Chapter 36 Determined to send her abroad to be imprisoned

  "Shut up." Gu Shaofeng said in a deep voice.

  Gu Shaoyunpulled along faceat him, full of anger.

  "Dad, it was my fault to hurt Shaoze. Whether I did it intentionally or not, it was a fact that I stabbed him. I won't have any complaints about what you will doto me." Tang Yao looked at Gu Shaofeng sincerely and said.

  Gu Shaofeng's expressionless face showed a trace ofsmile. "Yao Yao, don't be nervous, I know you didn't do it on purpose. Overthese years, I knew how much you and Shaoze loved each other. In the end, it was Shaoze who cheatedfirst. Although the newsalso reported about you and Su Lengmo, I only believe in my own judgment and know that you are not that kind of person."

  Tang Yao felt so warm in her heart, at least Gu Shaofeng wasstill willing to see her in the objective side, rather than blindly blame herlike Mrs. Gu.

  "Shaofeng, what do you mean by saying Shaoze did it wrong first? She was also having an affair, and now she even injured Shaoze.I'mtellingyou, Shaoze must divorce her. If you dare to stop it, then we will getdivorcedtoo, and I will turn this family upside down. " Mrs. Guangrilysaid.

  Gu Shaofeng frowned slightly.

  Tang Yao pulled her lips, not havingmuch reactionto Mrs. Gu's words.

  After she hurt Gu Shaoze, she knew that this marriage would eventually come to an end.

  "Dad, I want to go upstairsto see Shaoze."


  Gu Shaofeng loweredhis eyes and thought for a moment, "Yao Yao, it's you and Shaoze who got married, so divorce or not, it's up to you.You can talk with him about it and make a decision.Anyway, I've seen how muchyou have done for the family. Even if you get divorced, I will make it fair toyou."

  Mrs. Guwas so mad that her chest heaved.

  As long as she was alive, Tang Yao won't get any money from this family.

  "Dad, I'm going upstairs."

  Tang Yao got up from the sofa and toldGu Shaofeng. Then she went upstairs.

  Mrs. Gu tried to stop her, but was caught by Gu Shaofeng.

  "Don't be ridiculous."

  "Why did you say that I'm ridiculous? That's my son. Ifthat cheap woman gives Shaozeanother stab, who cancompensate for my loss?"

  Gu Shaofeng directly pulled herupstairs and went into the bedroom, lookingat his wife with dark face.

  "Yang Lan, stop making such a scene. Tang Yao helda lot of our family’s secrets in recent years. If we really fall outwith her, andshe sells the secrets to others,thenit will be a disasterfor our family."

  Gu Shaofeng's voice sank.

  If not necessary, he didn't want tobe Tang Yao's enemy. Tang Yao was a capable woman.Ifit weren't for Gushaoze and Mrs.Guto do things in this way, with Tang Yao's talent, the Gu family would have had a chance to becomparedwith Su family after several years.

  Mrs. Gu didn't want to reconcile. She didn't believe thatTang Yao was so capable. "She is just a humblewoman from a poor family, and only you who would regard her as a treasure. I'mtelling you, I am not going to just let go of this whole thing. As long as our family is willing to sue her, she will go to jail for several years. At that time, not to mention selling the secret,maybe she won't be alive."

  Gu Shaofeng glared at Mrs. Gu. "What do you know? If she is really so incompetent, I wouldn't have puther in such an important position over these years. I've been warning you to be nice to her, but you never listen.Nowshe was no longer faithful to ourfamily. If she really divorces Shaoze and marries Su Lengmo,our family won't have a chance to catch up with the Su family in this life. You evenwant her to go to jail,do you think Su Lengmo will just let you do that?"

  Mrs. Gu 's face turned dark, and her expression became very cruel.

  "I don't care. Shaoze couldn'tget this stabfor nothing."

  "You can goask whetheryour son was willing to take it."

  “ ……”

  Mrs. Guwas angry. Her chest was like weighedby a big stone.

  Gu Shaoze woke up last night and told her not to embarrass Tang Yao, which made her so angry.

  "In a word, you have to calm down. Don't provoke Tang Yao any more."

  After saying that, Gu Shaofeng turned aroundand went out.

  Mrs. Gu gritted her teeth andsneered. How could she let Tang Yao get away from this?


  Tang Yao entered the bedroom, seeing thatGu Shaoze was still sleeping in bed, with bandages on his chest andlookeda little pale.

  She sat down and looked at his sleeping face with complicated eyes. She didn't know how long she had not seen him like this.

  Gu Shaoze seems to have sensed that--- he opened his eyesafter a while.

  "Yao Yao."

  Seeing that wasTang Yao, his voice was hoarse.

  Tang Yao turned about and wiped her tears. When she turned around again, she became alienated.

  "Gu Shaoze, sorry, I shouldn't have hurt you."

  "I'vealso doneit wrong. I'm just jealous that you and Su Lengmo are getting too close. When I recovered, I'll send you abroad. I believe you'll enjoy your leisure life there."

  Gu Shaoze got up from the bed and said anxiously.

  Tang Yao put up a cold face. After the incident last night, shedidn't expect thatGu Shaoze still actedlike this. He was so selfish, only thinking of himself.

  "I will not go abroad. My roots are here."

  Gu Shaoze's face sank and stared at Tang Yao. "Are you really in love with Su Lengmo?"

  Tang Yao was a bit agitated. "Gu Shaoze, I have nothing to do with him. Don't always get himinvolved. It's you thatbetrayed our marriage. I never did anything wrong to you from the beginning to the end."

  "Then go abroad with me. I won’t imprison you, but you must stay under my supervision, or I won't believe you."

  When he was talking, Gu Shaoze want to stretch out his hand to hold Tang Yao's hand. But Tang Yao dodged.

  "Gu Shaoze, let me tell you once again. I won't go abroad and I don't want to be under your control. Please don't be so aggressive."

  Tang Yao took a deep breath. "I find it wrong to have a good talk with you. I will ask my private lawyer to draft divorce agreement. Let's formally get divorced. I don't think it is necessary to keep this marriage going."

  Gu Shaoze's face changed greatly and hestared at Tang Yao fiercely. "Tang Yao, you want to divorce me and then staywith Su Lengmo? Don't ever think about that. You can only be mine in this life. Even if I destroy you, I won't let you be with other men."

  Tang Yao only felt frightened of thatGu Shaoze would say such a thing.

  "Gu Shaoze, I have nothing to do with Su Lengmo. Since you and Chen Yuan were together, there have been problems in our marriage. I am not your doll and will not be your property for the rest of my life."

  Gu Shaoze sneered, walking close to Tang Yao.

  Tang Yao stepped backward. Gu Shaoze's smile was distorted, and his eyes flashed with insanity.

  "Yao Yao, I won't let you run away this time. You have promisedme,soyou need to keep your promise,or you will bea badgirl."

  Tang Yao finally knew that there was no need to talk to Gu Shaoze. He was now determined that the reason why she insisted on divorcing him wasthat she had cheated on him andfell in love with Su Lengmo, so he wanted to put her under house arrest as his own property.

  Seeing Gu Shaoze like this, she was really afraid.

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