Chapter 43 Gu Shaoyun is crazy

  After watching all ofit, Tang Yaoonly thoughtthat Gu Shaoyun was crazy. In order to drive her out of the family,she should do things which was not only harmful to others but also would hurt herself. It would definitelybe a fatal blow to Gu family if the rival company made the products according to the processes of their documents.

  Now the documentshadbeen bought by Su Lengmo, and the rivalcompany didn’t have any proof either. At present,someone had already called the police before this caused a sensation in the company. Therefore, the top officer of the company that the police talkedabout mightbe Gu Shaoyun. This was like athief crying “Stop thief”!

  Tang Yao clenched her fists.She was so furious that the veins exposedon the back of her hands.

  Gu familywas so cruel! They were just pushing her to a wall.

  "Let's go, I’ve guaranteed you fromdirector Gao.The professionallawyer will take care of this case later." Su Lengmosaw that Tang Yao might have finished watching the videos, so then got up and said.

  Tang Yaowas so angry that herright hand tightly grabbed the mouse.Shetook a deep breath and tried tocalm herself down.

  Therewasnothing to be angry about. Gu’s familywere just like this. She would only piss herself off if she was angry with them.

  She pulled out the USB flash disk, turned off the computer, and walked out of the office with Su Lengmo. Sure enough, she saw three or four men and women wearingformal suitsstanding there. As soon as theysaw Su Lengmo, theycame over.

  "Master su, we have already sorted out the information you provided. If Ms.Tang needs it, we can sue the rumor-monger and claim spiritual losses for Ms.Tang." The only woman among the lawyers spoke to them first.

  Su Lengmolooked at Tang Yao. It was up to her to decide whether to start a suit or not because it was all about her reputation.

  Tang Yao accidentally injured Gu Shaoze before. Mrs. Gu intendedto sue her, so she coulduse theseevidence in her hand to make the family withdraw thatdecision. As for Gu Shaoyun's disclosing secretsto therivalcompanyin revengefor her, the Gu family would have to take care of that. And it had nothing to do with her.

  "Mr. Su, I want to negotiate with Gufamily. I may need to borrow some of your lawyer friends."


  Tang Yao smiled and followed Su Lengmoto leave thepolice station.

  As soon as they went out, a group of reporters flocked to them, holding the microphone and rushing toTang Yao. They were scrambling to interview her.Some ofthe microphonesalmost hit Tang Yao’seyes. One of them was so rash that his whole body hit Tang Yao, which almost made her fall to the floor.

  Su Lengmoimmediatelycaught Tang Yaoand glanced at the people presentwith his grim eyes.

  "Ms.Tang, it is said that you have sold company secrets to rivalcompanies. Is it true?"

  "Ms.Tang, it is said that this is your second time to get in thepolice stationsince the last time you got out less than five daysago. Is it true that you have sold the company’s secrets and that you may go to jail?"

  "Ms.Tang, Mr. Sushowed upat the police station with you this time. Does it mean that he wants to use his power to turn things around and frame your criminal facts on others?"

  Countless reporters kept asking at the same time without givingTang Yao any chance to respond.

  Su LengmoheldTang Yao's face on his chest, glancingcoldly at this group of radical reporters.

  "Reporters from Xinfeng Entertainment, right? I'll have my lawyer send theletter to your company."

  The reporter's face turned palewhen he heard that. He was a little afraid of Su Lengmo, but thinking ofthe bribehe had just received, he had to plucked up hiscourageand said,"Mr. Su, our company is just a regular news agency. I am just trying to reveal the truth of Ms.Tang’s news. You can't take revenge on mycompany."

  Su Lengmocurved his lipsand sneered. There was actually someone who said that he was using his power to threaten people.

  This wasreally the funniest joke he had ever heard.

  "Did your guys have anything else to ask? You’d better ask now.I will let my lawyer remember the name of your company one by one, then they will respectivelysend the letter to you."

  Hearing that, all reporters got nothing to say like cowards.If they were not fools, then they would know that how powerful the Su family was.

  "Let's go."

  Su Lengmoheld Tang Yao in his arms and walked forward. The group of reporters held up theirmicrophonesand wanted to come forward, but they were also afraid of Su Lengmo's power. So everyone looked eager but scared, presenting a diversified scene.

  Sitting in the car, Su Lengmomade a phone call to ask someoneto find out who told these reporters to come here.

  "Find out as soon as possible, and then respectivelysend messages to the person-in-charge of their company. Tell themthat I’m watching Tang Yao’s back. They may provoke the Su family if any companydaresto embarrass her from now on."

  People on the other side of the phone said something else, Su Lengmojust faintly responded"ok", and then hung up the phone directly.

  Tang Yao sat tight in the car, listeningto Su Lengmo. She would be lying if she said that she wasn’t moved at all.

  She could feel that evenSu Lengmo was aloof, but hewas extremely tolerant and protectiveof her. He strongly invaded in her life and didn'tgive her any chance to refuse.

  "Mr. Su, if you threaten people like this, I'm afraid those reporterswho are still hesitating will directlythink that we are having an affair. Then the Gu family willhavemore excuses to embarrass me and say I am flirtatious."

  Tang Yao looked at the front and said this in a way that no one couldrecognize her feelings. It seemed thatshe wassimply stating the truth.

  "If you don't mind." Su Lengmosaid.Tang Yao laughed softly, but didn’t seem happy at all."Whydo I care? How many people are dreaming tohave relationship with a manlike you? I'm afraid those people are now secretly scolding me for not being worthy of you. After all, Iam the one who takesadvantage of itif I hook up with you."

  The car screechedonto the road then stopped.Tang Yao leaned forward due to inertia and then fell back with thesafety belts.

  "Tang Yao," Su LengmoheldTang Yao's face and looked at her withhis dark eyes,"I forbid you to say that about yourself, or I will be angry."

  Tang Yao swallowed, only feeling thatSu Lengmowas soattractivein this way.

  Her heart was beating reallyfast, but shestill remained rational. She turned her headaway and squirmedout of his hands,tellinghimtodrive away quickly.

  Su Lengmo didn't continue to hold her and droveagain.

  After Su Lengmo drove back to his villa, Tang Yao looked at the villa she had been to twice, feeling familiar and strange. She was about to say something, but eventually followed obediently behind Su Lengmoto get off.

  Into the villa, Su Qimocouldn'thelp but blow a whistlewhen he saw Tang Yao.

  "Ms.Tang, what a coincidence!We meetagain. I heard that you have recently stabbed your husband. That’s socourageous. I just want to applaud you."

  Su Qimo was so annoying, for he just rubbed it in.

  Tang Yao quirked her lips, tellingherself not to dispute with Su Qimo becausehe was justa playboy.

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