Chapter 46 Kidnapping Tang Yao

  "Yao Yao, look."

  Gu Shaoze turned onhismobile phone, showing her that Tang’s father was gamblingin the casino. When her father was in a good mood, he began to dance for joy. And when he was unhappy, he would push people next to him and even became furious and wanted to hit others.

  Tang Yao’s face turned a little pale. She wasnot a fool.She had stayed in the Gu family for so many years, so she could seethat it was obvious that Gu Shaoze temptedher father to go to the casino.

  "Gu Shaoze, whydid you do this?Do you know you will kill my father!"

  Tang Yao stared at Gu Shaoze,"I have finally persuadedmy father to stay away from the casino, and settleat home to do some business. Whydidyou have to push him to that way? This was all about you and me. How did it have anything to do with my family?"

  Gu Shaoze smiled gentlyandsteppedforward. Tang Yao was so scared that she stepped back.Seeingher being this way, Gu shaoze’s face turned dark, "Yao Yao, as long as you come back with me, I promise, I won't bothermy parents-in-law.And I'll supportthem with a lot of money. There's nothing wrong with a man gambling with a little money. Don’t worry. I cansupport my father-in-law with the powerand money of my family."

  Tang Yao lookedat Gu Shaoze like a stranger.He had become a different person. She couldn’t recognize him now.

  "I'll call my dad. Go home. I'll take my lawyer to theGu’s housetomorrow. We'll figure out what you want."

  After saying that, she passedGu Shaoze to get into the elevator, but Gu Shaoze went to cover her mouth and drag her to the entrance.

  Tang Yao goggled. She kept kicking, hands hittingGu Shaoze, but Gu Shaoze didn’t care at all.

  Enteringthe corridor entrance, Gu Shaoze took out the rope to Tang Yao which had already been prepared before .In order to prevent Tang Yaofromshouting, Gu shaoze directly puta piece of cloth into her mouth.

  Gu shaoze tookthe rope to bind Tang Yao's hands and feet, tying her up like a crab.

  Tang Yao kept moving around, purring.

  "Yao Yao, you’dbetter stop moving. I'm afraid I'mgonnahurt you. Be good, when I sentyou abroad, you're gonnaenjoy the life there.I bought you a villa with lake and mountains around, you mustlove it. I never liked you workinglike an office lady, but I had to put up with itbecause you loved it. But at the end, you hooked up with Su Lengmo. Bad girl. I’d better send you abroad and you'll be all mine."

  Gu shaoze intimatelykissedTang Yao’snose, but Tang Yao only felt her whole body covered with goose bumps. Her eyes werefilled with fear.

  "Yao Yao, I know what you're trying to say. You're just being naughty and going against my will. I told you that Chen Yuan and I were just having a fling. I would cut off all the relation with heras soon as she gave birth tothe baby. Not only did you not believe in me, but also hookedup with Su Lengmo. To punish you, I would buy some tools to train you once we were abroad, which would make you understand what was husband first."

  After saying that, he tookout hisphone, let the people waiting outside come into take Tang Yao away.

  As expect, not long after the phone call, two tall and strong men came in, one of them carrying a suitcase large enough to fit an adult.They seemed to comeprepared.

  Opening the suitcase, they silently lifted Tang Yao into it, then zipped it, leaving only a gap tobreathe.

  "Mr. Gu, we have covered all the cameras in the neighborhood. No one will be able to check the monitorof this period. Don't worry."

  Placedin thesuitcase,Tang Yaocould vaguely hear the voice from outside.

  "I believe in you. Let's go."

  As soon as Gu Shaoze finished his words, the suitcase was dragged alongand jolted heavily. In addition, Tang Yao’s hands and feet were tied up, and her mouth was also stuffed with something, so she was very uncomfortable. Her stomach turned upside down. With the jolt of the suitcase, a wave ofnausea camestraight to herthroat, whichalmost made her throw up.

  She didn’tknow how longit took. Stuck inside, Tang Yao almost fainted. Suddenly, there camethe sound of a zipper outside. Thenshe felt a strong light, she subconsciously closed her eyes, waitingto adapt to the light, thenslowly opened her eyes.

  The face of Gu Shaoze wasclose to her.

  He stretched out his hand, gently stroking the face of Tang Yao, "Yourface has turned pale. Iwasthoughtless, makingyou so uncomfortable."

  Tang Yao now onlywantedto vomit, looking at Gu Shaozewith her red eyes, imploring him to untieher hands and feet.

  Gu Shaoze still lovedTang Yaofrom the bottom of his heart for they had been in love for so many years. So when he looked at her red eyes, he started to feel compassion to her, so he took down the cloth of her mouth.

  Tang Yao tilted her head,then “wow”, shedirectly threw up.

  Gu Shaoze's face changed slightly, quickly picked up Tang Yao, then moved to the side.And thenhecalled someone to sweep things clean.

  After thevomit, Tang Yao was about to collapse.

  She leaned onthe body of Gu Shaoze,"Shaoze, I’m begging you, untie my hands and feet, they’restrangling me.I’m so painful."

  Gu Shaoze put Tang Yao on the sofa, squat down,andslightly looked up at her,"Yao Yao, when we get there, I will untie you. But now I can’t, because you will tryto run away."

  Tang Yao looked around, knew that shewas nowon the ship,feeling a little desperate.As long as the ship drove away, she really has no chance to return in this life.

  She didn’t know if Sun Meng could realize that it was Gu Shaoze who had taken her away. As time passed by, she didn’t know if anyone would insiston looking for her.

  Tang Yao was thinking so many things inhermind, then she couldn’t help but feel upset, and her eyesbecameredder.

  "Yao Yao, why are you crying? You said you loved me the most in your life.We're just living abroad now.When we first got married, you promised to follow me wherever I went.Even if Iatebran, you will be willing to follow. Afew dayslater, I would announce to the world that we have moved abroad. Don’t worry, your friends wouldn't suspect a thing."

  Gu Shaoze said as he gently stroked Tang Yao's cheek, just like a gentle husband.

  After hearing that, Tang Yao was filled with despair.

  "Shaoze, I remember everything you said, but we’re not doing it in this way.Untie mefirst, and we can talk about it.There's something wrong with our marriage, and there's no doubt about it. I'm willing to work it out with you. And if we finally work it out, I promise I won't saythatI'm leaving you again. Trust me."

  Tang Yao now just wantedto relaxGu Shaoze.As long as he was reassured, they could discuss everything.

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