Chapter 21 The files were stolen

  “OK, I'll get therewith my utmost sincerity." Tang Yao said.

  Su Lengmowas gently tappingon the deskwith his slender fingers,scanningTang Yao.

  "Tang Yao, if you leavethe GuCompany, you can come to my company first, and I will invite you to join with 3% of the shares."

  Tang Yao was shockedby Su Lengmo’s generosity.

  A 3% stakein SuGroup was equivalent to a 30% stake in a medium-sized company. This was not a small amount.

  "Mr. Su,I’m flattered, but I don't think I have the ability to getsuch a good salary." Tang Yao smiled.

  "No, you deserve it. Over theseyears, people in the industry have all seen how much profit you have made for Gufamily. Only your mother-in-law thought that you were born in a poor familyand do not deserve her son. Actually, maybe it is her sonthat is not worthy of you." Su Lengmotook a sip of coffee and said.

  Tang Yaofelt a little warm deep insidefot it wasnot easy to hear such words from abig shotlike Su Lengmo. At least her efforts were recognized by others.

  "I never expected that everyone had known that my mother-in-law didn't like me.”Tang Yao smiled, and her tone showeda hint of ridicule.

  Su Lengmofrowned slightly and put down his glass. "This is my personal business card. You are welcome to join our company at any time."

  Tang Yao took the business card and looked at Su Lengmowith some pondering. "Mr. Su, Shao Ze and Ihaven’t divorcedyet,andyou were already going to poach. That seems a little bit unkind."

  "My principle of doing businessis to strikefirst, and I will never let go of anytalentswho can help the company grow." Su Lengmosaid arrogantly.

  Tang Yao shook herheadsmilingly, pushing the business card back.

  "Mr. Su, it is my honor to hear from you that I am a talent. However, I can’t accept your business card now, because I am not going to leave GuCompany. I’ve been working there for nearly six years and it bears almost all my feelings."

  Su Lengmotook a look at her,but didn’t get angry. Hecalmly tookback the business card.

  " Mr. Su, Ineed togo back to my company first."

  Tang Yao didn't have anythingelseto talk with Su Lengmo, so she had to usea lame excuse.

  Su Lengmolooked at Tang Yao and said nothing.

  Tang Yao touched hernose,andfelt that Su Lengmo could invisibly bring the tension to others when he was emotionless.

  " If you need anything, feel free to ask me for help."After a while, Su Lengmosaid.

  Tang Yao was a little flustered. Shealways felt thatSu Lengmo’sindulgenceto herseemedto be a little out of line.

  She became alert,smiling politely and distantly. "Thank you, Mr. Su, but no, I can handle iton my own."

  Su Lengmo shrugged.

  "Mr. Su, I still have work to do. I'd better go first."

  After saying that, with Su Lengmo's permission, she took herbag and left.

  Su Lengmohas been looking at the back of Tang Yao, and his eyes slightly turned dark, which seemed that he was thinking something else.

  Tang Yao went to the company and called the teamto havea meeting. She didn't drive back to Gufamily until 10 o'clock at night. When she got off, shewas still holding a bagin her hand.

  Entering the villa, she saw Gu Shaoyun standing on the second floor.Tang Yaostoppedfora while, andthenslowly walked upstairs.

  Gu Shaoyun put herarmsaround herchest and stepped forward to block Tang Yao.

  "Sister-in-law, you finally come back. My mother and I just want to teach you a lesson in the morning. And you have been left forall day. You are quite arrogant."

  "I don't want to argue with you. Get out of theway!"

  Tang Yao pushed Gu Shaoyun aside and headed for theinnermostguest room.

  Gu Shaoyun had beenunsatisfiedwithTang Yao for a long time, plusshe was rebukedby Gu Shaoze at noon, telling her not to provoke Tang Yao, sonowshewasfull of anger. And Tang Yao just came back at the right time.

  "Tang, don't be so cold to me. I still want to talk to you."

  Gu Shaoyun followed behind Tang Yao.

  Entering the room, Tang Yao saw Gu Shaoyun keep pestering her. She was so annoyed. So she pointed to the door and asked Shaoyun to get out.

  But Gu Shaoyun directly sat on the king-sizebed and looked at Tang Yao defiantly.

  "This is my home. I can be anywhere I want. Do you really think it’s in the pastwhenmy brother couldunconditionally protect you?"

  Gu Shaoyun suddenly thought of something, then she started to laugh maliciously, “oh, I forgot to tell you. Right now, brother is in the hospital with Chen Yuan. I was there just now,and I saw thatthey were so sweet. He was taking great care of her, even better than you. I believe you can’t be the mistress of this houseany longer.”

  Tang Yaowas so angry thattheveins on herforeheadwas about to expose.

  She looked at Gu Shaoyun's arrogantfaceand thensneered,“Gu Shaoyun, yourlook right now remindsme of leeches which are too slippery to shake off. Theyare terribly disgusting.”

  Gu Shaoyun's face slightlyturned dark. Damn it, this bitch! Even at this time, she still could hit back. She would like to see how long she can be so cockythis time.

  "Tang Yao, you are actuallybeingjealous, right? You are jealous because Chen Yuancan bepregnant with my brother's child. It has been so many years that you were unable to have a baby. What a pity. I'm so ashamed of you." Gu Shaoyun mockinglystaredat Tang Yao’s stomach andsaid.

  Tang Yao wastoo busy to eat something just now, so shedidn't have much energy to wrangle with Gu Shaoyun.

  She put the file on the table and looked at Gu Shaoyun on the bed, "Remember to close the doorwhen you get out.I'm tired and don't have energy to wranglewith you. You're an adult now. Stopbeing so mean. No one is born to be ridiculed by you. You’d better watch your mouth to save yourself something good.”

  After saying that, she went directly into the bathroom.

  Gu Shaoyun was annoyed at her, so she glared at Tang.

  She couldn’t see her when Tang closed the bathroom door.The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Suddenly she remembered that Tang Yao had just put something on the table,so she got upfrom the bedand went over to pick it up. It was an encrypted document.

  She hurriedly took out thefile inside, and then ran out of Tang’sroom to return to her own bedroom, taking a pile of useless paperand puttingit into the bag. After doing this, she ran back to Tang’s room again. Tang was still in the bathroom.

  Gu Shaoyun looked at the bathroom door and sneered.

  Tang Yao, let’s see what you can do without this document, she thought.

  Tang Yao took a bath. Gu Shaoyun was no longer therewhen she came out of the bathroom.She went over the table to put the papers insidethe drawer and took the hair dryer to blow her hair.

  After her hair dried up, she lay in the bed, taking out her mobile phone to readthe current news, andturned off the light andwent to sleepafter she finished reading.

  She had to stayvigorous because she needed to talk about the cooperation project with SuGroup tomorrow.It would not allow her to make any mistakes at tomorrow’s meeting.

  The next day, Tang Yao got up earlytobrush herteeth and wash face. After dressing up, she left the houseand grabbed some foodto eaton the way.

  "Good morning, Tang."

  The group got into the car and said helloto her.

  Tang Yao noddedand distributed breakfast to them. Then she passed them the files she took back home yesterday, so that they could read the file while eating to see if there’s anything wrong.

  Her assistant opened the bag and took the file out, then her face changed.

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