Chapter 23 Trap Her into Cheating

  "You can’t fool me. We can cooperate with other companies, even if things don’t work out with Su Group. However, it's you who sold thecompany secret,at that time, not to mention my family,anyother companies won't hire people like you."

  Gu Shaoyun couldn't help laughing when she thought that Tang would become so miserable.

  She would make Tang know what price she needed to pay for slapping her.

  Tang Yao was so angry that she raised her hand and wanted to slap her, but her wrist was grabbed by Shaoyun.

  "Tang, want to slap me,right?Let metell you, in this family, only I can hit you. You are not qualifiedyet."

  After saying that, Gu Shaoyun gave Tang Yao a slap.But then she caught sight of Gu Shaoze,so she immediatelyburiedher face in her hands, crying out loud.

  "Sister-in-law, how can you hit me again?"

  Gu Shaoyun ran out of the room and buried her face in her hands, whichseemed that she was severely injured. Then she rushed into Gu shaoze's arms at the moment she saw him.

  "Brother, sister-in-law lost the confidential documents which are needed tocooperate with Su Group. And she accused me of taking it. I swear Ididn't take it. I would never make fun of the company's futureeven if I am capricious." Gu Shaoyun said while sniffling.

  Gu Shaoze patted Gu Shaoyun’sshoulder, looking at Tang Yaowith a very complicated expression.

  Tang Yao sneered,thinking thatGu Shaoyun was actually good at confusing right and wrong.

  She could still feel the extreme pain on her face. However, Gu Shaoyun dared torun to cry in Gu Shaoze’s arms.He was notblind, so he could clearlyseethe fingerprints on her face.

  "You go out first. I need totalk with your sister-in-law." Gu Shaoze said in a deep voice.

  Gu Shaoyun looked at Gu Shaoze with great grievance. "Brother." she deliberately drawled.

  "Get out." Gu Shaoze said again.

  Gu Shaoyun unpleasantly glared at Tang Yaoand then got outwith anger.

  "Yao Yao, although Shaoyun is not mature enough, you can't falsely accuse her because of yourownmistakes. If you have any problems at work, you can come tome and I can help you no matter how seriousit is." Gu Shaoze walked towardsTang Yaoandsaidin a deep voice.

  Tang Yao looked at Gu Shaoze, her face showing a hint of irony. She no longer feltpainful because of his bias.

  This man suspectedher just because of the words of Gu Shaoyun, which meant that in his heart, he didn’t have enough trust in her.

  "Gu Shaoze, you'd better look out foryour sister first. Oncethe documents she took from me were passed to another company, then all the efforts that our company made would completely be put in vain. Gu family indeed is a wealthy and big family, but there are so many families that are stronger than yours in Jin City. You can save your energy of lecturing me to teach your sister.”

  After saying that, Tang Yao pushed Gu Shaoze away and went out directly.

  Lookingat the back of Tang Yao, Gu Shaoze’seyes turned dark,and then hedirectly went out of the room and headed forGu Shaoyun’sbedroom.

  "Big, big brother."

  Gu Shaoyun was lying on the bed and swiping her cell phone. Suddenly, seeing that Gu Shaoze showed upand hisexpression was not quite good, she felt a little scared and stuttered.

  Gu Shaoze strode forward and tookGu Shaoyunoutfrom the bed.

  "Where are the files?"

  Gu Shaoyunblinked, "brother, I, I don't know what you're talking about."

  "Spit it out, stop playing dumb with me." Gu Shaoze said in a tough way.

  He hadbeen in charge of hisownentertainment empire in recent years and hadrarely interfered in the familycompany's issues, but that didn't mean he didn't know what influence it would have on the company if the files leakedin advance, or the company's effortsmadein the early stage for the land developmentwouldalso be wasted.

  "Wow, Mom! brother bullied me!"

  Gu Shaoyun cried loudly and soon attracted Mrs. Gu’s attention.

  "What’s wrong? What happened?"


  Gu Shaoyun flieddirectly into Mrs. Gu's arms, crying out of breath. "Sister-in-law lost the documents that the company wanted to cooperate with the SuGroup, and she accused me of taking it. Brother believed what she said without any investigation.You must do justice to me."

  Hearing what happened just now, Mrs. Gu’s face was distorted with anger.

  "That bitch!Shehadnever done anything goodsince she got married. All she did was sowingdiscord. Now she evenprovoked your relationship with Shaoze, how dare she!”

  "Mom." Gu Shaoze annoyinglysaid.

  Mrs. Gu glared at him angrily. "Shaoze, you need to be careful. Don't believe whatever Tang Yao said. Your sister is our family member. Why shouldshe take the documents and sell them to others? She is not a childanymore. She knows the priorities. Obviously, Tang Yao deliberatelywanted to frame her."

  Gu Shaoze stared at Gu Shaoyun, and then went out directly.

  Mrs. Gulooked at Gu Shaoze's backwith complex feelings in her heart.

  Gu Shaoyunthenpulled Mrs. Gu's clotheswith grievance. "Mom, what should I do? It’s obvious thatbrother was fascinated by that bitch. Not only did sheplay tricks on Chen Yuan’s baby before, but alsoshe hadtaken away the confidential documentsofthe company now.After seeing all the things she did, brother didn’t scold her. If things keep going on like this, this woman wouldneverbe kicked outof the family."

  Mrs. Gu's eyes narrowed and then sneered.

  "I heardpeople from the company said that Su Lengmocancelled the meeting because of Tang Yao. In thatcase, Su Lengmomust have some feelingsfor her. Since Shaoze could not bear to divorce her even after he had a baby, then we could make him a cuckold. Well, I believe no man wouldn’t mind this."

  Hearing this, Gu Shaoyunwas a littlehesitated.

  "Mom, brother is our family after all. If othersknow that he is cuckolded by his wife, at that time, not to mention our family willbe disgraceful, brother willalso be upset."

  "As long as we can kick Tang Yao out of the family, the scandal would just be a temporary thing. Once Shaoze married Chen Yuan, he willknowwho isthebest for him." Mrs. Gusaid.

  HearingSuch an analysis, Gu Shaoyundid not hesitate anymore, she encircled Mrs. Gu's waist, acting like a sweet and clever little girl.

  "Mom, we may as well be hangedfor a sheep as for a lamb. Let's sell that document to make things real. Otherwise, I'm afraid that the incident will eventually turn into nothing because dad and brother care so much about Tang Yao."

  Mrs.Gu lowered her eyes and thought for a while.

  "Mom, it is said that the Chen family is also interested in bidding for the development of this land recently. We cangive it to the Chen family. Then Gu and Chen familycan combine togetherto fightagainst Sufor the land.At that time, maybe the land would still be ours so that we can leave the profits for our own people.”

  Gu Shaoyun waved Mrs. Gu’s hand and continued to encourage her.

  Mrs.Gu thoughtthatnow thatChen Yuan has beenpregnant with Gu Shaoze's child,she will definitely devote herself to Gufamily in the future. Instead of trying so hard to please Su so asto cooperate with the Sufamily, it could better to join hands with the Chen family and seizeoverthe land near the riverside. Once thein-laws joined hands,they couldbe invincible.

  "OK,when Chen Yuan is discharged from the hospital, I will find an excuseto ask Chen family to come out for a meal, and then I will talk to them about this." Mrs. Gu said.

  A flicker of slyness went across Gu Shaoyun’s eyes.

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