Chapter 34 I will help you fix it

  Thinking of Tang Yao’s cuteness just now, Su Lengmochuckled again.

  "Tang Yao, you weresolovely just now."

  Hiding in the quilt, Tang Yao felt her facebecame a little hot.

  "I'll help you with the issues with Gu family."

  The heat of her face cooled downand Tang Yao became a little worried.

  Tomorrow must be another stressful day, because people of the Gu family would not just simply forgive her.

  "Sleep, I'm here."

  Su Lengmo kissed Tang Yao on the cheek across the quilt.

  Throughthe quilt, Tang Yao wasa little terrified and her look slowly became very complicated. Shethought that she would just havea nodding acquaintance with Su Lengmo, but now, when she was completely unprepared, Su Lengmo just came into her life without any permission.

  Tang Yao fell asleep with a complicated thought.

  The next day, she didn’t get the chance to call Sun Meng yet.Sun Menghad alreadyhurried to the ward, and even met with Yu Yunsheng who came to Su Lengmo.

  "Hello, gorgeous."

  Yu Yunshenggave a filthywhistle.

  Sun Meng waved herfist, "Shut up, or I'll beat you."

  Yu Yunsheng looked at Sun Meng with great interest. She was freaking hot, whichwas his favorite type.

  Sun Meng justdirectly pushedthe door open and got in, regardless of what Yu Yunsheng wasthinking.

  "Meng Meng, why are you here?"

  Tang Yao was havingbreakfast when she saw Sun Meng, feelinga little surprised.

  Sun Meng came herein a hurry. But when she saw thatTang Yao was still in the mood for breakfast,she couldn't help laughing with anger.

  "Yao Yao, you are living a quite exciting life recently. At first,Gu Shaoze cheated, then you kissedMr. Su. Now, all the news said thatyou murdered your husband. These days are so exciting. If I hadn't askedsomeone to investigate, I wouldhaveneverknown that you were in the hospital. Now that you are safe and can havebreakfast here, why didn't you tryto call me? I was so worried that I almost hit someonewhen I was driving here."

  As soon as Sun Meng wasworried, the way she spoke would become extremely blunt, without pausing.

  "Meng Meng, I didn't wake up until 2 a.m. I wanted to call you, but I didn’t want to wake youup.Please don’t get angry with me."

  "Did youknow how many calls I gaveto you yesterday, but no one answered it? Forget it. It's meaningless to say these things now, as long as you're okay. I'm hungrytoo."

  Tang Yao gave Sun Meng another breakfast, then noticed Yu Yunsheng behind her, so she looked at Sun Meng rather confusedly.

  "Meng Meng, is this your friend?"

  Before Sun Meng could answer, Yu Yunsheng went up to herand put on a shining smile that he thought was handsome."Hello, sister-in-law, I'm Yu Yunsheng, Su Lengmo's buddy. With the relationshipbetween you and him, I'm surethatyou've heard my name."

  Sorry, I really didn't hear about that.

  Tang Yao whispered in herheart.

  She nodded faintly to Yu Yunsheng. "Hello, Mr. Yu, I'm Tang Yao. You can call me by my name. Su and I normally are just business partners. So I won’t beyour sister-in-law. Besides, my husband and I are not divorcedyet."

  Yu Yunsheng whistled and playfully watched Su Lengmo.

  Sun Mengrolled her eyes atYu Yunsheng,"Mr. Yu, please don't make it up. No one likes that.Thank you."

  Yu Yunsheng touched his nose and looked at Sun Mengwith great interest. He liked suchtemper.

  Sun Meng didn’t want to talk with Yu Yunsheng and turned around to see Tang Yao. "Yao Yao, since you have stabbedthat bastard,Gu Shaoze. The old woman——Mrs.Gu,wouldcertainly not let you go. I asked my brother to find a place for you. We can go there and stay away from the troubleand come back after this thing’s gone."

