Chapter 42 Slander her for selling company secrets

  Tang Yao clenched her fistsand swallowed. She looked at Sun Yuanqianand Sun Meng not far away, who were busycooking."I know. I'm goingtherenow."

  Hangingup the phone, Tang Yao clapped herhands to attract the attention of them."Brother Sun, Meng Meng, my mom just called and asked me to come home, so I can’t eat here. Don’t wait for me. I may come back orjuststayin my house after I finish."

  Sun Meng’s eyes turned grim.She walked directly to the front of Tang Yao.

  "I'll go with you."

  "I'm not a three-year-old child. I can't do everything with you. Don't worry, I promise I'll be fine. I am invincible."

  Sun Mengcouldn't convinceher. She was going to let Sun Yuanqiansend her home, but Tang Yao refused.

  Tang Yao took the bag and left the apartment directly.

  "Brother, you have seen it. If you don't do it this time, Yao Yaowill be the target of all the people." Sun Mengfrowned and said.

  "Don't worry. I used to worry a lot. This time,I'm not going to let itslip away again." Sun Yuanqian said.

  The reason why he didn't follow upwas because hejust wantedTang Yao to feel that despair. When the time came, he would show up at the right moment and save her out of trouble. Then she wouldknow who wasthe best for her, which mightgive her a great sense of security.

  Tang Yao, who left the apartment, didn’t know Sun Yuanqian's plan. She wasjustdrivingto Gu Group and didn'tnotice that a car had been following herall the time.

  Arriving at the company, Tang Yao went in immediately.

  Inside the car, Yu Yunshengwas tapping with his fingersfor a moment, then turnedaroundto watchSu Lengmo who looked calmin the back seat.

  "If you don't go upto see what’shappening, the woman you lovewill probably bestrongly bullied."

  "I'm watching."

  Yu Yunsheng was a little confused so he got closer toSu.Thenhe saw Su Lengmolooking at a video. The womanin the video was Tang Yao, and the background was the inside of Gu Group.

  He couldn't help giving Su Lengmoa thumbs-up sign."Lengmo, well done. You just got into the inside of the Gu Group so quickly. I don't even know when you did it. If Gu Shaofeng knew that you could see every move in the company, I wonder whether he would be infuriated."

  "Know your enemy and yourself, you will fight a hundred battles without danger of defeat." Su Lengmosaid.

  Yu Yunsheng no longer said anything but followed Su Lengmoto watch the video.

  In the video, as soon as Tang Yao got out of the elevator, several men and women dressed in police uniforms came up to her, showed her the police certificate, then asked her name and confirmed that she was the right person before formally cutting to the chase.

  "Ms.Tang, someone at the top of the company has reported that you are suspected of selling company secrets to earn high profits, causing serious losses to the company. Please come with us to the police station to cooperate with the investigation."

  The police said.

  Tang Yao hadjust come out of the police station,soshe actually felt a little resistant. It was not a trivial matterthat being suspected of selling the company secrets, so she hadto go even if she didn’t want to.

  She left the company with the police. What Tang Yao didn’tknow was that as soon as she left, a group of people gatheredtogether. They were all talking about this gossip. Almost half of themthought Tang Yao was taking a revengeagainst Gu Shaozeand that Tang was so vicious that she wanted the Gu Group to go bankrupt completelybecause of Gu Shaoze’s affair.

  Tang Yao didn't expect that all the people in her company believed that she was a bad woman. She satin a police car, thinking about which lawyerwas the bestin defending this kind of case.

  At the police station, before the police couldquestionher,she wasinvited to the office by director Gao. There was also a manwho should not be here. Hewasnot anyone else butSu Lengmo.

  "Mr. Su, what a coincidence." Tang Yao said wryly.

  Su Lengmo couldalways show upwhen she was in trouble. She was not stupid and would not think it was pure chance.

  "It’snot a coincidence. I am waiting for you."

  Su Lengmogot upand walked towardsTang Yao, staring at her with his deep dark eyes.

  "I am not onlyjust waiting for you here, butalso know that you have been framed to sell the company's secrets, and you are indeed in charge of the related cases. The information hasbeen sold to other companies, but it was not you who did this. Ifyou want to know who it is, I can tell youas long asyou agree with my condition."

  Tang Yao looked at Su Lengmowarily. Therewasno such thing as a free lunch. She wouldn't be so stupidas to agree with others just because theysaid something nice to her.

  "Tang Yao, this time, they gotall the evidence. Gu group may loseat least several hundred million yuan this time. If no onehelps you, this kind of economic case is enough to sentence you for life." Su Lengmosaid.

  Tang Yaofelt a quiver in her heartand then slowly clenched herfists. She didn't know what had happened now, but the police all came to her. Even if all the things wereagainst her, Su Lengmo might be able to get her out of this trouble when he said with such certainty.

  "Mr. Su, tell me about your conditions." Tang Yao said.

  Su Lengmo's face became softer."Give me a chance to chaseyou. This USB flash diskgotall the evidence I have collected. Even the secrets sold by people behind the scene have been bought from various companies."

  Tang Yao felt shocked.This must bea lot of moneyto buy them all. Not everyone couldafford that.

  "Mr. Su, Su Lengmo, you ..."

  She was so surprised that she couldn't help calling Su Lengmo's name,butalso felt that what she wanted to say was a little meaningless, so she became hesitated.

  Su Lengmolistened to the beloved woman calling hisname for the first time,feelinga little sweet.

  "I'm here, listening." He curved his lips and said.

  Lookingat the USB flash disk in his handandhis handsome face, Tang Yao swallowed.Her eyes become somewhat complicated.

  "You ... spent a large sumof moneyto buytheseand searched for evidence for me. In other words, youhadknown long ago that someone betrayed me. You could have told me about that. You didn’t need to spend so much money if I stayed alert."

  "Seeing is believing.We didn't know each other very well before. If I had toldyou, you wouldhave only thought that I was causing dissension, which would make you feel unhappy, and, moreover, you may alsothink that I was a calculatingman." Su Lengmosaid.

  Hearing that,Tang Yao thought he was right.In the case of having no evidence at all, she would only think that Su Lengmo did it on purpose if he rashly got involved.

  However, it was obvious that Su Lengmo was sincere when hecould do things for her to this point.

  At least for this moment, he was sincere.

  "You can take a look first."

  Tang Yao hesitatedfor a while,thentook the USB flash disk and usedthe computer indirector Gao's office. She insertedit in, opened the filesand found that there were several short videos.

  In every one of it, there werepicturesof Gu Shaoyun meeting with her most trusted assistant. Every time, Gu Shaoyun couldget a copy of the documentsfrom her assistant. Then Gu Shaoyun wouldcontact people from other companies to negotiate the price and sell the filesto them.

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