Chapter 29 Imprison her

  "Yao Yao, come on,give it to me, don't you want to have atalk with me? Let's sit down and talk. "

  Gu Shaoze reachedout his hand and wanted to take the lamp from her hand. Tang Yao hastily raised the lamp and threw it at him. She quicklyran to the gate while he was avoiding it. But Gu Shaoze caught herhair before she could run further.

  "Help! Help!" Tang Yao shouted.

  Gu Shaoze dragged her to bed. They used to be deep in love, now he was treating her like an enemy.

  Tang Yao wasfull of despair at the moment, herhands and feet constantly struggling. She didn’tknowhow things became so irreparable.She stillremembered that she and Gu Shaozeoncefell deeply in love.Before the reporter published the newsthat he had an affair with Chen Yuan, he was still a perfect model husband. How could he become so frighteningin a short time?

  Tang Yao was thrown on the bed. Gu Shaoze took the quilt overand tied her hands and feet directly.

  Gu Shaoze took out a small delicate knife fromthe drawer,sitting in a chairandpointing to Tang Yao with a knife.

  "Yao Yao, run, the gate is right there."

  Tang Yao shook herheadand her eyes went red. Her tears couldn’t help falling down.

  Gu Shaozewas a little shocked when hesawTang Yao crying, but then he thought that maybe she had already cheated on him, his eyes turningdark again.

  He heldTang Yao's chintightly.Tang Yao felt so painful that she almostdislocated.

  "Yao Yao, I was so kind and thoughtful to you. I was afraid my mother and sister would deliberatelymake things difficult for you, soI warned them many times. Even if you couldn’t have a bay, I didn’t put the pressure on you but help you find another one who could beara baby for me. Butlook atyou, when did you hook up with Su Lengmo?”

  Gu Shaoze was almost gnashing his teethwhen he said Su Lengmo’s name and held Tang Yao's chin with greater strength."TELLme, when did you seduce SuLengmo?"

  "I ... did not." Tang Yao said with difficulty.

  "Shaoze, don't do this to me. SuLengmo and I are really innocent. You should know my feelings for you better than anyone else."

  Gu Shaoze sneered, directly cuttingoffTang Yao sleeve with the knife.Helooked at her flawless white arm, "Yao Yao, tell me, did he touch here?"

  Tang Yao was exhausted and did not what to say toextinguishGu Shaoze’s angerand make him calm down to have a talk.

  Gu Shaoze was obviously still in rage. If she said anything wrong, it would only cause him to beangrier.No one knew what else he would do then.

  "Shaoze, if you still believe in me, let me go first. I can explain it to you. If you keep tying me like this, you would only make me scared. Now you look like a stranger tome, whichmakes me afraid." Tang Yao said in a low voice.

  Gu Shaozeheld theknifeand pointedat Tang Yao's heart, "Just say it, I’ll listen.When we werein college, I told you not to betray me, or I would tie you up at home and let you become my own propertyfor the rest of your life. "

  Tang Yao also reminded herself of the old oath she used to make.

  "I,Tang Yao,swear to heaven that if one day I cheat and fall in love with another man, I will willingly be locked up by Shaoze and only see him for the rest of my life."

  Her crisp voice still lingered in her ear, whichmade her shudder.

  She daredto say that back then because she was sonaive to believe thatGu Shaoze won't betray her. And her nature would never allow her to betray love.But shedid not expectthat it wasless than ten years that Gu Shaoze had already cheated on her,and she had one night stand with Su out of blue. She didn’t know itwasshe or Gu Shaoze who was to blame.

  She hadalways known that Gu Shaoze were pretty possessive, but shedidn't expect that it would be tosuch a degree. He was the one thathad madeChen Yuan pregnant, thenwhyhestill caredso much about whether she and Su Lengmo had sex or not.

  "Shaoze, I have nothing to do with Su Lengmo. You betrayed ourmarriage first, so you are not qualified to judge me." Tang Yao said.

  Gu Shaoze used to love the way that she pretended to be calm but actually felt afraid because he thought it was funny to tease her. But now, he hated her acting like this.

  "Yao Yao, from now on,I will announce to the public that you gota weirddisease so youcannot see the sun. Therefore, your position in Gucompanywill be suspended, the work you have taken over will be transferred to others, and tomorrow I will send you abroad." Gu Shaoze got close to Tang Yao’s ears and said.

  Tang Yao goggledat Gu Shaoze unbelievably.

  "Gu Shaoze, you are insane. You are kidnapping me against my will and I can sue you."

  Tang Yao shouted, struggling to get off the bed.

  Gu Shaoze firmly held her downandkissed her gently on the lips. "Yao Yao, how could I kidnap you? You promised me yourself that year. I'm just fulfilling yourpromise. Since youdon’t behavewell here, then I'll send you away. When you go abroad, I'm the only one youcan count on."

  Tang Yaoshuddered. Shethoughtthat Gu Shaoze was crazy.

  "Shaoze, we can talk." She said eagerly.

  As long as she could make Gu Shaoze change his mind, she would stillhave the chance to escape.Right now, Gu Shaoze was insane and that made her scared.

  "I have a lot of friends and my familyare here. IfI don’tshow up for a long time, they will get doubted, then someone will call the police. Don't destroy everything on impulse. We can talk about everything." Tang Yao said eagerly.

  Gu Shaoze held his chin, likehe wasthinking seriously about Tang Yao’s words.

  Tang Yao felt happy as long as Gu Shaoze could listento her.

  Then hercell phone rang, whichmade her desperate.

  Gu Shaoze took a look at Tang Yao's cell phone, and when he saw the name on the screen, he sneered.

  SuLengmo, SuLengmo again.

  He showed Tang Yao hercell phone.

  Tang Yao felt appalledwhen she saw the name on the screen.

  SuLengmo,you could call meatanyother time, but why did youcall at this time?

  "Yao Yao, it seems that you have a lot to do with SuLengmo. Otherwise, he would not have called you. Your news had just come out."

  Gu Shaoze's lips curved, revealing a sickly ferocioussmile. "I could give anything that he could offer to you. Why did you have to do thisto make me angry? As I’ve told you before, when you are with me, all you can think about is me. But you didn’t listen to meand hadan affair with another man. I don't even know how dirty your body is now, so I'm going to send you abroad and let the air there purify you."

  Tang Yao felt so scaredwhen she saw Gu Shaoze going on top to her. Thenshe suddenly thought of something,soshe sat up straightandstronglyhitGu Shaoze with her head.Gu Shaoze didn’t expect that, so he was knocked down from the bed, the knife in his hand also falling onto the ground.

  Tang Yao picked it up, then gnawed open the quiltbinding her handsand bent over to releaseher feet. When she saw Gu coming to her, she was so afraid that she point athim with the knife.

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