Chapter 39 Got Extremely Jealous When the Rivals in Love Met Each Other

  Tang Yao stepped forward and looked at Mrs. Gucalmly. "Mom, it is wrong forme to hurt Shaoze. I will nothave any complaints about what judgement the court will make, but please show some respect. When you insult others, you are also insulting your upbringing."

  Mrs. Gusneered andcalled the lawyer to file a case,andalso toldTang Yao to waitfor the court summon.She wouldn’t just simply let go of this.

  When the lawyer finished all this, Mrs. Gusnorted at Tang Yao and walked away cockily.

  Tang Yao did not give much reaction.

  Pooh! Sun Meng grumpilysaid, "Who the hell is she?"

  Sun Yuanqianwas deeplylooking at Tang Yao with some feelings in hisblack eyes.

  "Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you." He said.

  Tang Yao looked upat Sun Yuanqian. "Brother Sun, I'm not worried. I'm just thinking about how I can fight back and make myself invincible in this case. After all, I still have my career and don't intend to go to jail. I'm not that great. And I won’tstupidlyand passively wait for otherstodecide my fate."

  Sun Yuanqianwas even more moved. The woman in front of him was still the girl in his memory. She looked weak, but actually incrediblystrongdeep inside. When she was in trouble, she was able to calmly make herself invincible.

  Itwasher independence and calmness that made him have a crush on her.

  Sun Meng bumped against Sun Yuanqianand winked at him. Hereyes became very mischievous.

  Sun Yuanqiancoughed softly and glanced at Sun Meng, which meant to tellher not to say anything in front of Tang Yao or to make the relationship become awkward.

  "Yao Yao, let's go. I'll go home and get you a brazier to get rid of the bad luck. We'll fight with thatold woman tomorrow." Sun Meng took Tang Yao's hand and said.

  Tang Yao nodded,but a trace of disappointment flashed across her eyes.Eventually, things just turned nasty with Gu family. After everything that Gu Shaoze did to her,the marriage wouldcome to an end. She got no reason to hang on to it.

  Out of the police station, Tang Yao saw a familiar figure, and she stopped for a whileunconsciously.

  "Su, master Su." Sun Meng looked at the man leaning against the car and stuttered a little.

  Yao had told him to go home. Why washe here?

  SeeingTang Yaocome out, Su Lengmo stood up straight, directly walkingtowards her. When he was getting closer, he took a glance atSun Yuanqian. That glanceseemedto containso many unspoken feelings.

  "I heard that you have gone intothe police station, worrying that you might be wronged, so I came." Su Lengmo said.

  Sun Meng subconsciously looked at herbrother, thinking that they were screwed. With a strong rivalofSu Lengmo , it was not easy for her brotherto win the lady over.

  "Mr. Su, thank you somuch for coming, but there are brother Sun and MengMeng with me. I’m okay." Tang Yao said politely.

  Su Lengmo now was lookingat Sun Yuanqian.Witha man's intuition, he immediately realized that thisman maylike Tang Yao. He got extremely jealous when seeing the rival in love.

  While Su Lengmo was looking at him, Sun Yuanqianwas also looking at him.

  "Mr. Su, I've heard a lot about you, but I haven't got the chance tocooperate with you before. I hope we can have a chance to do business next time."

  Sun Yuanqianheld out his hand. Although Su Lengmo was expressionless, hestill reached out his handand shook with Sun Yuanqian.

  "I’ve also heard about Mr.Sun’s reputationand have been looking for opportunities to cooperate with your company. When there are suitable projects, I will give priority to your company." Su Lengmo said.

  Sun Yuanqian smiled faintly. "Yao Yao and I grew up together since we were children. She isnot only my little sister, but also the woman I cherish most. She told methat Mr. Suhad alwayshelped her, thank you so much."

  Childhood sweethearts. He was trying toget therelationshipbetween him and Tang Yao closer, and also indirectly told Su Lengmo that he and Tang Yao were intimate, but Su Lengmowas just Tang Yao’s ordinary friend.

  Su Lengmo wasnot a fool. Of course, he could understandwhat Sun Yuanqianmeant behind his words.

  "Youarethat Mr. Sun whocaresaboutYao Yaoa lot and is regarded as an elder brother. Nice to meet you."

  Su Lengmo faintly said. He just made the relationship between Sun Yuanqian and Tang Yao as brother and sister. The way he treated Tang Yao was just the way that a brother looked after his sister.

  Sun Yuanqianonly felt upset, because Tang Yao only treated him like a brother since they were children.

  Sun Meng saw the two men arguing with each other,only feeling amused. Both were elites in the business circle. They were as good as each other at the negotiation table, but if they were chasing girls, it was hard to know who would be better.

  "Yao Yao, you are so attractive." Sun Meng got close toTang Yao and whispered playfully.

  Tang Yaorolled her eyesat her. "Thank you,butI am married now."

  Sun Meng encircled her chest with both arms. "You won’t be soon. You can save some menin your pocket, and look for another Mr.right at that time. Don't worry, I'll help you check."

  Tang Yao just smiled and did not respond.

  The marriage with Gu Shaoze had deeplyhurt her. She didn't think she would soon be involved in the next relationship. Moreover, Su Lengmo gota strong background. Only the name of Su family could make her flinch.

  No one knew better than her that how struggling to live in a wealthy and famous family. so she didn’twant to get inagain easily.

  "Mr. Su, I still gotwork to do. I'll invite you to dinner next time if you are free. Thank you for coming here."

  Tang Yao interrupted Su Lengmo's eye contact with Sun Yuanqianand said in a light and distant voice.

  Su Lengmo withdrew his eyes and turned around to look atTang Yao. "I'll sendyouhome,get in the car."

  "No ..."

  "Get in the car."

  Tang Yao didn't want to talk to Su Lengmo about these useless things, and Su Lengmo did help her a lot, so she had to compromise.

  She was just about to follow him when shewas caught on the wrist. She turned around and saw that Sun Yuanqianwas the one who grabbedher.

  "Yao Yao, if you don't want to, don't force yourself." Sun Yuanqianfrowned and said.

  "Brother Sun, it doesn't matter. You can send Meng Meng. I can go with Mr. Su."

  The lady hadsaid so, thenSun Yuanqian got nothing to doeven if he was reluctant. Hehad to let her go, helplessly seeingTang Yao get inSu Lengmo’scar.

  "Brother, it seems that it is not easy for you to chase Yao Yao. With a man like Mr. Su, your chances of winning are not quitehigh." Sun Meng seriouslysaid.

  Sun Yuanqian's faceturned darkand he glared at Sun Meng with some dissatisfaction. "Get in the car."

  Sun Meng shrugged. "Brother, agood medicine tastes bitter. I saidthis for your own good. Yao Yaohas suffered from this marriage. If youwant to chase her, you need to put your heart into it. Yao Yaois now financially independent and doesn't like the little girl any more. Therefore, thetricks of sendingflowers, jewelry and famous-brand bags you used tochase women before are useless in front of her. If you don't want to lose to Mr. Su, you have to show more sincerity,otherwise there is no chancefor you."

  Sun Yuanqian sat into the car, adjusting his tie irritably and saying, “I get it.”

  Looking at Su Lengmo's car driving away slowly in frontof him, Sun Yuanqianfelt it would be diifficultto chaseTang Yao again.

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