  Tang Yao smiled and shook herhead. "Meng Meng, it’s okay.I had made a mistake. If the Gu family really suesme, I will be accused of escaping from punishment when they can’t findme. Although I am not wealthy, there is one thing that I’m good at,which is thatI dare to take responsibility."

  Sun Meng was somewhat helpless, but she couldn’t make the choice for Tang Yao.

  Yu Yunsheng started to have a different impression onTang Yao. At first,he thought Tang Yao was a delicatewoman, becauseshe was so beautiful, anyone who saw her at first glance would believe that she needed to be protected by man. Men would just make every effort to protect a woman like her if she could just playcoquetry.

  Therefore, if Tang Yao could just beg Su Lengmo for help, then what the Gu family would do to her won’t matter any more.

  "Ms. Tang, you got Su Lengmo here. As long as you can just give him your puppy eyes, youwill no longer have to worry anything."

  Then Yu yunsheng gave Su Lengmo a knowing wink.However, before Su Lengmo was about to say anything, Tang Yao turned down the offer immediately.

  "Mr.Yu, Mr.Su, thank you very much for your help yesterday. When I recoveredand if you are available,I must invite you guys to dinner to showmy gratitude."

  Tang Yao looked at Sun Meng and said, "Meng Meng, please help me walk Mr.Suand Mr. Yuout. I’m not feeling good, so I need to get some sleep now."

  Yu Yunsheng looked at Tang Yao unbelievably. Su Lengmo's face also turned dark.

  "Mr.Su, thank you for helpingYao Yao. I can take good care of her now. You must be tired after being hereall day and night.Why don't you go backhometo have some rest? You can come here anytime when you are available."

  Sun Meng carefully looked at Su Lengmo and then asked him to leave tactfully.

  Su Lengmopressed his lips and looked at Tang Yao with his unfathomable eyes, and said nothing.

  Sun Meng touchedhernose and felt a little uneasy. She was afraid that Su Lengmo would think that Tang Yao was so ungrateful. A guy with such a status like him had never been so low-profile to please a woman, and, what’s worse,that woman didn’t appreciate it.

  "Yao Yao, what about letting Mr. Sustay a little longer?" Sun Meng said.

  If shedrove people awayin such a hurry,it might make others feel like she was kicking down the ladder.

  Su Lengmodidn’t say anything yet witheyes fallingon Tang Yao.That kind of look made them feel that he was eagerly waiting for her to say something.

  Sun Meng was a little anxiousand went to pull Tang Yao's clothes. But Tang Yao pretended that she didn’t see it.

  "Meng Meng, help me walk the guestsout. I'm feelinga little uncomfortable, I want toliedown."

  Sun Meng embarrassingly smiled toSu Lengmo and wanted to askthem to leave, then a man in black suit just came in at the right time.

  "boss, Sir Su’s call."

  Su Lengmo regained his gazeand took the phone.


  They didn’t know what the one on the other side was saying,butSu Lengmo’s facebecame a bit serious.

  "I'll go back now." After saying that, he hung up the phone directly.

  "Yun Sheng, let's go."

  Su Lengmo stopped looking at Tang Yao and turned around to leave.

  Before he left, Yu Yunsheng looked at Tang Yao, who was lying in bed pretending to sleep. He shrugged slightly and thenkeep up with the pace of Su Lengmo.

  Sun Meng felta little worriedand followed up, stopping Su Lengmo at the edge of the corridor.

  "Mr. Su."

  Su Lengmo stopped his steps and turned around to look at Sun Meng.

  "Mr. Su, thank you very much for your help to Yao Yao. I don't know if the photos of you and Yao Yaokissing in the newsare real, but obviously, the things that you did to herhave crossed the line. No matter what, she is Gu Shaoze's wife. You cameto Gu’s house and tookher away which caused quite a stir in the circle. This will make Yao get into trouble.I hope you can keep the distance with her."

  Sun Meng looked at Su Lengmo and said very seriously.

  Su Lengmo pressed his lips and looked like telling others not to come close to him.

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