Chapter 33 Tang Yao is So Cute In That Way

  Tang Yao looked at the porridge near her and was somewhat embarrassed. "Mr. Su, I'll eat it by myself."

  Su Lengmo didn’t force her either. He gave the porridge directly to her.

  Tang Yao ate slowly. Su Lengmo was probably a little hungry too, so he took another one.

  "Mr. Su, you can go back first.I will be all right on my own.My friend will come to find me in the morning."

  Although it seemed to kick down the ladder, Tang Yao didn’t want to have too much connections with Su Lengmonow. She couldn’texplainclearly the relationship with him now. If someone gossiped that Su had been taking care of her for all night. Who knew what kind of rumor would spread at that time?

  "Yao Yao, there are newsallabout you and me now. It seems a little late for you to get rid of me."

  Su Lengmo directly saw through Tang Yao’mind.

  Tang Yao was a little embarrassed. After all, it was Su Lengmo who saved her. It seemed a little unkindfor her to drive himaway directly.

  "Gu Shaoze, is heokay?" Being silentfor a moment, Tang Yao asked.

  Su Lengmo’s hand holding the spoon stopped for a minute when he heard this, then he atea mouthful of porridge as if nothing had happened. "He’s fine."

  Tang Yaofelt relieved as long as he was all right. She got no options back then, because Gu Shaoze had become so scary. She was afraid that if she didn’t do anything, Gu would really send her abroad. Then she would get no chance to escape from him. She couldn’t let herself getinto such amiserable condition.

  "Tang Yao, I didn't think you could bethat impulsive. Tell me, why didyou stabGu Shaoze?" Su Lengmo asked.

  Tang Yao gave him a complicated look and then continued eating theporridge.Apparently,she didn’t wantto talk about it.

  "Tang Yao, you should know that the current situation is very unfavorable to you. If you don't tell meclearly, I'm afraid it won't be easyfor meto protect you. In other words, you may go to jail."

  Su Lengmo frowned and told her the worst scenario.

  Of course, this wasonly the worst situation.With him by her side, he won’t let anything happen to Tang Yao.

  "Mr. Su, I understand.I had thought about this when I stabbedhim, but I had to do it at that time. Please don't ask me anything about thisfor now. I want to finishthisporridge quietly." Tang Yao said lightly.

  The relationship between her and Gu Shaoze wascompletelya deadlock. With the spite of Mrs.Gu to her, they might only make things more difficultto her.

  Su Lengmo took a look at her anddidn't say anything.

  In the ward, itbecame very quiet, only occasionally came the sound of chewing.

  After finishingtheporridge, Tang Yao got out of bed and wanted to go to the bathroom. Su Lengmo was worried about her, so he followed behind her. Tang Yao looked at him helplessly.

  "Mr. Su, I just injuredmy head andit mightlook serious. In fact, I was able to go to the bathroomby myself."

  Su Lengmo stepped back and let her in.

  Tang Yao went into the bathroomand stood in front of the mirror, looking at her pale face andhead wrapped in gauze, smiling wryly.

  This wasreally a mess.

  They might said that she cheated first and then tried to murder her husband. This kind of news wouldcertainly cause quite a stir. At that time,everyone would believe that she was a Femme Fatale.

  Obviously, the public remark was on her side when Gu Shaozecheated. As long as she took advantage ofit, even if theygot divorced, the Gu family would never treatherunfairly. But now, things had ended up like this. All the dirty water would be poured on her. She would not only lose her job, but might also be sued by theGufamily and go to jailfor the next three to ten years.

  Tang Yao turned on the tap and splashed water on herface.Thegauze on her foreheadgot wet.

  Seeing the wet gauze on her headwhen she came outof the bathroom, Su Lengmo’s face turned dark. He strode forward and bracedherdirectly against the wall.

  "Why are you so careless?" Su Lengmoasked her in a deep voice.

  Tang Yao was a little agitated and felt that Su Lengmo was going too far on her business. Besides, if he hadn't kissed her suddenly outside the villa, things wouldn't have happened like this. So she couldn't help being agitated.

