Chapter 45 Don't ever try to leave me

  "I've heard from people who have survived a car accidentthat they felta cold breezein their neck right before the crash, and then their eyesseemed to becovered by something,sothey couldn’t see anything.Then the car just flipped."

  The voice of Su Lengmocontinuedto spreadto her ears.

  Tang Yao suddenly felta little cool on her neck,whichseemedthatsomething had slipped away. She wassoscaredthat herhands were trembling,then she loosed the bag andhastily unfastenthe seat belt, and directly rushed to Su Lengmo.

  The story he toldwas originally heard from Su Qimo. In addition, Su Qimo said at thattime that girls tended to bemore timid at night. Perhaps telling some ghost stories couldalso addsomespice. For example, girls who wereafraid wouldputthemselves directly into his armsorstart to rely on him.

  Although Su Lengmo didn'tthink that a woman as rational as Tang Yao would be afraid of such a ghost story, it was better than doing nothing and he could make it like anormal conversation, so just now he would be so bored as to tell Su Qimo's whole storyagain.

  Feeling the delicate and beautiful woman lying in his arms, Su Lengmo frozefor a while, then chuckled. He didn'texpect thatTang Yao wouldbe afraid of this kind of illusory and misty thing.

  "So that's what you're afraid of."

  Su Lengmochuckled.

  Although Tang Yao feltembarrassed, compared to those invisible things, Su Lengmo's broad and warm embrace couldmake her feel more secure.

  "Don't be afraid. I'm just playing a joke on you."

  Su Lengmofeltthe shiver from Tang Yao’sbody, knowing thatshe wasreally frightened. He started to feel that he carried the joke too far.

  He carefully held Tang Yaoin hisarms, "I got you, even if there are such things, I will not let them hurt you."

  Listening to the deep voice of Su Lengmo, Tang Yao became less fear from the bottom of herheart.Now she was a little embarrassed, but didn’t want toleave Su Lengmo’s arms. His body hada very nice smell, which just made herfascinated.

  Then there were several cars driving towards them.The lights of the carsbrokethe atmosphere creating by the dark night between them.

  Tang Yao got away from Su’s arms. She was blushing andpretendedto adjust herclothes, and didn’t dare to see Su Lengmo’seyes.

  She wasnot reallydemure just now, so she worried that Su Lengmomight think that she justpretendedto be afraidandintentionally threw herself at him.

  Su Lengmodidn’t know that she had already thought of so many things. Hedirectly opened the car door and got off.People from those cars called by Su had also gotten off.

  "Driveitback,"Su Leng said.

  The head bodyguard nodded. "Yes, boss."

  Su Lengmo askedTang Yaotosit into another carand helped her fasten her seat belt. Then he drovethe car as if nothing happened.

  "When I was a child, I was left at home and frightened by ghost stories, so I was a little afraid of that supernaturalthing,"Tang explained with a slight cough.

  That was a little embarrassing for her.

  Su Lengmocouldn’t help but curved his lips.What Tang Yao reacted just nowcould really please a man.

  "It's my fault. I thought you wouldn't be afraid of this, so I justplayeda joke on you. I didn't know thatyou would be so scared."

  "Mr. Suis being funny. After all, I am a woman."

  Su just smiledand said nothing more.

  Arriving at Sun Meng’s department, Tang Yao said thank you to Su, then unfasten her seat belt and got off.

  Going into the corridor, she saw a familiar figureleaning against the wall in a not quite dark place.

  "Gu Shaoze."Tang Yao called him.

  Gu Shaoze walked out from there.In the light, she found that he looked a little pale and thin.

  Tang Yao lookedat Gu Shaoze, feeling her heart achingwithout reason.

  She triedto say something and came forwardto him. But thinking of what Gu shaoze said to her earlier, shesubconsciously stepped back.

  Gu Shaoze looked at her action. His face turned dark and he looked sullen.

  "Yao Yao, come homewith me."

  As soon as he opened his mouth, he found that his voice was so hoarse that he seemed to have caught a cold.

  Tang Yao just shook herhead. There were so many problems of themarriage between them. They couldn’t go back to the past any more.

  "Gu Shaoze, I've asked my lawyer to draw up our divorce papers. I know I’vehurt you,so your mother will not give anypropertyto me, so I don't want anything, and I'm willing to leave yourcompany. As long as you sign it, we willnot have any relationship from now on." Tang said.

  Gu Shaoze’s face fell. Hestrode forwardand heldTang Yao's shouldersdirectly, looking at her grimly.

  "Yao Yao, I won’t do it. Who gives you the permission topropose a divorce? You want me to let you go with Su Lengmo? Let me tell you. Don’t ever think about it for this life!"

  He ferociously said, tilting his head.

  Tang Yao looked at his face, feeling bitter in heart. If she got a choice, why would she end up like this?

  "Gu Shaoze, we can't go back to the pastany more. Let me go.I won’t take anything away."

  Gu Shaoze laughed out loud as if he had heard a big joke.

  "Yao Yao, we can't be done. Your family won't let you divorce me. In case you haven't noticed, your fatherjustasked me for five million yuanlast night. And healsogave me an IOU.Your brotheralso hascut a rich kid, and now the kid’s family islooking for justicein our family.So if you want to get rid of me, fine, just pay me what your family owes me.And then we'll figure out what we owe each other."

  Tang Yao trembled. She couldn’t believe what she just heard.

  "No way. My dad would never borrow five million from you. He always takes money from me."

  "Yao Yao, therearea lot of things you don't know. Your fatherhastaken a lot of money from me. I keep a lot of IOUin my drawer. If you want a divorce, fine, as long as you can pay them off, or we won’tfinish."

  Gu Shaoze was sure thatTang family was the weak spot of Tang Yao.Aslong as her family make a fuss, shewould not dare to rashly divorce him.

  It was quite common that her mother tried to hang herself in front of herbecause she didn'thave so much money to give them to squander.

  Unless Tang Yao couldreally be so heartless toignore them, she wasdoomed to tangle with him for the rest of her life.

  "Gu Shaoze, this is between the two of us, please don't get other people involved in. I’m sorry that I’ve injured you, but this can’t be the reason for you to get back at me. Chen Yuan hasalreadypregnant with your children, so you will have a happy family in the future.Why should I stay between you guys?So do me a favor, let me go, let it go."

  Tang Yao waved her hand and helplesslysaid.

  Hearing that, the handsome face of Gu Shaoze becamemore distorted.He thought that Tang Yao was just quibbling. She just wanted to hook up with Su Lengmo, so she would be so anxious to get rid of him.

  Since she was so cheapand so eager to jump into the arms of another man, he was going to wear her out.

  If he couldn’t get her,nor could Su Lengmo.

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