Chapter 30 Call the Police to Arrest Her

  "Gu Shaoze, don't come over. I don't want us to endlike this. Don't push me too hard."

  Tang Yaog’seyeswere red.She choked.

  Even if Gu Shaoze did something badtoher, she still loved him. Being indifferent during this period of time was only to erect a hard shell for herself so as not to let Gu Shaoze hurt her too much. She never thought that she and Gu Shaoze wouldfaceeach other with a knife.

  "Yao Yao, put the knife down. Don't worry, I won't hurt you."

  Gu Shaoze got close to her step by step and lowered his tone as if he were coaxing a child.

  Tang Yao clenched theknife in herhand and sullenly said, "Gu Shaoze, stop there, or don't blame me for doing something toyou."

  Gu Shaoze certainly believedthat Tang Yao still hadfeelings for him.It wasonly because of his relationship with Chen Yuan that she wouldrecently bewith SuLengmo. As long as he sent her abroad and isolated her from SuLengmo, she would love him with all her heart and soul again.

  "Yao Yao, come on, give me the knife. I'll go abroad with you tomorrow. I'll stay there with you for a few days. I'll only come back when you get familiar with thework over there. You are too independentin your worksoyour temper has becomeso stubborn. How lovely you werein college, obedient to meineverything."

  Gu Shaoze reached for theknife.

  Tang Yao then strongly cut him.Gu Shaoze incrediblylooked at the blood flowing out of hishands.Tang Yaowas shocked,but when she thought thatGu Shaoze mightsend her overseas to imprison her, she became determined and pointedtheknife atGu Shaoze’sbody and thendirectlystabbedhim in the chest.


  As the knifestabbedinto Gu Shaoze body, a sharp female voice also came.

  Tang Yao was startled and looked at Mrs. Gu and Gu Shaoyun running towards here. Watching Gu shaoze’s astonished face,she moved her lips but did not know what to say.

  She hadcalculatedaccuratelyto stab, so there wasabsolutely no life danger to Gu Shaoze.She just wantedto escape.

  She calculated everything correctly, but did not expect that Mrs. Gu and Gu Shaoyun would suddenly show up. If the family filed a lawsuit, she mightneed to go to jail.

  Tang Yao felt that her hand and feet were so cold.

  Then, apair of big hands holding her hand, Tang Yao was surprised. She looked up and saw Su Lengmo’s deep dark eyes.

  There was a slight twinkle in her eyes, but strangely, her fear disappeared a little.

  Mrs. Gu asked the servant to lift Gu Shaoze to the bed to stop the bleeding, then called a private doctor to come quickly andeven told someone tocall the police.

  SuLengmo stopped the servant who wanted to call the police. Mrs. Gu sneeredand looked at him coldly. "Mr. Su, this is a family affair. Even though the Sufamily is a little powerfulthan the Gu family in Jin City, the Gu family is also not easy tooffend.I hope you can recognize your identity and don't really think you can handle other people's family affairs."

  Su Lengmocompressedhis lips, lettinggo of the servant.

  After all, this was a family matter.If he insisted on meddling in, it wouldonly let Tang Yao reduced to passivity.

  "Don't be afraid, I can protect you." SuLengmo looked at Tang Yao and said.

  Tang Yao shook herhead. She had let herself recoverfrom fear in a short time. It didn’t allow her to be too afraidin such a situation.

  "Mr. Su, you can gobackfirst. I can handle it here." SuLengmo looked at Tang Yao and said nothing.

  Tang Yao looked at theservant that was helping Gu Shaoze stem the bleeding, howinga wry smile. "As you can see, Mr. Su, I have injured my husband, and you are my gossip boyfriend now. Your presence here will only aggravate the whole situation. People will think that I murdered my husband in order to be with you, and thenI won’t be able to explain it."

  Su Lengmofrowned.He wasa little upsetfrom the bottom of his heart. He hadcalculated everything accurately, but missed Gu Shaoze’s reaction.Hethought Gu Shaoze had already hadan affair withChen Yuan, which meant that he didn’t love Tangso much.

  He had completely missed that.

  "I'll be here withyou." SuLengmo said.

  Tang Yao looked at him and compressed her lips, but said nothing more.

  Gu Shaoze finally stopped bleeding. Several private doctors and nurses arrived just in time, and they goteveryone out and urgently examined Gu Shaoze.

  In the outsideof the room, Mrs. Gulooked at Tang Yao coldly.

  "Tang Yao, neverthat we can’t do anything to you when you hook up with Mr.Su. This will not end. Just wait forthejudicial summons. I want everyone to know that you wanton woman are so vicious that you even wantedmyson to die."

  Mrs. Guwasnot afraid of SuLengmo. Anyway,she said it out loud. She would like to see if the Sufamily wouldallow SuLengmo to keepprotecting Tang Yao.

  "Mom, can we wait until Shaoze is fine?" Tang Yao said patiently.

  Mrs. Gutook a look atSu Lengmo. Her voice was sharp and mean, "So what? You arestill thinking that acting good to Shaoze, then Shaoze would leave all things behind? And then you can leave with your cuckold? What do you thinkour family and Shaoze are? You actually believe that everyone would just listen to you? Let me tell you. This would not end. I have already asked other servants to call the police, and you can tell the policethen.I will also tell your father-in-law about this, I will show him what a great woman that hisdaughter-in-law is. "

  Tang Yao’sfaceturned pale. Her body swayed andshe almost fell down.

  Su Lengmo slightly held her from the back.

  "Mrs. Gu, have some mercy. You’d better not force people to the dead end. I believe that if Mr.Gu hadn't forced Ms. Tanglike that, she wouldn't have done this tohim." SuLengmo said.

  Mrs. Guclapped her hands and laughed scornfully.

  "I've always known that Mr. Suexcels in giving speech, but I didn't expectthatyou got the ability to turn black to white. It's the first time I've seenthisfor my wholelife."

  Su Lengmofrowned. Hiseyes flasheda trace of intolerance.

  Tang Yao looked at SuLengmo and felt somewhat helpless. "Mr. Su, pleasego home. I beg you."

  He had nothing to do with her and didn't need to get involved. Now he had got into thismess.

  Looking at Tang Yao, who had been pushing him out, SuLengmo waseven more dissatisfied.

  "Your current condition is not good. I'll take care of it here, ok?" Su Lengmoloweredhis voice.

  Tang Yao was surprised. But she felt a little warm, her current condition wasreally bad.She was extremely dizzy right now. And she wasconcentratedtoo much while arguing with Gu Shaoze. After hearing what Su said, she couldn’thelp but want to rely onhim.

  She wasreally tired now.

  "Mr. Su, please help me explainthat I have nothing to do with you."

  After saying that, her eyes closed and fell directly into Su Lengmoarms.

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