Chapter 44 Come home with me

  "Big brother, grandpais very angry with you for leaving because of Ms. Tang. He asked me to be his messenger this time. You must come home tomorrow, or I'm afraid he might come here and meet Ms. Tangin person."

  After saying that, Su QimogaveTang Yao a meaningful look.

  Tang Yao just looked atSu Lengmo.As she could hear from Su Qimo, it wasnot difficult to seethatthe old man of the Su familydidn’t want Su Lengmoto intervene in her thing.

  "You can get lost."SuLengmosaid faintly.

  Su Qimoleaned back on the sofa and looked at Su Lengmo with an obsequious smile,"Don't be so grumpy, brother. I had to put in a good word to get this taskfrom grandfather. You have no idea what I had to go through to come here and tell you about this. Also, I forgot to tell you, the big cousin and the second cousin have come homefrom abroad. Theyseemedto be very interested in Ms.Tang when they heard about her."

  "I will take her back tomorrow."Su Lengmodeterminedly said.

  Su Qimogave a strange laugh and looked at Tang Yao."Ms. Tang, my brother has helped you go through somany things. You won’tmind acceptingthis lonely man, will you? He's rich, powerful and handsome. You deserve such a golden bachelor."

  "So, as for you, Mr. Sucould be sold like the meat in the supermarket."Tang Yaohit back at Qimo.

  Su Lengmolightly glanced at Su Qimo.

  Su Qimoimmediately sat up straight, pointed to Tang Yao, and then dramaticallycovered his chestlike he was hurt, "You are really a bad woman.I just saidso many nice things about you in front of grandpa."

  Tang Yao couldn’thelp but be amused by him. Rumor wentthat as long as it was a woman,Su Qimo would not refuse her. She didn’t expect that such a playboy was so funny.

  The servant brought the coffeeover, which stoppedSu Qimo's gag.

  Su Lengmoheld up the coffee and took a sip,thenslowed down histone, "Tang Yao, come home with me tomorrow, asreturningthe favor for helping you."

  Tang Yao pressedher lips. How would others think of her if she wenthome with Su Lengmo as the daughter-in-law of Gu family?And she hadn’tdivorced yet, but already boldly went out with Su Lengmo. Not to mention that Sufamily would despiseher.Even the Gu family would think she was a wanton woman.

  "Mr. Su, I don't think this joke is funny. I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't go to your family."

  Su Lengmodidn’t force her either. He just turned to Su Qimo,"Go back to tell grandpa, I will go home, also let him not meetTang Yao in private."

  Su Qimoshowed a lookof fear, "Brother, give me a break. How could I dare to say such things to him? Youknow grandpa's temperwell. Say it yourself. Anyway, you are the one who fall in love with her."

  Su Lengmotold thehousekeeperto come over and directly tookSu Qimoout.

  "Don't take it seriously, Tang Yao.I was being too thoughtlessjust now. Stay for dinner tonight and I'll ask the chef to make you your favorite dishes."

  Su Lengmonaturally changed the topic, no longer placingTang Yao in a dilemma.

  Tang Yao thought for a while. The cell phone in herbag rang againwhen she was just about to agree.

  She took it out and saw that it was aphone callfrom Gu’s house.


  Tang Yao smiled apologeticallytowardsSu Lengmo, then got up going to the other side to answer the phone.

  "Tang Yao, come back home rightnow.Do notforget you are still Shaoze's wife. How could you publicly show up with Su Lengmo? Do you want to shame Shaoze again?

  Through the cell phone, Gu's acerbicvoice ungraciously transmitted over.

  Tang Yao slightlyfrowned,feeling a little dissatisfied with her.

  "Mrs. Gu, I've asked my lawyer to draw up the divorce papers. Tomorrow I'll go home and talk to Shaoze about the divorce. Congratulations!You finally successfully drive me out of the family, so please don't call me again. I don't want to hear your voice."

  After saying that, Tang Yao hungup the phonedirectly.

  Her marriage with Gu Shaoze hadcompletely changed. Gu Shaoze hadno trust in her at all.Although she hadnot completely forgottenhim, thinking of the idea of Gu wanting to imprison her,she didn’t need to hang onto their marriage any more.

  "Mr. Su, thank you for helping me today, I would like to go homefirst."Tang Yao put the phone into herbag, politelyand calmlysaid.

  Su Lengmogotup, took the suit on the sofa,thenwalkedtowards Tang Yao,"let’s go, I’llsend you home."

  Tang Yao was about to say something, but knowing that there’s no way to refuse,she simply shut hermouth.

  On the way back, Su Lengmo got aflat tirefor the first time. That wasa limited edition luxury car!So that was to say only this car brokedown naturally in this world.

  Tang Yao followedSu Lengmoto get offand checkit. When shesaw that flat tire, she couldn’t help quirking her lips.

  If she didn’t see it in person,shewould have thought that Su Lengmohad just spent several thousand yuan buyinga second-handcar. His carwould be sent away for maintenanceevery month. Shenever thought that such an incredible thing could happen.

  Su Lengmowas standing there with one armakimbo, and calling to tell someone to tow backthe carand drive another one here.

  Sitting in the car, they were surrounded by darkness.Tang Yao felt a littlescared.She nevertoldothers that she hada slight phobia about darknight, especially the supernatural that she couldn’t touch.

  She always had been scared since shewas a kid, so she was still under the shadow of scaryafter she grewup.

  "Tang Yao, let metell youa story."Su Lengmo turned to her and said seriously.

  Tang Yao blinked, feeling a little curiousabout what kind of story would be told from anemotionless man likeSu Lengmo.After all, she thoughtthat Su Lengmowasnot like a story-teller.

  All of a sudden, the lightsof the carwent out, soeverything went dark. They couldn’t see anything.

  Tang Yao was really startled.Both her hands tightly graspedherbag. She didn’tknow what happened.

  "Mr. Su, whydo you turn off the lights?... ah..."when she turned back, shesaw aface flickering. Tang Yao couldn'thelp but scream. She took a careful look, only to find that it was Su Lengmo.

  Tang Yao was still in shock, even her voice trembled a bit, “Mr. Su, stop making jokes, turn on the light.”

  She didn'twantto say that she was a little afraid of that kind of supernatural things, worrying that Su Lengmomightlaugh at her.She also believed thatsuch a serious manlike Su Lengmo would never do childish things.

  But Su Lengmo’snext movehadcompletely changed Tang Yao’sconsistent impressionto him.

  "Tang Yao, you may not knowthat there have been many car accidents on this road, andseveral people have died. One of them was a pregnant woman. Someone paid a senior monk to help her go through this. The senior monk said that the pregnant woman was not willing to die like this and that she got a deep sense of grievance. So every night, she would come out when any passer-by stopped here because of a flat tire. Unfortunately, we must have met her. Butdon’t worry,I will protect you."

  Su Lengmowas telling a horrified storywith a very flat voice. If it wasin the middle of the day, Tang Yao would not be so afraidbecause she got people all around her.

  But now, darkness was all around.And Su Lengmoevenused his phone to lighthis face,which looked even more bizarre.

  Tang Yao was sofrightened that she tightly grasped herown bag. And her lips were trembling with her mind constantly thinking of what Su just said. She only felt that her arms gotgoose bumps.

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