Chapter 31 Stop it

  Su Lengmo held Tang Yao up and went downstairs. But when Mrs. Gu gave the command, several strong male servants rushed in and stopped him.

  "Mrs. Gu, Tang Yao is my girl now, let me see who dares to touch her at this time."

  Su Lengmo coldly scanned the male servants and then finally looked at Mrs. Gu, sayingin a cold tone.

  Although Mrs. Gu sort offeared the Su family, the Gu family was not easy to be trifled with. Besides, Tang Yao was the daughter-in-law of the Gu family. How could Su Lengmo just come up here and take heraway?

  "Mr. Su, I don't care what you and Tang Yao have done behind Shaoze, but she is now my daughter-in-law and the wife of Shaoze. It's not reasonable for you to come here and take her away. If you don't want everyone in the city to know that she has conspired with the heir of the Su family to murder her husband, then put her down right now, otherwise, don't blame me for not being polite."

  Mrs. Gu stepped forward and acted like awealthy noble lady.

  Su Lengmo put on a grim face with the whole body making others feel gloomy.

  "I'm taking her away today." After saying that, he held Tang Yao up and directly walked away.

  Mrs. Gu's body trembled with anger. Su Lengmo was going too far. How daredhe take herfrom here?

  "Why are you still standing there? Stop him right now. I'd like to see whether the old man of Su family would like to take care of this. His grandson dared to take this bitch away from me." Mrs. Gu said with anger.

  The male servants rushed forward, trying to take Tang Yao away from Su Lengmo, but Su Lengmo dodged them briskly and even raised his feet to kick another servant directly.

  There were five tall and strong servants, but nobody could take Su down.

  After dealing with the servants, Su Lengmo put down Tang Yao, took out his cell phone and called people on the line to bring some men here.

  Mrs. Gu felt dizzy with anger. Su Lengmo was actually being unruly. Not only did he comehere to make a scene, but also called peoplecominghere. Did he actually think that the Gu’s villa was a market where anyone could just simply get in?

  "Su Lengmo, don't push too far. This is the Gu’s house. If I tell your grandfather about what you did here, then no matter how, t your family was in the wrong. Think about it."

  Mrs. Gu came down, Gu Shaoyun also hurriedly followingdown.

  "Mr. Su, I believe that thing between you and my sister-in-law were just temporary. It must be my sister-in-law that has seduced you. As long as you put her down, we can forgive all you have done. Just hand her over. You don’t need to be blamed for such a woman who isa vampand even dared to murder her husband."

  Gu Shaoyun toughly said but felt a little scared deep inside.

  Su Lengmo took a look at Gu Shaoyun. "She is worth it." Then he left away holding Tang Yaoin his arms .

  Gu Shaoyun was hopping mad. She didn't understand which part of this woman was so good that deserved so many men to be fascinated by her.

  Mrs. Gu ferociously looked at the back of Su Lengmo. Eventually, she might be insanely angry, so she stopped worrying about Su family and made a phone call to have the entire villa's bodyguards come here.

  Therefore Su Lengmo was stopped by a group of bodyguards with guns when he was going out.

  Su Lengmo coldly looked at all these people, then sneered.

  He looked down at Tang Yao who was in a coma with a small wrinkled face, and saw that her cheeks seemed to be turning red slowly. He put his face against her cheek, feeling the burning hot.

  His eyes slightly changed. Tang Yao was having a fever, which may be caused by the wound on her head.

  Gu family was not going to let people go even if they had already made her like this. Did they really want to force him?

  At this moment, Su Lengmo had the urge to finish this family.

  "Su Lengmo, put her down. Don't cause unnecessary conflicts between Su and Gu family just for an irrelevant woman." Mrs. Gu said.

  Su Lengmo just took Tang Yang straight to the gate.

  Mrs. Gu knew that Su Lengmo was not someone that she could easily deal with, but she couldn't ask the bodyguards to hurt him. Otherwise, she couldn't explain to the Su family. But the Gu family would lose face if she just let Su Lengmo take her away.

  "Go on, no matter what you use, you have to get the lady back." Mrs. Gu stared at Su Lengmo and yelled.

  She had givenhim the chance, but it was Su Lengmo that didn’t know to appreciate. If he really wanted to take Tang Yao away, then don’t blame her being rude. Even if the Su family came here to confront her, she still got the reason to argue with them.

  Just when the group of bodyguards wanted to rush up to him, Su Lengmo's men drove in with several military cars and even some shouted at them with horns.

  "Stop it, or we'll shoot."

  Looking at several men in military uniforms on the car with guns pointing to her and Mrs. Gu, Gu Shaoyun felt a little afraid.

  For the first time, she realized that Su Lengmo was so powerful that he could call so many people here in such a short period of time. And some of them seemed to be soldiers or military enthusiasts. It seemed that none of them were easy to deal with.

  "Mom, why don't we let Mr. Suleave first? The two families would lose face if we made a scene here. We don't need to offend the Su family for a cheap woman. We will get plenty of opportunities to lecture her later." Gu Shaoyun whispered.

  Compared with lecturing Tang Yao, obviously there was no need to offend Su Lengmo.

  Mrs. Gu also knew about this truth. But She felt a little embarrassed if she just let Su take heraway.

  When she was still wandering, the people called by Su drove the car over and stopped at the distance of 3 meters.

  They were coming at her way, one by one with a gun with vigorous pace. Meanwhile, the group of well-trained bodyguards of the Gu family also had guns on them.

  "Oh, this is just getting real. OK. Since I haven't practiced shooting for a long time. Today, I can practice on you guys."

  One of them raised his gun, aimed at the bodyguard in the center and fired directly. The bullet hit the ground under the man's feet. The gunfire had startled Mrs. Gu and Gu Shaoyun.

  They were just two pampered women, who only went shopping, brought famous brand things and played cards, never seeing the real shooting.

  So when these people started shooting, it actually scared them.

  "Su Lengmo, tell your men not to shoot. This is a society ruled by law. Don't think nobody can touch your family." Mrs. Gu was shouting like a paper tiger.

  Su Lengmo walked away directly with Tang Yao in his arms. Mrs. Gu told the bodyguards to stop him. The man who shot before then shot again. The attitude of him was very arrogant. Even one of them pointed a gun at Mrs. Gu.

  "Old hen, say one more word, I will directly take off your arms." Mrs. Gu hurriedly shut up.

  Su Lengmo get on the car holding Tang Yao, and directly tell the driver to drive away.

  Those military cars drove away in front of Mrs. Gu, and the family's bodyguards wouldn't say a thing. Compared with the people brought by Su Lengmo, they were like a group of cowards.

  "A bunch of losers." Mrs. Gu said angrily.

  Gu Shaoyun pulled Mrs. Gu’s arm, then waved and let the group of bodyguards leave.

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