this time for the sake of your marriage for so many years."

  Tang Yao didn’t feel surprisedat all. Even though Gu Shaofeng had treated her well, daughter-in-law was different from his own son.Gu Shaofeng couldn’t letGu Shaozego to prisonbecause of the kidnapping.

  Also,she lovedGu Shaoze. Even after going through a series of injuries and embarrassment, she couldn’t be socruel to sueGu Shaoze, orwatch him go to jail.

  "Dad, I'll promiseyounot to sue Shaoze, but Iwant todivorce him."

  Tang Yao took the opportunity to mention the divorce.

  Gu Shaofeng was silent, looking at Su Lengmo with some complicated feelings.

  "Dad, you don't needto suspectanything. Mr. Suand I have no relationat all.I want the divorce just because I think that our marriage can’t carry on any more."Tang Yao put on a wrysmileand said.

  Gu Shaofeng turned tolook at Tang sadly. "Yao Yao, you know I appreciate you a lot, and I don't care about your family background. I also believe that you are aninnocent womanand won't have an affair with other men."

  Tang Yao lightly smiled, "dad, thank you for believing me.Aslong as you can persuade Shaozeto divorce me, I won’t sue him about kidnapping me."

  Seeing thatTang Yao was determined to divorce Gu Shaoze, Gu Shaofeng’s face slightly changed. But hegot nothing to do with her,so hehad to compromise.

  "Marriage is between the will of the two of you.Shaoze did something wrong to youfirst andthen kidnapped you. You surely can divorce him without excuses."

  Gu Shaofeng looked at Tang Yao, "Don’t worry.You had sacrificed a lot for Gu family.I will treat you fairly.Even if you divorce, I will let you get what you deserve."

  Tang Yao didn’t care about those material things any more.Their marriage was going to be ended, then what was the value of those things?.

  "Thanks, Dad."

  Gu Shaofeng got up from the sofa and said,"Mr. Su, thank you so much for taking care of Yao Yao. She just got startled last nightandprobably won't want to go home for a while, so please take care of her."

  Su Lengmo nodded lightly, seeming a little indifferent.

  Gu Shaofeng didn'ttake it to heart either. Heturned around and left.

  "Have you made up yourmind?"

  "My father-in-law had brought me into the company and trusted in my ability. I felt grateful to that. I also fell in love with Gu Shaoze once. I just take it as an end to the past."

  Su Lengmodeeply looked at Tang Yao,"Tang Yao, if you want to, Suinghim of kidnappingis the best opportunity to blackmail Gufamilyandget what you deserve.If you can’t do it, I can help you."

  Tang Yao shook her head, "No, this is betweenGu Shaozeand me."

  Su Lengmo’s face turned sullen.He pursed hislip, feeling a little unpleasant.

  Tang Yao also seemedto be aware that she was pushing people away. She wantedto say something to explain, butSu Lengmo hadreturned to normalandpickedup the newspaper on the sofa to read.

  Tang Yao wanted to say something, but finally shut her month.


  Gu Shaofeng left the Su’s house,then his face suddenly sank down.He flied intoarage in the car.

  Coming backhome, Mrs. Guanxiouslyran to him,and asked himhow things went.

  Gu Shaofeng smacked her in the face. He looked terribly sullen.

  Gu Shaoyun saw hermother was smacked, hurriedly running to them.

  "Dad, how can you beat mom? Did Tang Yao thatbitch say something to you?"

  "Shut up." Gushaofeng snapped.

  Gu Shaoyun obediently shut hermouthand didn’t dare to make a fuss.

  "I havewarnedyou to be nice to Tang Yao before, but you didn’tlisten and now made all the things become so awkward."

  Gu Shaofeng walked restlessly with his hands on his back,"Do you know that Tang Yao has signed all the great contractsfor Gu's family in recent years? She has accumulated more contacts than I thought. Now she is also withSu Lengmo. If she brings all her contacts and resources to Su's group, you have no ideahow seriousthatblow will be to Gu's group. You only know to do your nails and go shopping. If any one of youis better than Tang Yao, I'll not have to rush to apologize to her."

  Mrs. Gu also felt a little worried.After all, Gu Shaofengrarely showed his anger onthe face. If he said so, then Tang Yao wouldreally be a great threat to the family.

  Well, Gu Shaoyun didn’t take it seriously at all.Tang Yao got no background, even if she excelled at work, so what? There were plenty of people gettinggreat abilities.

  "Dad, how terrifiedcan a woman with no powerbe? She still got three families who are constantly holding her back. You don’t need to be so scared."

  Gu Shaofeng rolled his eyes at her, "Shut up, if it hadn’t bene you who kept inciting your mother, your mother would not havealways embarrass your sister-in-law. You just couldn’t do anything right. If our family really falls, you will just live on air!"

  Now he wasnot afraid of Tang Yao at all, but Su Lengmobehind her. Now it seemedthat the relationship between these two people wasnot normal at all. In addition, Gu Shaoze kidnapped Tang Yao like a maniacand forced her to jump into the sea. With that cruel and protective personality of Su Lengmo, this thing would not getover.

  What a great blueprint before! It was now all ruinedby hisstupid family.

  Gu Shaofeng just felt that he was going to have a heart attack.

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