Chapter 48 Su Lengmo Risked His Life to Save Her

  "Yao Yao, no!"

  When she was about to touch thewater surface, Tang Yao seemed to hear Su Lengmo yelled at the top of his voice.

  But how couldthat be? Su Lengmodidn’t even know shewashere.

  After Tang Yao jumped into the sea, Gu Shaoze wanted to jump, too, but was punched by a tall and strong figure tothe ground. Then the dark figure let the bodyguard after him catch Gu Shaoze, and then also jumped into the sea.

  Tang Yao knew how to swim. Although she couldn'tmove her handswhen she went into the sea, she kept kicking. So she only drank a few mouthfuls of sea water because of moving up and down. When she was about to drown in the sea, she heard the sound of jumping into the water from a distance. She turned her head and, with the light coming fromthe ship,barelyrecognizedthatthe man swimming towards her wasSu Lengmo.

  Tang Yao goggled,incrediblylooking athim, and then she was completely drownedinto the water.

  Seeing her sink into the water, Su Lengmo swam over with the fastest speed, and fortunately , soon foundTang Yao floating to the water again.

  Tang Yao had been using herlegsto kick water, soshedidn'tquickly sink deep tothe sea. But she was exhausted when Su Lengmo found her.

  "Su, Su Lengmo, I didn’t expect that it would be you."

  Tang Yao was held in Su Lengmo’s arms, showing a smile on her face. After she said that, she closed her eyes and then passed out.

  Su Lengmo was holding Tang Yao to swim back.Someone hadbeen driving a yacht towards them to pick them up.

  Su LengmopushedTang Yao up first, then climbed up himself.

  He put his hands on the chest of Tang Yao, pressing hard to make Tang Yao spit out the water of her chest.

  "Yao Yao."

  Tang Yao spit out a few mouthfuls of sea wateragain, then she slowly woke up.She was dazed when she opened her eyes.

  "Su Lengmo."Tang Yao softly said after a while.

  Su Lengmocarefully heldherin his arms, "Yes, it’s me."

  Somebody sent a clean bathrobeto him.Su LengmowrappedTang Yao up. When the yacht stopped at the shore, he held her ashore.

  Gu Shaoze also got off from the big ship, then anxiously rantoward Su Lengmo. Hewantedto pick up Tang Yao, but was dodged away by Su.

  "Su Lengmo, give Yao Yaoback to me. Don't forget, she is my wife!"Gu Shaoze angrily said.

  Su Lengmosneered, contemptuously looking at Gu Shaoze,"Gu Shaoze, if you really thinkTang Yao is your wife, you will not force her to jump into the sea. You are suspected of kidnapping her.I will not just simply let things go."

  As soon as he finished his words, two policemen came up to Gu Shaoze."Mr. Gu, you are suspected of kidnapping your wife. This is the rope we found on the boat. There is blood on it. I think your wife has injured herself while cutting the rope."

  Gu Shaoze's face suddenly turned red from pale.Thinking thatTang Yao would rather jump into the sea than go with him, he was extremely jealous.Was Su Lengmo so good? She could even give up her life for him.

  "Su Lengmo, don't be cocky, I won't give up. Yao Yao is my wife. Inthis life,she canonly be mine.You want her, over my dead body."

  After saying that, Gu Shaoze resentfully followed the police to get in the police car.

  Su Lengmostared at Gu Shaoze's back, and then looked down at Tang Yaowhose face turned pale,then he showed a look of ruthlessness.

  Gu Shaoze daredto do this to her.He must make him pay the price.

  Su Lengmo held Tang Yaogetting in the carandtold someone tosend medicine cabinet.He was worried when he looked at Tang Yao’sscarred hands.

  If he could insist on sending Tang Yaoupstairswhen he sent her back, things would not turn out like this.

  "Yao Yao, I'm sorry."

  Su LengmocarefullyhelpedTang Yao dress the wound, seeingher painfullyfrown but notopen her eyes, so he knew that she waspretending tosleep.

