Chapter 40 You don't need to get involved in this mess

  In the car, Tang Yao looked outside of the car.

  "I heard from Director Gaoabout Mrs. Gu's lawsuit against you. I have already hired a professional team for you. They are lawyers who deal with all kinds of cases for me. They will help you handle the caseand won't let you go to jail." Su Lengmo said.

  Tang Yao’seyeswereflashing,hesitated for a while,thenshe turned around to look at Su Lengmo.

  "Mr. Su, we’re not so familiar with each other. In fact, there is no need for you to get involved in this mess. I believeyour grandpa also thinks so."

  "This is my own business. You just needto protect yourself."

  Tang Yao opened hermouth and suddenly didn’tknow what to say.

  A feeling of embarrassment pervaded the car.

  "Drink it." Su Lengmo tookout a bottle of drink and handed it to Tang Yao. "Relax."

  Tang Yao hesitated for a moment, then reached for the bottle. She opened the lid and took a sip. The sweet mango fragrancefilled herentire mouth, which made her feel better.

  "I didn't expect that you and Sun Yuanqianwould know each other. It seems that you know more people than I think." Su Lengmo said.

  Tang Yaoyu looked at Su Lengmowho was driving carefully. Shecouldn’t figure outwhat he meant by sayingthese, so shenodded seriously.

  "I have known brother Sun and MengMeng since I was young, but they werejust like the prince and princess that everybody envied. I wasjust Cinderella comingfrom a small town. Everyone thought thatI didn’t deserveto have friends like them, but I waslucky. Brother Suntreated me as a younger sister since we were little, so even if my family was poor, I could stillfinish college."

  Speaking of Sun Yuanqianand Sun Meng, Tang Yao's expression was softer and hereyes were beaming with gratitude.

  "It can be said that I wouldn’thave today’s achievements without them."

  "I thought that since the Sun family had helped you so much, you may want to marry him."

  Tangdidn't know whetherhe said this seriously or just for teasing.

  Tang Yao laughed softly and shook her head.

  "That’s impossible. Brother Sun has been like a dream I could never reach since I was a child.He was the prince that I couldn’t get close to. How could I have these dirty thoughts to him?”

  Sun Yuanqianwas seen as a prince from an early age. He was elegant, noble, versatile, gentle and charming ... He had seen all her sufferings. When she was young, Sun Yuanqianseemed like anunreachable princeto her.It would be shameful of her toget any thoughts to him. Therefore, even though when she grew upand gradually became good-looking, she didn’t dare to have any feelingsto Sun Yuanqian, worryingthat they might not be able to regain the previous relationshipif he found out.

  Therefore, in Tang Yao's heart, Sun Yuanqian couldonly be herbrother.

  If Sun Yuanqianknew that he was kicked out of Tang’s selectionfor this reason, he mightbe reallyupset to death.

  Su Lengmo wasso smartthat heknew from Tang Yao's words that it was not that she didn’t want to admire Sun Yuanqianbut she didn’tdare to do so. Because of herfamily, she felt inferior and so stifled her own thoughts.

  "That’s great, I’m not a prince. We are meant to be together."

  Su Lengmo said seriously, which soundedlike a confession.

  Tang Yao's face sankand felt a littleannoyed, "Mr. Su, this joke is not funny at all."

  Su Lengmo gentlytapped on the steering wheelwith his slender fingers anddidn't speak.

  Tang Yao sat up straight, feeling a little distracted about the strong moves of Su Lengmo and the pressure fromGu Shaoze.

  Arriving at Sun Meng's block, Su Lengmo stopped his car and unfastened his seat belt.

  "Tang Yao."

  Tang Yao, who had just unfastened herseat belt, saw a big handstretching over her head. Su Lengmo pulled her close to him with some strength, pushing her lips upward against his.

  Tang Yao goggled. She could only realize that Su Lengmo kissed her again, and then fell into that strong and irresistible kiss.

  Tang Yao didn’t know how long they kissed, butjust felt that all the oxygenseemed to be drawn away from her, and her mind went blank.

  After a few seconds, she came to her senses and raised her hand, wanting to slap him,but was caught by Su Lengmo.

  "Tang Yao, I'm just asking for some interest first. In the future, you can only bemine, here and here. I just had mark onyour body in advance, so no one dared to takeyouaway."

  Su Lengmo pointed to Tang Yao's lips and eyes and said in a strong tone.

  Sun Yuanqianobviously had a crush onTang Yao. Before Tang Yao was fully aware of it, he had to win the woman over first.

  Therewasa wise saying of himas a businessman that who startedfirst would get the best, while the later oneswouldonly get regret.

  Tang Yao was annoyed. "Shameless." After saying that, she opened the door angrily and got out of the car.

  Looking at her stepping on her high heels and walking to Sun Meng, Su Lengmo's cold face softened likethesnowmeltingin spring.

  "Yao Yao." Sun Meng looked at Tang Yao’s redand swelledlipsandsaid witha little worry.

  Tang Yao forced a smile and shook herhead. "Let's go upstairsfirst."

  Sun Meng was about to say something but took it back eventually. She secretly took a look at Sun Yuanqian, and then followed Tang Yao on her high heels.

  "Have a cup of tea." Entering the room, Sun Yuanqianconsideratelymade Tang Yao a cup of tea and said.

  Tang Yao took a sip of warm chrysanthemum tea and gratefully looked at Sun Yuanqian. "thank you, brother sun, and I'm sorry for making youinjured."

  Sun Yuanqianlooked at Tang Yao gently. "It's nothing. I’ve been lookingafteryousince you were a child. You are as important to me as MengMeng. How can I just watch you being bullied? If you keep bing so polite, I'll be angry."

  Tang Yao felt warm in heart. "Brother Sun, you are so nice and gentle. I cannot help wondering who will have such a good luckto marry you."

  Sun Yuanqianwas a little moved and opened his mouth. He almost blurted it out——You couldmarry me, but fortunately he still got hisreason. He was afraid that his abruptness would frighten Tang Yao.

  The more hecaredabout it, the more herestrainedhimself, worryingthat what he didmight frighten her.

  "Yao Yao, if you are envious, why don't you consider accepting my brother? He isstill alone in his 30s. If you don’t take him, he would be alone forhis whole life." Sun Meng sat on the other sideandsaid.

  Tang Yao gave Sun Meng a phoney-angry look. "MengMeng, you areridiculous then. An outstanding man like brother Sun can get any women he wants. Don't always make fun of me. Brother Sun is your elder brother and alsothe big brother Irespectmost."

  Okay, here shewent again.

  Sun Meng helplessly shrugged.

  "I'll prepareyou some fruit."

  Sun Yuan pressed the darkfeelingssurging in his eyes and got upheading for the kitchen.

  "Yao Yao, look, you have broken my bigbrother's heart." Sun Mengsaid.

  Tang Yao didn’t know what to say,so shejust thought thatSun Meng was joking again.

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