  She pushed away Su Lengmo, took a deep breathand thenrepressed her anger deep inside, revealingalienation and politeness.

  "Mr. Su, I am very grateful to you for helping me over and over again, but that doesn't mean you can control everything I want to do."

  After saying that, Tang Yao walked to the bed, buther hand was caught by Su Lengmo before she could walk three more steps. Then heused morestrength to make Tang bracedagainst the wall.

  Tang Yao glared at Su Lengmo and was about to say something.ButSu Lengmo directly kissedheron thelips, grabbed her hands and pressedagainsther body directly to prevent her from moving.

  At first, he was kissing her for punishing her, but then things turned a little ambiguous. Su Lengmobecame gentler and Tang Yao's eyes became a little blurred. Instead of struggling, she was about to lose her mind.

  When they were separated from each other, Tang Yao's eyes were stilla little sluggish.

  Seeing her like this, Su Lengmo chuckled.

  Hearing the laughter, Tang Yao regained her composure. But she blankly gazed at him again when she saw the warm smileon his face.

  Su Lengmo had an attractive and charming face but he usually made others feel that it was not easy to get close to him when he was emotionless.Now it seemedlike a spring breezebrushing across her face when he was smiling.He was nothing less than Gu Shaoze who had the temperament like a prince.

  Tang Yao shook herhead, accusing herself of thinkingof Gu Shaoze.The man was no longer the man that she used to know.

  Su Lengmo held Tang Yao's head in his hands. "Don't shake it, be careful to makeyourself silly."

  Tang Yao’s heart started beating up and down uncontrollably,hereyes flashing a few times. Then shepushed Su Lengmo’s hands away, and moved to the other sideto keep a safe distancefrom Su.

  "Mr. Su, I have a husband. I hope you can remember this." Tang Yao put ona seriousface,and said in a deliberately alienatedway.

  Su Lengmo stepped forward, and Tang Yao started moving backward to the bed. Then she almost fell on the bed without paying attention. Su Lengmo quickly put his armsaround her waistand held her back.Their bodies weregetting really close.

  Tang Yao couldeven smell the faint fragranceof cologne on Su Lengmo.His chest was sostrong, invisiblygiving hera sense of security.

  But soon, Tang Yao regained her composure and realized that they were getting too close.

  She pushed Su Lengmo away, took her cell phone and tried to call Sun Meng, but the phone was taken awaybu Su.

  "It's 3: 00 a.m. now, even if you want to callsomeone, you have to wait till dawn."

  Su Lengmo said. Tang Yao glanced at him and felt a little angry.

  "Give it to me."

  "Tang Yao, the doctor said that you hada little concussion. You'd betterget more rest."

  "Mr. Su, if it weren't for you, I would have slept soundly in bed now."

  Great, now she got the energy towrangle with him.

  "Tang Yao, since you are so energetic, why don't we do something meaningful?"

  Su Lengmo startedapproachingher.

  Tang Yaowasfrightened. Shequickly movedto bed and pulled the quiltoverto cover herwhole body.

  Then, there came the deep laughterofSu Lengmo. Tang Yao feltso annoyed and ashamed.

  Looked what she just did! She couldn’t figure out why she was such a coward andalways let Su Lengmo see her embarrassment.

  "Stop laughing."

  Tang Yao angrilytook the pillow under herhead and threw it at Su Lengmo.

  Su Lengmo took it and bent over, which almostmade himtouch Tang Yao's nose.

  Tang Yao hurriedly pulled over the quilt to cover herselfagain. Shesaidin a muffled voice, "Su Lengmo, stay away from me."

  Su Lengmo just thoughtthat Tang Yao wassointeresting in this way and full of childlike innocence. She wasno longer that noble, elegant, dignified and tactful woman that he had seen at previous banquets. That kind of her waslike a lady modelspecially designedfor theupper-class circles, whichwas nothing like herself. However, at this moment, she wouldbe irritated, get angry, blush with shame and showed more of her own personality.

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