Chapter 22 I Can Handle My Own Bussiness

  "Manager, you seem to have taken the wrong documents... This is a pile of blankpaper."

  The assistant looked at Tang Yaowhowas drivingandstuttered.

  Tang Yao was shockedandthenreached for it. It was indeed a pile of blankpaper.

  Sheblinked a littleand recalled that Gu Shaoyun had been inher bedroom alone last night. When she came out of the bathroom, Gu Shaoyun was already gone.

  Actually, she remembered that she felt something wrong last night. The position of the fileon the table seemed to be moved, but she thought it wasjust an illusion.

  But now, as she could see, it wasn’t an illusion.Gu Shaoyun had replaced the file with a pile of blankpaper.

  Her face turned darkand her heart felt like beingblocked by a big stone.

  It’s ok for Gu Shaoyun tomakethingsdifficult for her at any usual time, but how couldshe mess up with her work?

  It’sher company. If anything went wrong, the cooperation between Gu's and Su's would come to the endeventually, andallthe worktheircompanyhad done and preparedin the early days wouldbe wasted.

  "Let me figure it out."

  Tang Yao held back heranger, askedthem toput things away, and then continueddriving to Su's Group.

  No matter what happened, she had to say sorry to Su Lengmoand see if the meeting could be postponed.

  When they arrived at Su’s company, Tang Yao told the receptionist directly that they werestaff of the Gu Group, then the receptionist immediately led thempolitelyto the elevator.

  Tang Yao and her teamtook the elevatorstraightto the top floor. As soon as the elevator opened, Su Lengmo's secretarieswerewaiting there.

  "Good morning, Ms. Tang, I'm Mr. Su's secretary. You cancall me Linda. Mr. Suwill be here in five minutes. Heasked you to wait for him athis office. Others can wait at the conference room where tea and refreshmentsare already prepared." Linda said politely.

  "Go and wait for me atthe conference room." Tang Yao turnedaroundand said to the team.

  Actually, she also wanted totalkto Su Lengmoto see if they could postpone the meeting until she found the files back.

  If Gu Shaoyun sold the documents to others out of impulse,thenthe cooperation in this project would come to a dead end.

  After all, business wasbusiness,she was not so familiar with Su Lengmothat he would make an exceptionfor her.

  "Yes, manager."

  The others were brought to the conference room by another secretary, while Tang Yao was invited to Su Lengmo's office.

  "Ms.Tang, please have a cup of tea." Linda politely made Tang Yao a cup of tea and said.

  Tang Yao also smiled politely, "Thank you."

  "Ms.Tang, please wait here. If you need anything, feel free to ask me. I'll go out first."

  "Okay, thank you."

  Su Lengmocame in ten minutes later. Hedressed in a fitting suit which made his figureslender and straight.

  Tang Yao got up from the sofa and smiled gracefully toSu Lengmo.

  "Mr. Su," Su Lengmonodded,and thenquietly looked Tang Yaoup and down.

  "Let's go." He said.

  Tang Yao pressed her lips, feeling a little embarrassed.

  "Go ahead."

  Su Lengmosat on the sofa, calmly looking at Tang Yao.

  "I have someissuesto deal with, soI want to postpone the meeting to next Monday.”

  Su Lengmojust looked at Tang Yao calmly and said nothing.

  Tang Yao felta little uncomfortablewhen he kept looking at her, thinkingofhow many people scrambled to cooperate with SuGroup and maybe she was the only one who dropped away at critical moments.

  "Give me a specificanswer." Su Lengmochanged his posture and said.

  Tang Yao pressed her lipsagainand looked at Su Lengmoseriously,"Because of my fault, I missed a zeroin land development’s evaluation report. If we really hold the meeting,your company will think that we are not professional because of this mistake."

  Su Lengmo's eyes seemed to see through a person's heart.

  Tang Yao was very uncomfortable while he was looking at her like this.She always knew that she could not fight against Su Lengmo at all.

  "I can askthem to postpone the meeting, but I don’tbelieve that with your professionalism, you would make such a stupidmistake. Next time, find a better excuse."

  After hearing that, Tang Yao blushed.

  Actually, even she would believe this, but she could not say that Gu Shaoyun had taken herdocuments.With that hatred of Gu Shaoyun to her, she might really take the documentsand sell it to others.

  Su Lengmogot up and walked straight toTang Yao. Tang stepped backwardsubconsciously and finally fell on the sofa directly. Subracedhimself against the sofa with both hands and encircled Tang Yao between him and the sofa.

  "Tang Yao, you can tell me if you have any trouble."

  Looking at Su Lengmo's charmingfacewhich were so close, Tang Yao was a little flustered.She subconsciously pushed Su Lengmoasideandquickly stood up from the sofa, then smoothed her clothes and took a deep breath, pretending to be calm.

  "Mr. Su, thank you very much for your concern for me, but no, I can handle it by myself."

  Su Lengmotook a lookat Tang Yao, then shrugged. Hewalked over to open the door and made a "please" gesture.

  Tang Yao walked over and nodded politely toSu Lengmo, then went out of the office.

  Su Lengmoclosed the door, thencalled the secretary and told her thathe had something else to do,so the meeting would be postponed tonext Monday.

  Although the secretary was a little confused, she still went to inform the people atthe conference room.

  Tang Yao felt relieved. It was lucky for her that Su didn’t make things difficult to her.


  The people brought by Tang Yao were also relieved. The confidential documents werestolen. Even if they could reach an agreement with Su's Group, there wouldbe other companies that wouldoffer a better price. Then all their efforts would be put in vain.

  "Let's go." Tang Yao said.

  When they all walked out of the company, Tang Yao told themtotake a taxi back, the taxi feewouldbe reimbursed by the company.

  After giving the order, she gotin her car and drove home.

  Fortunately,Gu Shaoyun was at home,soshedragged herinto the room,andlooked at her angrily.

  "Hand backthe documents. There are many people out there waiting tonegotiateabout the cooperation. You can’t do this." Tang Yao gnashed her teeth andsaid.

  Gu Shaoyun didn’t reveal anytrace of fear because of Tang Yao's questioning, instead, shelooked at her defiantly and smugly.

  "I thought you had already found out last night, but I didn'texpect that you didn’tknowituntil now. You were not on your guard. How could you even become a manager?"

  "Hand it back, or I’ll tell your Dad.No one knows better than mehow much Dad cares about this cooperation."

  Tang Yao knew that it was useless totalk reasonablywith Gu Shaoyun, so she just mentioned Gu’s dad directly.

  But shedidn't expect thatGu Shaoyun just sneeredand looked at Tang Yao as an idiot. "Tang, you actually thought that I wasstupid. Inever intended to give this documentback to you when I took it. When the project was taken by another company, I'll let people tell Dad that you sold the confidential filesto another company. In order to take revenge on my brother, you completely leave our company behind. Let’ssee whommy Dadwouldbelievein at that time."

  "Gu Shaoyun, you are insane. Do you know how much profit this project can bring to the family? You can’t do this to your family even if you want to make a scene."

  Gu Shaoyun hesitateda little, but she was fearless when shethought that she could kickTang Yao out of her family.

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