Chapter 35 You shouldn't have driven Su Lengmo away

  Sun Meng wasactually quite afraid of Su Lengmo. This man has achieved so much at a young age. It wasconceivablethathow powerful he was.

  "Mr. Su, I am justconsidering for Yao Yao. Well. It's her honor to have a friend like you, but I don't want your relationship to bring her into trouble. You know what I mean?"

  Sun Meng swallowed andpulled up hercourage to say it again.

  "I won't let her get into such mess."

  After saying that, Su Lengmoleftdirectly.

  Sun Mengfinally got relieved, thinking thatit was so exhaustingto talk with a manlike Su Lengmo.

  Going back to the ward, she saw that Tang Yao was standing by the window quietly looking at the scenery outside the window.

  "Yao Yao." Sun Meng called her with worry.

  Tang Yao turned around, herfacewasstill pale.

  "Don't worry. I'm not that stupidto jump from here."

  Sun Meng went over to pull her back andconsideratelyclosedthe window.

  "Yao Yao, now you are put at a distinct disadvantage. You shouldn’t havedrivenaway Su."

  "We are just ordinary friends. I gotno reason to accept his help. Besides, this is purely my personal business."

  Sun Meng sighed and felt that Tang Yao was terribly stubborn in some ways. If she really wanted to make use of her contacts, she would not be oppressedso harshly by Mrs. Gu.

  When she wasabout to say something, the housekeeper of Gu family knocked at the door and came in.

  "Mistress, Mrs.Gusaid that if you have felt all right now, please go back home. The car is waiting outside."

  The housekeeper walked to the bed, took a look of Tang Yao, and said politely.

  Sun Meng was suddenly filled with anger.Whatwaswrong with this family?How could they not let her rest after hurting her like this? Gu Shaoze’slife wasprecious, so was Tang Yao!

  "Get out."

  Sun Meng took the apple on the table and threw it on the housekeeper.

  "Go back and tell thatold woman, don't think that Gufamily willreallybe able to do anything in Jin City. The reason why Yao didn’t say anything was because she wanted to show some respect to that old woman. Tell her to save herself some dignity.No one is afraid of her." Sun Meng angrily said.

  The butler was not angry when the apple was thrown at him, but looked at Tang Yao and said, "mistress, please."

  Sun Meng was even angrier and felt that people of that family were socruel.

  Tang Yao grabbed her hand and gently shook herhead at her. "Meng Meng, you go home first and I'll go back to the Gu’s villa."

  Sun Meng pattedher hands and glared at her angrily. "Yao Yao, what are you thinking about?Going backtoGu’s home nowmeans walking right to the trap. I can't let you go back. Either you letme go with you or I will call the police now."

  Eventually, Tang Yao had to agree toletSunMeng go with her.

  Sitting in the car, Tang Yao looked at the scenery outside the window and did not say anything.

  Sun Meng was full of anger, so she even didn't know what to say.


  In another car, Yu Yunsheng just tooka phone call and gave Su Lengmo a playfullook, and then hung up the phone.

  "Lengmo, you are right. As soon as you left, the Gu familysentsomeone to pick up your girl. If you go to the Gu's housenow, you may be able to save the beauty like a charming princeonce again." Yu Yunsheng said.

  Su Lengmo calmly leafed through the newspaper in his hand. "I won't go."

  Yu Yunsheng looked at him suspiciously. "This is not like you."

  "It is enough for a hero to save the beautyonce. If I save her so many times,shemaytreatme as a lifeguard.Only when I show up after they made it so hard for her to tolerate, willshe finally know about the kindness of me.”

  "I see."

  Yu Yunsheng smiledmeaningfully. Only when a good knife came in handy, could it show its sharpness.

  Although Su Lengmo said that, he still took out his cellphone and made a phone call, arrangingseveral strong and agile bodyguards to protect Tang Yao in the dark. If she was really in danger, they could help.

  Yu Yunsheng touched his hand playfully. "It seemedthat you have been deeply in lovethis time, but if you want to marry her, it won’t be easy for your parents and grandpa to accept her. I'm afraid she will encounter as many difficulties in your family at that timeas she had in Gu’sfamily."

  Su Lengmo closed the newspaper and stared at the front. "But I won't be Gu Shaoze orlet her go through the same terrible experiencesagain."

  Yu Yunshengnodded, knowing that Su Lengmo was seriousthis time, so he also attached more importance toTang Yao.


  Arriving at the Gu’s house, Tang Yao and Sun Meng were frightened by the scene that the Gu family made as soonas they got off the car.

  There were two rows of bodyguardsin black suits. Those who didn’t know the truth might thought that they hadentered the gangsters’place.

  Sun Meng quirked her lipsand pinched Tang Yao's finger.

  "Don't be afraid. I have already called the police and informed my bigbrother. If I don't call him in half an hour, he will comehere." Sun Meng whispered.

  "Meng Meng, don't be ridiculous. Call your brother andtell himthat you were only joking. I just went back to my husband's family, not going to some extreme dangerous places." Tang Yao said and didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

  Sun Meng didn’t listenand followed Tang Yao closely to prevent those men in black from rushingto her.

  But the group of bodyguards actually hadsome goodnature,theydid not rush over them, so Tang Yao and Sun Meng smoothlygotinto the villa.

  In addition to Mrs. Gu and Gu Shaoyun, Gu Shaofeng was also there, who wasGu Shaoze and Gu Shaoyun's father.

  Tang Yaoheld her hands. Gu Shaofeng had been taking greatcare of her over the years. Despite all difficulties, he let her put her talent in practice in Gu Group. If it weren't for him, she wouldn't have grown so fast in the company.

  Tang Yao respectedGu Shaofeng, so she was afraid that he wouldbe disappointed at herbecause of Gu Shaoze.

  Mrs. Gustared at Tang Yao, wanting totear her face.

  "Tang Yao, get down on your knees." Mrs. Guthrew her cup on the ground and said angrily.

  Sun Meng stepped forward and hidTang Yao behind her, looking at Mrs. Guwith a sneer. "Mrs. Gu, you were acting like you got so muchpower. Do you thinkit was still in the ancient times?Now you still wanted to make people kneel down. Your face couldprobably be as big as a cake."

  Mrs. Guwas soangrythat herface twitched. "Sun, kickthis woman out of my family. Who do you think you are?How could you dare to lecture me inmy house?”

  Sunstepped forward and wanted to invite Sun Meng out, but Gu Shaofeng wavedtohim and let him leave.

  "Yao Yao." Gu Shaofengsaid.

  Tang Yao stepped forward, "Dad."

  Gu Shaofeng pointed to the sofa on the other side, "Sit down."

  Tang Yao nodded and took Sun Meng to sit down.

  Mrs. Gu's angry face became a little distorted. If it weren't for Gu Shaofeng's presence, she would have jumped up and had a fight with Tang Yao like last night.

  This woman dared to hurt her son, and she mustmake her pay the price.

  Gu Shaofeng gave Mrs. Gu a warninglookand looked back atTang Yao with gentle eyes.

  "I had saw the monitor at home yesterday. Your mother-in-law was a little impulsive. Don't take it personally." Gu Shaofeng said.

  "Dad, brother was hurt like this by this woman. Why did you say that momwas impulse? Don’t you worry that we will be upset becauseyou show favor to her."

  Gu Shaoyun said with dissatisfaction.

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