Chapter 27 Her Head Was Broken

  "Tang Yao, you deserve better."

  After saying that, SuLengmo let go ofher hand and took the suiton the sofa. "Let's go, I’ll walk you out."

  Looking at Su Lengmo’sstrapping figure, Tang Yaocompressedherlips, and then finally followedup.

  When they were downstairs, Su Qimo, who was sitting on the sofa, seeing the two of them came, he couldn't help blowing a whistle.

  "Come on, Ms. Tang, if you can win my brother’s heart,you can soon live a wealthy and carefree life."

  "Thank you, but I am married."

  SuLengmo gave SuQimoa warning look and then wentforward.

  Tang Yao followedbehind him.They didn’t say anythingall the way to the gate.Su Lengmofinally stopped,then started to look around sharply. When he sawthe bodyguardshidden in the dark, his lips slightly curved.

  He turned around, grabbed Tang Yao’s shoulder with both hands, and put her against thegate, bowed their heads and quickly kissed her.

  After kissing for a few seconds,he let go of her andcaughtTang Yao’s hand which was about to hit him.

  "This is the interest I claimed. Since you have already come to my door by yourself, you can't just offer me nothing."

  SuLengmo,with such a abstinent appearance,said something ratherfilthy.

  Tang Yao’s eyes flashed with anger. What Su did was too much.After all,she was still Gu Shaoze’s wife.

  "Mr. Su, thisisnot funny at all. If you do this again, I will consider withdrawing the cooperation with your company." Tang Yao said seriously.

  Su Lengmo’s deep eyesflashed a dark light. Hestepped forward and wrappedTang Yao tightlybetween thegate and him.

  He got great charisma, soTang Yao was somewhat shocked by him.

  He held Tang Yao's chin in his hand and leaned his lips against her mouth. His head bent slightly. From a certain angle, it looked like theywere kissing.

  "Tang Yao, I'm not kidding. I want you."

  After saying that, he walkedawayand kept a distance of two stepsfrom Tang Yao.

  Tang Yao's heart beat a little faster than she could control. She took a deep breath and gotall the crazy ideas out of her mind.

  "I havethings to do. I'll leave first."

  When the car came, Tang Yao felt relieved and hurried to get on the car and toldthe driver to drive away quickly.

  Looking at the car slowly driving away, SuLengmo couldn't help laughing.

  "Brother, if you kept bullyingher, you may scare her away." Su Qimocame over and said vaguely.

  SuLengmo was very confident, "She can't get away from me."

  Su Qimoshruggedhis shoulders and touched his chin, thinking that Tang Yao looked a little cute when she was kissed by his brother and then became flustered.

  On the car, Tang Yao fanned herself with both hands, and the heat on her face slowly turned down.

  She only dated with one man,Gu Shaoze. And shedid not have too much contactwith other men, so she made such a scene this time when she was flirted by Su Lengmo like this.

  She touched her lips and the breath of SuLengmo seemed still remaining on it.

  She was in a daze, so shedid not know that there was a car following her. Only after seeing her getting intotheGu’s house, did the car turn back.

  On the balcony with various potted plants, SuLengmo gracefully swirled his glass and looked down at the mountain and lakeoutside.

  "Boss, Ms. Tanghas arrived ather family. These are the photos taken by the two reporters. They are waiting for your instructions on how to publish these photos and their articles."

  A tall bodyguardin black suitcame up and handed in the newly printed photos with both his hands.

  SuLengmo took itoverand looked carefully one by one.

  There werephotosofhe helping Tang Yaohold her hair, kissingher, and there was the one that helooked at Tang Yao withdeepaffection. Each one lookedvery beautiful. They were like a couple just falling in love.

  "It seems that these two reporters were skillful. Tellthem to publishall these photosand make ambiguous articles onit. It would be better if thesecan triggersome imagination." SuLengmo said.

  The reason why he did this wasto help Tang to made a choice fast. The Gu’s housewouldonly be a disastrous placeif she kept staying there, sohe wouldhelp her make a decision.

  In less than two hours, these photos and an article that couldmake people gossipwere published in one of Jin City's most influential mainstream media.

  The general meaning of the article was that the wife of Gu Shaozehadrelationship with SuLengmo, the heir of the Sufamily with a strong family background.

  The ariticle evendistorted the facts, saying that the young Mrs. Gu was deeply hurt by her husband's affair, and so Mr. Sucould get the opportunity to appease her. Only then did hegradually get the beautiful woman to open her heart.

  After that, all media websites,no matterbig or small, reported the whole thing.Andsome of them evenskillfully madeTang Yao and SuLengmo as two of a kind, statingtheir love story with many beautiful words.

  Gu Shaoyun flied into rage when she saw this news report.She showed the news on hermobile phone to Mrs. Gu. Then she ran up quickly to Tang’roomand pulled up Tang Yao who was lying in bed resting.

  "Tang Yao, look what you have done! how could you act so innocent and accuse my brother of cheating?I don't think you are much better." Gu Shaoyun said angrily.

  Being provoked by Gu Shaoyun all the time, Tang Yao became very angry, so she pushed Gu Shaoyun away, not aware ofthat she was still inthe bed, so Gu Shaoyun was directly pushed out of bed.

  Gu Shaoyun neveranticipated that she wouldbe pushed out of bed, so she didn’t take precautions against it. As a result, herhead hit the floor directly, which made her dizzy and almost faintout.

  Mrs. Gubrought people in and saw her daughter lying on the ground. She could not help but be furious and threw the cup in her hand at Tang Yao.

  Tang Yao wasn’t able to avoid it. She was smashed in the head by the cup and the blood flowed out at once.

  Tang Yao hurt badly. Sheraised her hand andtouchedher head, then she saw her handfull of blood, and feltratherdizzy.

  "You bitch, not only did you hook up with Su Lengmo, but also hit Shaoyun, how dare you!"

  Mrs. Gurushed up, regardless of the blood on Tang Yao's forehead, grabbed Tang Yao and beat her.

  Tang Yao was already dizzy. She almost fell apart while being shakenby Mrs. Gu.

  "Don't shake me." Tang Yao said with a little pleading.

  Itwould bebetter ifshe didn’t say anything, because Mrs. Gu gotangrier when she heard her, and so she raised her hand and slapped Tang.

  Tang Yao was beaten so hard that herears started ringing.

  Gu Shaoze came in from outside, seeing such a mess.He quickly walked over and grabbed Mrs. Guhand which was about to hit Tang Yao again.

  Mrs. Guturned aroundand saw that it was her own son. She was furious.

  "Shaoze, your wife cheated. Don't stop me today, I'm going to kill this bitch."

  "Mom, that's enough. This is between me and Yao Yao. You and Shaoyun cango out first."

  Gu Shaoze said in a deep voice.

  With this kind of news exposed by the media , he had become a cuckoldnow, so he didn’t look good and his tone certainly could notbepleasant.

  Mrs. Gu was very angry, but she was afraid that Gu Shaoze would reallyget angry with her, so shehad to shake off his hand and stopped the hit.

  "You just keep protecting her. One day you’ll regret it."

  After saying that, Mrs. Guleft with Gu Shaoyun.

  Gu Shaoze stared at the blood on Tang Yao's face. He remained calm before becoming stormed.

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