Chapter 19 Gu Shaoze Was Angry

  Seeing theknife was about tofall on Tang Yao’sface, a tall and slender figure appeared at the door.

  Gu Shaoze looked at the chaotic scene in the room, his black eyes turned dark, then he strode in and caught Mrs. Gu's hand.

  "Mom." hisvoicesank.

  When Mrs. Gusawthatit was Gu Shaoze,her cruel face turned into the look of a kind and loving mother again.

  She handed the knife to the servant nearby and looked at Gu Shaoze gently. "Shaoze,you’reback. Iwas thinking of asking the servant to stew some nutritious soup for Chen Yuan."

  Gu Shaoze walked over and bent to holdTang Yaoup, frowning slightly. Hiseyes sharplyscannedthe servants in presence.

  "She is my wife and your employer. If I see you disrespect her again in the future, I will let the lawyer sue you."

  Gu Shaoze said this, but in fact hewanted towarn Mrs. Gu and Gu Shaoyun instead by admonishing the servants.

  Mrs. Gu seemed a little unpleasant, and she angrily stared at Tang Yaowho was guarded by Gu Shaoze.

  She couldn’t figure out any good thing of Tang. Even though that woman couldn’t havea child for many years, Gu Shaoze was still taking care of her like a pearl.

  "Shaoze, she almost killed my grandson. I just wantedto lecture her." Mrs. Guwas holdingher anger and trying to explain.

  "Mom, Yao and I have something to talk about. Please go out with Shaoyun first." Gu Shaoze said in a low voice.

  Mrs. Gu's delicate face was a little embarrassed. " Okay, mommywillgooutfirst."

  After saying that, she dragged Gu Shaoyun and got out of the room.

  Tang Yaogently pulled out herhand and took a step back, keeping a distance with Gu Shaoze.

  Gu Shaoze looked at his empty hand and his frownseemed tobe able tokill a fly. " Yao Yao, I’m sorry that my mom didthat to you. I can apologizeto you. But you shouldn’t have done that at the party. Chen Yuan's baby was almost lost."

  Tang Yaosneered. Eventually, she had to withdrawher hope that Shaoze could showany pity for her and justlooked at him calmly.

  "If you think so, I gotnothing to say."

  She even didn’ttryto argue for herself. If aman didn’tbelieve you anymore, anything you said would only be excuses in his eyes.

  There was anger risingin his heart. He had been workingreallyhard for their future. Why couldn’tTang Yaoactively cooperate with him?

  "Yao, stopacting like a child. You should know how important the babyofChen Yuan is to me. Recently, there have been many things to be handled in the company, and I have to take care of Chen Yuan. I amsotired. You are my wife and you should understand my difficulties."

  Hearing this, Tang Yaowas so angry that she burst into laughter.

  Gu Shaoze akedher to understand him, but had he ever understood her difficulties in the Gu’sfamily?

  In the past, because she loved him, she deceived herselfinto believing thatGu Shaoze would worry her. Therefore,she never told him anything about how his family bulliedherso as not to let him worry . But now, it seemed that Gu only cared for himself.

  How could she have naively thought that Gu Shaoze loved her more than himself?

  "Gu Shaoze, I don't want to argue with you. But before asking me tocare your feelings, please think about my feelings."

  The tone of Tang Yaosoundeda littlealienated.

  Gu Shaoze clenched his fist and looked at Tang Yaowith hisgloomy eyes. He felt that she was simply making trouble without reason. She knewthathow many efforts he madefor their marriage. Why did she make such trouble tohim?

  " I am tired and want to have a rest." Tang Yaoobviouslywanted Shaoze out of the room.

  Gu Shaoze strodeforward, holding Tang Yao’s shoulders, andwithsome strengththeyboth fell on the bed.

  He went topon Tang Yaoand looked at her with those deep eyes.

  "Yao, I know you've suffered a lot, but you shouldn't have done it to Chen Yuan. I was really disappointed atyou at that time. You knew how much my mother expected this child. If the accident did happen, our marriage would go wrongagain. I never thought thatyou didn't even have the generosity oftoleratinga baby."

  Even though Gu Shaozesaid that,when he sawTang Yao’s faceflushed, hecould not help but feelingfascinated,thenloweredhis head to kiss her lips.

  Tang Yaoleaned back her head, avoiding Gu Shaoze's kiss.

  Gu Shaoze wasn’t able tokiss her, so he felta little unhappy, but still stubbornly wanted to kiss Tang Yao.

  "Gu Shaoze, I am not in the mood to make out with you now." Tang Yaofaintly said.

  Gu Shaoze stared at Tang Yao. Therewasa desire rising in his heart, so heloweredthe head, desperate to kiss Tang Yao, even wantedto untie her clothesby force.

  Tang Yaodidn't expectthatGu Shaoze would be so shamelessto force her. She felt a burst of nausea. While he was obsessed, Tang used all her strength to bit his tongue.

  " Ow, ow."

  Gu Shaoze let go of Tang Yao out of pain and raised his hand to slapTang Yao.

  Tang Yaolifted up her face and looked at Gu Shaoze's hand obstinately.

  Gu Shaoze's handabruptly stopped in the air, and finally poundedthe bed board as a way to vent hisanger.

  "Yao, you don’t understand.You couldn’t have a babyfor a long time. Everyonewaswaiting to see the joke. Three generations of my family had only one son. I couldn’tlet myfamily have no children in my generation."

  He staredat Tang Yaowith flaming eyes.

  Tang Yaolooked at Gu Shaoze with her empty eyes, and her heart wasfilled with pain.

  It wastrue that she couldn’t have children, but it didn’t mean that it couldbecome an excuse for Gu Shaoze to cheat.

  He only knewabout his difficulties.But how about her?Her life in the Gu’s had never been easy. She didn’t have a babyfor several years and boreno less pressure than him. Even the gossipof those people coulddrown her.

  "If you feel that’s too hard, let'sgetdivorced." Tang Yaosaid softly.

  These words werelike a fuselighting up the fire of Shaoze’s heart.His eyesbecame red,lookinglike a trapped beastandruthlessly staring at Tang Yao.

  " I won’t allowit. You can't get awayfrom me. Yao, don't think you can do whatever you want when you hook up with Mr.Su. I am your husband and you can only be mine in yourwholelife. "

  Gu Shaoze loweredhishead and buriedhis head in Tang Yao's neck, bitingher necklike venting his anger.

  Tang Yaomoaned out of pain. She didn’t have time to think why Gu Shaozebrought Su Lengmo up.

  "Gu Shaoze, are you crazy? Get up."

  She pushed Gu Shaoze with both hands. As a result, her resistance aroused Gu Shaoze's desire in his bones. He hadn’tmade out with Tang Yaofor several days. She was his wife. Why couldn’t hetouch her?

  Gu Shaoze took off Tang Yao's clothes byforce and was about to force her.Tang Yaowidened her eyes. This time she was really scared.

  "Shaoze, no, please, don't do this to me." Tang Yaostruggled and burst out crying.

  Gu Shaozestopped for a while, watching Tang Yaobecame tearful. He felta little distressed.

  " Yao, don't be angry with me. You know I love you. I’m doing thisfor our future."

  He lowered his head and gently kissed aroundTang Yao's eyes.

  Tang Yaopushed Gu Shaoze with some resistance. "Shaoze, I don't want to do it now."

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