  "If you want to put Gu Shaoze in jail, I can get the best lawyer to suehim. There are cameras near the place where he kidnapped you. I've already got someone to pull them up. If you want to, he can't escape. No matter how powerfulGu's family is, it can never beat theSu's."

  Su Lengmocarefully helpedTang Yao bind up thewound withbandageand made sure that it wouldn’t bleed any more. Then he put her hand on his thigh, whisperingto her.

  Tang Yao’s eyebrowmoved,then she finally opened her eyes slowly.

  "I don't know,"she said in a hoarsevoice.

  Because of drinking a lot of sea water, she was so weak now. Her voice was alsovery hoarse,and the face was as pale as snow.

  "Yao Yao, he drove you into the sea. A man like that isnot worth your love."

  Su Lengmo said in a husky voice.

  Tang Yao smiled bitterly,"I knewit. Even if I wanted to lovehim, I wouldn't dare to loveany more, and I couldn't afford thatlove. I wasn'ttoostupid to continue loving a man who wanted to keep me under house arrest and wasn't even afraid of me jumping into the sea. I just didn't expectthat we would end up in thiswayafter so many years of marriage."

  Su Lengmotightly held her in his arms. He couldfeel the sadness that emanatedfrom her.

  Even though Tang Yao wasa strong woman, when it comes to emotion, she was still a delicate woman that needed man to take care of her.

  "Don't be afraid, you got me."

  Tang Yao's right hand tightly graspedSu Lengmo's clothes, and herfingernail becamewhite because of the exertion.

  "Su Lengmo, I never thoughtthatyou wouldsee me in such a mess again."

  She whispered.

  "Never mind, you should be glad.I still like you even seeing you like this, which means you are so important in my heart."

  Tang Yao couldn’t helpsmiling, but accidentally inhaledsomething then choked.

  Su Lengmolovinglypatted her back,"Be careful."

  Tang Yao slowly stopped the coughing, then found that her posture with Su Lengmo right now seemed a little intimate, so she wanted to get up. But she was forced to get back to his arms by Su.

  "Mr. Su, I want to get up."Tang Yao’s whispered and her face went pink.

  Su Lengmoencircled her, holdinghermore tightly.

  Tang Yao was so shy that shehad to bury her face on the chest of Su Lengmo, acting like a quail.

  Lookingat her behaving in this way, Su Lengmo couldn'thelp but smile.

  When the car arrived at the villa, Su Lengmodirectly heldTang Yao gettingoff the carand went into the house.

  Su Qimo wassitting on the sofa and eating snacks. When he saw thatSu Lengmoand Tang Yaocame in with their bodies all wet,hewas startledand quickly ran over.

  "Brother, did you guys just go robbingthe bank?"

  Su LengmoglaredatSu Qimo, then went straight upstairs.

  When he just put down Tang Yao, the private doctor was also brought in by the housekeeper.

  Su Lengmolet the doctor examine Tang Yaoto make sure she was OK.

  The private doctor carefully examined Tang Yao, "Master Su, don’t worry.Ms. Tangis fine. The water of her chesthasalso been pressedout.As long as she rests for one or two days, shewill be fully recovered."

  Su Lengmonodded.As long as she was all right.

  He let the housekeeper send the doctorout. Su Qimowas looking at Tang Yaolying at the bed, his eyes flashed with the curiosity about their gossip.

  "Get out."

  Su Qimo justsat directly on the bed and blinked at Su Lengmo.

  "Brother, don't be so cold. Tell me what happened to you and Ms. Tang. Why did you get so wet?"

  "Get out, Yao Yao needs to get changed."


  Su Qimostarted looking betweenSu Lengmo and Tang Yao,then made ameaningful voice.

  Tang Yao's face flushed red.

  Su Lengmodirectly pushed Su Qimoout, and then tolda servant to help Tang Yao change clothes.

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