Chapter 41 Follow Her

  Sun Yuanqianwas still like a prince that she remembered in her memory, but she was stillthe Cinderella. Even when she grew up, she still couldn’t cross that boundary, so she didn’t dare to love Sun Yuanqianat all.

  Because Sun Yuanqianwas a really nice man, she could only be his sister.

  "Yao Yao, my brother is so nice, maybe you can really think about it." Sun Mengrelentlessly said.

  Tang Yao saw that she was serious and couldn’t help but scowled, and then she took a look at the kitchen.

  "Meng Meng, don't make such ridiculous jokes any more. Not to mention that I haven’t divorced yet. Even if I really got divorced, Brother Sunand I could only be brother and sister."

  Sun Mengwas about to say something else and then she saw Sun Yuanqiancome out with fruit in his hands. She had to bite words back.

  Sun Yuanqiancame out, holding a plate of fruit. He put it on the glass table, took out a toothpick to insert a piece of apple and handed it to Tang Yao.

  “Have some, I'll talk to the lawyer about the progress of the case later. I won’t let anything happen to you."

  Tang Yao had a bite of the apple and said,“Brother Sun, I felt so lucky to meet a brother like you.”

  Sun Yuanqianfolded his hands. His fingers were slender and white."Me too."

  Watching the two being so polite to each other,Sun Mengcouldn't help shaking her shoulders and getting goose bumps.

  "You can live here with Meng Meng for a few days. She thinks our house is too big and doesn't like living there. You can stay here with her to keep her occupied." Sun Yuanqiansaid.

  Tang Yao nodded,"I will."

  Sun Mengtook Tang Yao's hand and said,"brother, you don’t need to worry about me. It’s you who should be worriedabout. You have to make the first move when you have a crush on someone, or the lady may be taken away. Then you will regret this."

  Sun Yuanqianjust smiled and ate honeydew at his leisure.

  Sun Mengcurled her lips, thinking that she was fretting over nothing.

  "Brother, Yao Yao needs some daily necessities. Why don't you go with her to buy some? I need to deal with a case here. The boss needs the files at night. I may not be able to go with her."

  Since her brother didn’t know how to seize the opportunity, she would create opportunitiesfor them. Only when he spoke out his love could they have the chance to be together.

  Sun Yuanqianunderstood Sun Meng's intention and kindly accepted it,"OK."

  Tang Yao wouldn’t reject it either.

  At 6 pm in the afternoon, Tang Yao and Sun Yuanqianwere directly driven out of home by Sun Meng. And she also said that if they went out early, then they could come back home early. It would be better if they had dinner outside together.

  Tang Yao was not a fool. It was obvious that Sun Mengwas pairingher off with Sun Yuanqian, but Sun Yuanqianwas just like a dream that she couldn'treach as a child, and also an unattainable idol. She regarded him as her big brother to worship or anything but a lover.

  "Brother Sun, let's go." Tang Yao said.

  Sun Yuanqianlooked at Tang Yao. Although it seemed that he didn’t mean it, in fact he was also testing Tang Yao,"Yao Yao, don't think too much about it. Meng Meng just saw that I didn't have a girlfriend, so she was a little worried. With your marriage like this, you will definitely not consider developing the second relationship now."

  Tang Yao smiled nonchalantly."I get it. I have always treated you like a brother. And you also regard me as your little sister. Therefore, even if the sky falls, nothing will change between us."

  Sun Yuanqian's face fell when hearing this. It took about ten seconds before he barely calmed himself down and changed the subject."Meng Meng has givena list of basic necessities to me. We can just follow the instructions. Let me know if you need anything. I'll help you buy it."


  Then, they were talking and laughing as they drove to the supermarket.


  A black, low-key Mercedes followed Sun Yuanqian's car all the way to the supermarket. The driver watched Tang Yao and Sun Yuanqianwalking to the supermarket like a young couple, tutting and constantly glancing at the rearview mirror.

  "Lengmo, not only did you rush to the police station to take her, but also started snooping on her now! If you really want to reassure yourself, you can get off the car to find her. You may be treated as a pervert if you keep following her.” Yu Yunsheng complained and said in a dubious way.

  Su Lengmoput down the newspaper in his hands, put on his sunglasses and cast a look at the supermarket and said. "Drive back."

  Yu Yunsheng gave Su Lengmoa thumbs downsign."Lengmo, look what you are doing! If you liked her, then boldly chased her! How can you be so sneaky and even ask me to be your free driver? You actually got that bold."

  "Drive, the old man is waiting at home."

  Yu Yunsheng couldn't resist Su Lengmo, so he drove away directly.


  In the supermarket, Tang Yao was comfortably shopping around. Because she and Sun Yuanqianwere both quite good-looking, they frequently attracted people’s attention.

  Sun Yuanqianwas looking at Tang Yao, who was strolling around the supermarket with interest. His deep eyes had gradually become soft.

  Tang Yao was lingering in the soy sauce section. Sun Yuanqian’s cell phone rang inside his trouser pocket when he was about to step forward.

  "Yao Yao, I need to pick up the phone."

  Sun Yuanqianpointed to the phone in his hand and said to Tang Yao.

  Tang Yao nodded.

  "What happened?" Sun Yuanqianwalked aside and talked to the person on the other side of the phone.

  "boss, a car followedyou to the supermarket and nowisstill waiting outside. We pretended to have a look at the car and found out the owner of the car was Mr. Yu. And Mr. Suwas sitting at the back.”

  The person on the other side of the phone said in detail.

  Sun Yuanqianpressed his lips and looked at Tang Yao, who was still standing not far away and carefully picking soy sauce, his eyes turned cold. "I get it. Don't provoke them."

  After saying that, he hung up the phone directly.

  "This one seems good. I can take this and cook a meal for you girls." Sun Yuanqiantook a bottle of soy sauce beside Tang Yao and said.

  Tang Yao looked at it carefully and then put it into the cart. "I feel happy when thinking of having a taste of your cooking later."

  Sun Yuanqianjust lovingly patted her on the head. Then he acted as her “bodyguard” all the way, pushing the cart. When Tang Yao couldn’t decide which one to buy, he quickly helped her decide in a determined way.

  Going out of the supermarket with their arms full, Sun Yuanqianput things into the trunk and unnoticedly snatched a look of Su Lengmo’s car. Then he walked directly towards Tang Yao, stretched out his hand wiping her cheek.

  Although Tang Yao was somewhat confused, she didn’t have any resistance to his abnormal move.

  "You got something on your face. Ijustwipedit for you." Sun Yuanqianexplained.

  Tang Yao nodded, "Brother Sun, you are so gentle and sweet that any woman can't help falling in love with you. You can carefully pick anyone you want and get a nice sister-in-law for Meng Meng."

  Sun Yuanqian's hand stopped. And his deep dark eyes flashed a few times, but soon it regained calmness.

  "Come on, get in the car.Meng Mengmust be anxiously waitingfor us."

  Tang Yao got in the car and fastened herseat belt.

  Sun Yuanqiandrove the car away from the supermarket and constantly peepedat the rearview mirror. Sure enough, a black Mercedes was slowly following behind.

  As soon as they arrived atSun Meng's apartment, Tang Yao received a phone call from her assistantbefore she could have a glass of water. She saidthat someone had reported that Tanghad deliberately leaked the company’s confidential informationand sold ittoa rivalcompany,so now the police had already started to investigat about this,and asked her to come to the company right away.

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