Chapter 32 Their relationship has slightly changed

  "Mom, don't get angry, be careful of your body. Su Lengmo is not easy to deal with.Doyou really want to injure him? In that case, we will be wrong. If we have toappease Su Lengmo, then how can we make trouble to Tang Yao?" Gu Shaoyun said in order tocalm Mrs.Gu down.

  Mrs. Gu was still angry.

  "Su Lengmo was absolutely bold. This hasn’t been over. I must talk to his grandfather.Let’s see if he cares about his grandson."

  Gu Shaoyun's eyes rolled and she felt it was a good thing that Su Lengmo came here to grab TangYaoaway.

  "Mom, don't be angry. It would only prove that Tang’s relationship with him was true after Su Lengmo came here to take her away. We got the video to prove it. Even if dad and brother wanted to defend Tang Yao, they would absolutely get nothing to say after watching the video. Then Tang Yao will definitely get out of our family with nothing."

  Hearing that, Mrs. Gu had a second thought. She thought what Shaoyun said was right, then a smile finally appeared on her face.

  The reason why she did so many things was to kick Tang Yao out of the family.


  Arriving at the hospital, Su Lengmo asked the doctor to examine Tang Yao carefully to see if a minor operation was needed.

  After the doctor finished the examination, he put the wound dressing for Tang Yao and wrapped the wound with clean gauze.

  "Mr.Su, Ms.Tang suffered a bit of concussion and needed to be observed for two days. She needed to be keep in a good mood in this condition. It is better not to provoke her." The doctor helped Tang Yao put on a drip and told Su.

  Su Lengmo nodded.

  "Mr. Su, if there is nothing else, we’ll leave first."


  When the doctors and nurses left, Su Lengmo stood by the bed and looked at Tang Yao lying on the bed with gentle eyes.

  In a coma, she looked pale without the calmnessthat could be seen when she was awake. Now she looked fragile, which made others want to protect her.

  Hearing footsteps approaching, Su Lengmo covered the gentleness of his eyes and turned into coldness to be seen in front of others.

  He turned around and looked at the man who had just dared to shoot the Gu family’s bodyguard.

  "Lengmo, is this the women that you can’t forget about? I didn't expect that you like a married woman. "

  The man put his hands around his chest, lookingat Tang Yao, and sayingwith sarcasm.

  Su Lengmo looked at him coldly. "Yu Yunsheng, keep your hands off her."

  Yu Yunsheng shrugged and looked at Su Lengmo with a vaguesmile. "Why are you so cold? I just saved you with my troops, buddy. It doesn’t matter that you don't feel grateful, but what’s the warning?”

  Su Lengmo went straight to the sofa and sat down, crossing his legs and looking at Yu Yunsheng. "When did you leave the army and why didn't you tell me when you came back?"

  Yu Yunsheng sat on the other side, picked up the apple on the table and directly took a bite. "Yesterday, I was thinking about changing my orientation. I felt a little bit tired after staying in the special force for seven years, so I want to come back and take over the business of my family. We can fight together in the future."

  Su Lengmo took a look at Yu Yunsheng and knew what he said was a lie. They hadknown each other for so many years. How could he not know that Yu liked the free and exciting life of the army, and all the guns and bullets. Otherwise, it was impossible to stay in the special forces for so many years. However, the Yu family had been a bit unstable recently. As a member of Yu family, he couldn’t stay out of it.

  "Have you thought it over?"

  "Yes, it's not that bad to return to the life of the past, but I'm afraid I’ll beat those guys who take advantage of their seniority."

  Su Lengmo’s lip curved, revealing a light smile.

  Yu Yunsheng looked at Tang Yao on the bed with great interest.

  "Your woman was bullied by the Gu family like that. What are you going to do?"

  "It’s never too late if a noble man wants to get his revenge, just take my time."

  Yu Yunsheng whistled, "I sympathize with those who dare to piss you off. They are so short-sighted. How could they ask people to block you? What a group of brave warriors!

  Su Lengmo gave a cold smile and said nothing.

  Yu Yunsheng continued biting the apple. He was very happy to eat that apple.

  "Did the old man know you are back?" Su Lengmo asked.

  Yu Yunsheng threw the apples he had eaten into the garbage can, and picked up the second one to eat. He shook his head after eating several apples.

  "I haven't gone back yet. I went wild last night. I wanted to call you out, but was not able to make it. Then I saw the newspaper today and gave a phone call to your secretary when I felt bored. After hearing her sayingthat you came to Gu family, I immediately brought a group of my men to support you. How about that? Aren’t youmoved?" Yu Yunsheng said.

  "I think you just want to see the drama."

  Yu Yunsheng laughed and did not deny it.

  After laughing, he pointed to Tang Yao. "Lengmo, the woman you like is Gu Shaoze's wife. I'm afraid that it's not easy for you to explain it to your grandpa and your parents. You have to wait until she getsdivorced. Otherwise, since they are all in the same circle,I'm afraid it's a bit embarrassingfor them to confront Gulater."

  Su Lengmo didn’t care about that at all. He had a crush on that woman, then he neededto make a move first.

  Yu Yunsheng looked at him and knew that he didn't take his words seriously and didn't say anything more.

  Tang Yao woke up at two o'clock in the morning. As soon as she opened her eyes and looked at the white overhead under the faint light, she couldn’t figure out where she was. She was in a daze for several seconds, and then what happened during the day instantly poured into her mind.

  Shesubconsciously heldthe sheets, and felt a little pain in her head.

  She stabbed Gu Shaoze. Mrs. Gu even wantedto have her arrested. Then she passed out, knowing nothing about what happened afterwards.

  All she knew now was that she and Gu Shaoze were completely over. The marriage was completely cut off with that stab.

  Tang Yao looked at the ceiling with her eyes open. And her eyes gleamed with confusion.

  "You are awake."

  There was a sudden male voice. Following the sound, Tang Yao lookedaround, only to find that therewassomeone sitting on the sofa. Then she took a closer look, that was Su Lengmo.

  Tang Yao's eyes became somewhat complicated.

  "Drink some water."

  Su Lengmo got up, walked to the front of the drinking fountain, took Tang Yao a glass of water, walked to the bed, carefully helped her up, and handed the cup to her mouth.

  Tang Yao hesitatedfora while, and finally opened her mouth to drink.

  After drinking, she looked at Su Lengmo and said, "Thank you."

  Su Lengmo carefully let her lie down and covered her with the quilt, "What do you want to eat? I'll go down and buy it for you. "

  Tang Yao licked her lips and slowly sat up from the bed. "Mr. Su, thank you for taking me to the hospital. It's getting late now. You must be tired after taking care of me whole day. You can go home first. I'll just call my friend Sun Meng."

  Su Lengmo looked at Tang Yao and directly made a phone call to ask someone to send up some porridge that waseasy to digest.

  Over ten minutes later, a bodyguard in black suit came up with a bag of porridge.

  "Boss, this is what you ask for."

  Su Lengmo took over and told him to leave.

  Walking back inside, Su Lengmo opened the bag and took out five porridgeswith different flavors.

  Su Lengmo cooled one of them and took a spoon to scoop some porridge and handed it to Tang Yao.

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